Twitch Streamer Dharyxd Called Out For Aimbotting In Apex Legends

Viewers of Dharyxd, a partnered Twitch streamer who plays Apex Legends, caught him using bots to aim at other players during a stream last Friday. In a clip of the stream that viewers posted to Reddit, Dharyxd can be seen rapidly targeting another player as they move up a hill using odd, back and forth movements that seem suspiciously precise. He then ducks behind a wall, reloads, and immediately fixes the cross-hairs on the same player and begins firing, even though they have moved since the last time he saw them.

Now, it's possible that he aimed at the second player after reloading out of luck, or that the oddly perfect targeting movements are the result of a secret technique Dharyxd has perfected over years of playing first-person shooters, but neither of these seem likely. For one thing, the streamer used the exact same username and profile picture on Chod's Cheats, a website for buying premium cheats for online multiplayer games. Other Redditors found the same profile picture and username on five other websites dedicated to cheats for online games.

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For another, Dharyxd has been caught using bots on two other accounts. The first account, which still uses the same profile picture as his main Twitch account and Chod's Cheats account, uses some pretty obvious viewbots that repeat the same stock phrases ad nauseum. He's also had a whole list of smaller second accounts that have been caught wallhacking in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, another battle royale shooter.

Dharyxd has, of course, denied all accusations of cheating on Twitch. When viewers confronted him after the livestream, he reportedly banned everyone who accused him of cheating, deleted all the clips that showed him using the aimbot, and changed the chat to followers-only mode. Despite his attempts to cover his tracks, Redditors were quick to report Dharyxd to Twitch Community Engagement via Twitter. His channel is still verified and has not been removed from Twitch for violating TOS, however, he hasn't posted any new content since the incident. Here's hoping he learns his lesson or, at the very least, stops using the same profile picture for everything.

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