Streamer Boogie2988 Is VERY Serious About Us Paying For His New Tesla

When Twitch Streamer Boogie2988 bought a brand new Tesla Model X on impulse earlier this week he believed 2 things: that he would be changing lives with the car, and that his audience would be thrilled to pay for it.

Boogie2988 is a Twitch streamer boasting almost half a million subscribers and a Youtuber specializing in vlogs about video game news. His youtube channel alone has a respectable 4.5 million subs, which may have something to do with the confidence Boogie displayed when he un-ironically demanded that his viewers give him money for his new car on stream. The clip made it to Reddit later that day and Redditors were, in a word, unimpressed.

During his stream early this week, Boogie told the story of how he was convinced by a very persuasive salesman to buy a Tesla. He describes being enchanted by the typical benefits that all electric car salesmen will proffer about saving money and helping the environment. The salesman was experienced, as anyone selling high end luxury vehicles would be, and was able to overcome all of Boogie's objections until he had no other choice but to buy the car.

Boogie returned to his hotel room and was immediately hit with a staggering level of buyer's remorse. "I'm sitting there saying 'Oh my God I just put myself $100,000 in debt...Oh God what am I gonna do? Why did I do this? Why did I do this!?" In a full blown panic, Boogie took to Twitter to cry out to the world that he couldn't afford the car he just bought. As boogie describes, the response was overwhelmingly negative on Reddit and Twitter. Here's what he had to say:

"I tweeted out that I wasn't going to be able to afford this car. Reddit and Twitter lost their f***ing minds. 'Oh are you trying to manipulate people into giving you money?' The answer is yes, give me some money."

At the end of the video Boogie doubles down on the request, urging his viewers to "dig deep" and "I sure would like a free f***ing Tesla. Reach down into your pockets and give me $100,000 tonight."

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Once the clip made it to Reddit, it became clear that no one was going to take this in the light-hearted tone it may have been intended to be. In fact, the hate for Boogie2988 runs deep, apparently. Look no further than this deeply sourced and extremely detailed account of all of Boogie's alleged lascivious, cruel, and morally reprehensible behavior.

Boogie has a response for Reddit today, and if there was any tongue-in-cheek on the matter before, it entirely gone by this point. You can watch the clip below in all of its exuberant vulgarity. When the clip ends he leaves us with this command: "Pay for my f***ing Tesla you f***ers!"

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