Summit1G's Views Are Spiking After Dr. Disrespect's Twitch Ban

Dr. Disrespect's recent ban from E3 and Twitch has been the talk of the town on the livestreaming platform, and it seems like another streamer is benefiting from it.

Not long after the strike-down, Doc's viewers began flooding Summit1G's channel in hopes of a reaction. As two of the most popular first-person shooter Twitch streamers, Summit and Dr. Disrespect have long been rivals. Summit, who has recently been streaming the World of Warcraft Classic beta, acknowledged Doc's ban by simply noticing a spike in his own viewership.

"Listen, guys," Summit finally said to the flood of viewers in chat. "If the Champion's Club is no longer available and the only place left is the 1G Squad... we'll accept you, I guess."

Earlier in the week, Summit also addressed the recently-banned streamer with his favorite jab, claiming that he "made" Doc into the Twitch star is currently is. After a viewer initially tried to draw him into claiming credit for Ninja's popularity, Summit denied any such influence but gladly claimed credit for Doc's success. "I definitely didn't make anybody," he said. "Except for the Doc."

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Both Summit and Doc have long steered their streams toward competitive first-person shooter games like Counter-Strike, H1Z1, and PUBG, among others. Some of Doc's earliest high profile moments on Twitch occurred while playing H1Z1 against Summit. Doc's second-to-none, winner's only mentality was enough to reignite the competitive gamer in Summit, a trait that only makes cameo appearances on stream since his retirement from the professional Counter-Strike scene.

The rivalry carried over into more recent games, as both channels have enjoyed success as variety streams. Behind the scenes, the banter can mostly be chalked up to friendly competition.

"I've been watching his stream for years. He brings humor and high-level gameplay," Doc told ESPN in 2017 about Summit. "I always had him on the third monitor when I worked at Sledgehammer, and he's always a fun watch. He's someone I looked up to for how he handled his audience and himself; I've always enjoyed how he read his donations because he reads every single one. He's an inspiration."

In recent years, Doc's stream has seen significant growth in the wake of turmoil. He fuels similar light-hearted feuds with other heavyweights in the FPS world, such as Shroud and Ninja. In 2017, the streamer feuded with the creator of PUBG, which resulted in a debate over real-life violence and online bullying. His house was also reportedly struck by gunfire while livestreaming and he also took a high profile hiatus after confessing to infidelity on stream.

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