Twitch Streamer Trainwrecks Suspended (Again) For Making Sexist Comments (Again)

Popular Twitch streamer Trainwrecks has once again had his account suspended for a misogynistic rant against female gamers.

Popular Twitch streamer Trainwrecks has once again had his account suspended for a misogynistic rant against female gamers.

If you haven’t seen Trainwrecks’ streams, you’re not missing much. Most of them are just an endless stream of sexism and profanity without much in between. The constant cursing is deplorable, but not against Twitch’s terms of service. The sexist comments, on the other hand, are a big no-no that has landed Trainwrecks in hot water before.

The last time he was banned was back in November of 2017, when he launched into a long-winded tirade against female streamers which he perceived to be taking over the platform and stealing subscribers. That got him a 5-day suspension and a public apology.

This latest episode occurred during a game of Overwatch when Trainwrecks bizarrely stated that women normally play support classes and when they switch to a DPS class they bring down the team and throw games. Of course, there was a lot more cursing than that, and you can hear the whole thing for yourself over on Livestreamfail.com.

His latest rant got picked up by a follower and then was posted to Reddit. The original clip was taken down, but not before it got circulated and then reposted using a mirror site. Then it got to the eyes and ears of Twitch management, who promptly gave Trainwrecks an indefinite ban on Monday.

via Kyoko TV on YouTube

Later, Trainwrecks issued an apology of sorts for his behavior and attempted to clarify his earlier comments. It’s a rare moment of Trainwrecks speaking without using a single curse, and although the original clip has been removed, Polygon transcribed the important which we’ll relay here:

“I 100 percent apologize for saying it this way. First of all, we don’t know if it was a guy or a girl. Pretty much, what I meant was, there are certain people ... I do believe men and women are equal, in video games and everywhere. I main healer and tank myself, so I don’t think healing is a girl’s job. There are some people that are triggered — I see it all over the place on Twitter — they’re triggered that people think women should only play healer, so they purposely don’t play what their main was for the last three seasons just to prove that they’re not carrying people.”


A good support can carry a team just as easily as a good DPS, so we’re not quite sure where Trainwrecks was going with this.

Trainwrecks also took to Twitter to say that he will use this off time to “reflect” and then come back “stronger than ever.”

As for when he’ll be back, that’s an open-ended question. Twitch issued an “indefinite ban” for this latest infraction, which means he won’t return until Twitch thinks he’s reflected enough. In Trainwrecks’ case, that might take a very long time indeed.


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