Tier 1 Twitch Subs Are Half-Off Right Now - Here's Everything You Get

This month, Twitch is partnering with Subway to bring its users a number of special rewards during a special event called SUBtember.

From September 3rd until the 24th, Twitch users can subscribe at the tier 1 level for 50% its normal price, bringing the normal cost of $4.99 down to $2.49. Streamers will still receive the full value of a subscription. Additionally, there is no limit to the amount of channels a user can subscribe to at the reduced price. It should be noted, however, that any subscriptions made during the event will be renewed at the normal price.

For those unfamiliar with the streaming platform, the rewards behind paying for a tier 1 subscription vary from streamer to streamer. Usually, subscribers receive a number of benefits, such as exclusive emotes, special badges that show off how long a user has been subscribed, ad-free viewing during streams (for the most part), and other special privileges.

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SUBtember first launched back in 2017 and reduced all subscription tiers to half-price. The promotion then returned in 2018 and offered 80% off of continued gifted subs. This year, along with the half-priced tier 1 subs, Subway has got in on the action by randomly gifting subscriptions to various channels/viewers throughout Twitch. Moreover, Subway will be adding an extra 10% to any bits (10 minimum) that a user donates as long as they do so by using the limited-time Subway sandwich "cheermote."

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Although Subway's partnership with Twitch may seem odd, is it helping to make the promotion even better than it was in the past, which is great for Twitch viewers and streamers alike. Make sure you take advantage of the event while you can, but be advised that the reduced tier 1 price is only available through a web browser or desktop app – it will not show up on Twitch mobile apps.

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