The Best 10 Twitch Streamers Worth Watching

Playing games with friends is one of the best ways to experience a compelling narrative, bloody warfare or relationship destroying player versus player action. In today’s day and age, the power of the Internet is taken for granted; being able to connect with millions of people around the world is a 21st. Century phenomenon.

So, knowing this, Twitch capitalized on the idea of shared gaming on more than just a couch level. Rather than playing your favorite video games alone or with less than enthusiastic friends, you can share your experience with the world!

What this means is you can also watch funny, talented, and professional gamers anytime you want! With Twitch being overpowered by new and old streamers alike, we at TheGamer have hand-picked 10 Twitch streamers you should follow.

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10 GGGabLive


Personality means everything when it comes to Twitch streaming. It’s all fun and games watching a YouTuber play your favorite video game, but interacting with a fantastic person as they play brings it to another level.

GGGabLive, or Gamer Girl Gab as she’s known, brings quality entertainment to your favorite horror titles and a whole swathe of indie horror games. Additionally, she loves playing point-and-click adventure games, and translates many East Asian video games for the West to enjoy!

Other than hilarious commentary and impressive gameplay, Gamer Girl Gab brings cats (yes, fluffy, adorable, and pretty big cats) to her streams. Her two cats, Big Boss (yes, that’s a Metal Gear Solid reference) and Quiet always inject her streams with some well-needed cuteness and rest bite from the horror that ensues.

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9 DansGaming


DansGaming is a well-known streamer on Twitch, with in excess of 700-thousand followers and many top end sponsors. He’s an official GOG.com partner, Amazon affiliate, and has banners for Origin, Nvidia, and Corsair — boasting a huge audience and high-quality content.

DansGaming is a funny, loveable guy who never fails to inject a bit of humor into his streams no matter what he’s currently playing. He plays a wide variety of games, from horror titles to the latest blockbusters; whatever is new on the market you can guarantee he will give a go.

8 CohhCarnage


Another famous Twitch streamer, boasting more than a million followers, CohhCarnage is a talented entertainer that brings a new life to all the games you know and love. Another variety streamer, you can always count on CohhCarnage playing the latest releases with a sprinkling of interesting lesser known titles.

He even has several endorsements and his own merchandise store, so you can be sure to get fun, exciting, and thrilling commentary on all of the latest games.

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7 Spamfish


A British gamer with a large following, Spamfish brings his British charm and dry humor to the masses. Spamfish has been playing games since 1985, so you can be sure to watch some high-class gameplay with all the gaming references you could possibly think of.

A variety streamer who plays everything from the biggest titles to indies, and even old classics, Spamfish plays a massively diverse range of video games.



In a sea of entertaining streamers, it’s hard to stand out these days. If you don’t have a unique style, funny gimmick, or massive presence, it’s easy to get lost in the thousands of new and old streamers that flood each game category. This is where MANvsGame comes in, with a brilliant channel name and idea, paired with his amusing commentary and shirt-and-tie get up. MANvsGame has found and dominated his own niche.

Another variety streamer, you can find MANvsGame playing anything from Prey to Nier: Automata and even Super Smash Bros Ultimate. When MANvsGame plays a game, get strapped in as he’ll play it until he conquers it.

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5 BryanDechart


If you watch streamers on a regular basis, you’ll probably recognize this face. Bryan Dechart is an actor with a strong passion for video games. Oh, and yes, he plays Connor in Detroit: Become Human. A phenomenal actor and a great streamer, Bryan Dechart provides fun gameplay and personal interaction with his audience, almost always accompanied by his actor and gamer wife Amelia Rose Blaire.

You’ll usually find Bryan playing story-heavy games, including his own. He also streams to interact with his fans and goes through fan art providing a personal touch to his channel.

4 Samwitwer


Whilst an infrequent streamer, Sam Witwer, another successful actor, provides brilliant commentary on a variety of retro and indie titles. If you think you recognize this actor, it’s probably because you’ve played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I and II. He’s also known for the highly acclaimed show Being Human.

A gamer geek at heart, Sam Witwer provides knowledge, entertainment, and personal insight into video games and how they’re made. He is also the star of the upcoming game Days Gone, which is looking to be a brilliant zombie horror game.

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3 SchviftyFive


SchviftyFive rose to Twitch fame through the Destiny community. Now boasting over 100-thousand followers, she keeps to massively multiplayer online games similar to Destiny and Warframe. Be warned, though, the profanities never end with SchviftyFive, which adds to her charm but is not for everyone.

SchviftyFive has a bombastic personality which goes hand-in-hand with the fast-paced, high octane action games she plays. If you’re one for games like The Division, Destiny 2, and the upcoming Anthem, you should definitely follow SchviftyFive.

2 Pumpkinberry


A variety streamer with a love for roleplay and community interaction, Pumpkinberry is a sweet soul that provides a calming experience to your video game needs. Well, that’s until "Fright Night," a night she dedicates to horror games and screams a fair amount, so turn your volume down!

As well as video games such as Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky. Pumpkinberry loves a good tabletop game which she streams on specific days of the week. With her love for video games, roleplay, and her general sweet disposition, Pumpkinberry is a must follow for all those looking for a narrative and personal experience.

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Lastly, we’ll mention one of the most well-known streamers on Twitch. LIRIK has 2.3-million followers, lots of endorsements, and more than just a fanbase. Having massively popularised games like Arma 3 and PUBG with his high skill and crude, hilarious commentary, LIRIK commands a presence without even needing a webcam on the screen.

LIRIK will most likely be playing the latest releases along with other high-profile titles. However, he’s always playing new indie titles, and on his "Sub Sunday" he goes through a list of voted games from his subscribers, no matter how bad they are!

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