Twitch Streamer DKane Celebrates Reaching 1,000 Subs By Quitting His Job On Camera

You know you've made it when you hit 1,000 subscribers on Twitch; it's really quite the feat, and in Dkane's case, life-changing.

The streamer made the decision to quit his job so he could spend the rest of his life on camera with whoever cares to watch. But instead of quitting the way everyone else quits their job - we assume handing in a letter of resignation - he opted to just tell his boss during a live stream after realizing he didn't need to work anymore as he'd managed to amass 1,000 subs.

"Hey guys, today's the day," he said after traipsing to his boss's office to duly inform him of his decision. "I quit," he said, before panning the camera to record the boss's reaction. But the response was a bit more subdued than he probably expected as all he got was a dry expression for just a few seconds.

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"Wait, that's it?" he asked. "That's your response?"

Bossman replied by saying that there was no discussion to be had as Dkane didn't reply to his text messages.

Dkane went on to admit that he was nervous and shaky because he was expecting to get slapped over the charade. He walked away in apparent disappointment but that wouldn't be all. He was called back into the office, where the boss could be heard asking him to turn off his camera before their conversation (or the administering of a prompt slap).

"I'm shook... We reached 1,000 subs today! I'm absolutely blown away by y'alls support.. I wouldn't be here without the house, my fam and both the subs and the plebs!!" he tweeted afterward. "Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen!

"It's up to me now to not take an L and go broke when the gifted subs run out and to keep my channel growing, but there's rly no other choice for me than to keep bustin my ass streaming for you guys. I love doing this and I ain't going nowhere.. love you guys!"

Dkane's move did not go down well with everyone, with some persons commenting that his Twitch career could get difficult following his petulant display but others reckon he could easily find another job if things don't work out.

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