Finnish Streamer Broadcasts From Cambodian Jail, Interviews Imprisoned Journalist

Finnish streamer Rappiomatkaaja appears to be streaming from a Cambodian jail, where he met a journalist from New Zealand.

Twitch is currently hitting headlines due to the string of crazy incidents that happened on the platform recently. The latest in the series of bizarre occurrences is that controversial Finnish streamer Rappiomatkaaja appears to be streaming from a Cambodian jail, where he met a journalist from New Zealand.

Rappiomatkaaja hasn’t revealed much about the reason for his incarceration. All we know is that he was arrested at an airport for “causing confusion in public” and he “currently has no passport.” According to Cambodia Expats Online, he was arrested and questioned before being sent to the Department of Immigration to “carry out the proceedings of the law.”

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This is unsurprising to many, as they've witnessed him streaming sexual content and taking drugs, among other controversial incidents, in the past. There are rumors that his current lack of passport and trip to jail may be related to an “insane drug binge.”

Over the last day or so, he has streamed several times from what appears to be his cell. His most recent stream shows more of the prison and explains that he is getting out on Wednesday. According to the video, it would have been earlier but his stay was extended after he “tried to escape.”

via twitter.com (Cambodia Expats Online)

Rappiomatkaaja also interviewed a journalist from New Zealand who was sharing a cell with him. The journalist was arrested for writing anti-government articles and has been in jail for three months.

After the interview ended up on Reddit, users have been contacting the New Zealand embassy to make them aware of the journalist's situation; especially after it they discovered that an NZ ambassador was apparently not told of his presence on a recent visit.

The streams offer an insight into the jail and it seems like if you have money, then the guards don’t much care what you do. Rappiomatkaaja walks around with his phone openly streaming and no one appears to bat an eyelid.

The whole situation is increasingly bizarre, as Rappiomatkaaja continues to freely stream, as he smokes and talks to those around him.

Whatever is happening, we hope that both Rappiomatkaaj and his cellmate get the help they need.

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