Twitch Streamer Shroud Breaks Arm In Accident, Manages To Save His 'Aiming' Hand

(UPDATE: Shroud is out of surgery, see what he has to say about the accident.)

Twitch streamer Shroud is facing possible surgery after a scooter accident that severely injured his elbow, according to fellow streamer Justin “Just9n” Ortiz.

In an update posted to r/LivestreamFail yesterday, J9 revealed that Shroud -- the tag of former eSports star Michael Grzesiek -- flew about 10 to 12 feet on to some rough asphalt, managing to save his "aiming arm" on the way down.

But it was bad for the left arm, J9 revealed. Shroud landed hard on his elbow, put a hole on it, tore a ligament and removed a piece of bone to boot. The arm might have been fractured in the fracas, and on top of that, Shroud is experiencing some major road rash.

It's a hard fall for the battle royale specialist, who recently passed 100,000 subscribers and has almost 6 million followers. This makes him second to Twitch's second most popular streamer, Ninja (Richard Tyler Blevins), who has 13.6 million followers.

But Shroud, characteristic of his low-key style, reassured fans on Twitter that he is doing just fine, even though he will be "out of commission" for a while. Fans have already sent flowers and get-well cards and Just9n later reported that Shroud entered surgery. It's possible that Shroud will need more than one surgery if the wound gets infected, Just9n added.

We of course all wish Shroud well in his recovery, and are glad that the injuries didn't prove serious to either his right arm or to his head. Being tough and an eager gamer, we're sure that Shroud will jump back onto his livestreaming as soon as he is able to.

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Fans on Reddit have expressed concerns about his well-being, discussing everything from whether he was wearing a helmet at the time, whether the scooter he was riding would do well with handling and braking at 55 mph (the reported speed of the accident), and what the long-term prospects of his Twitching will be, given that the left hand still needs to be used on the keyboard.

But they also expressed gratefulness that Shroud is still with us, because he just as easily could have hit his head or something vital in the scooter accident. In a sense, it was a lucky fall -- but here's hoping that Shroud feels better shortly and that he finds a way to avoid repeating this experience during future scooter rides.

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