TwitchCon 2019 Food Guide: Best Nearby Restaurants

Our guide to the best restaurants to try this weekend during TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego.

With TwitchCon 2019 right around the corner, streamers and viewers alike will be taking over the San Diego Convention Center from September 27-29. For those who might not be familiar with the area, there are several fantastic places to satisfy your inner foodie.

La Puerta

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Located at 560 Fourth Ave and a mere ten-minute walk from the convention center, La Puerta is a solid bet for Southwestern, Mexican, and Central American cuisine within a reasonable price range. The restaurant boasts a Certificate of Excellent for four years running now, and a 4.5 out of 5-star review averaged over nearly 1,000 reviews.

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For those with dietary restrictions, La Puerta offers vegetarian friendly dishes, as well as both vegan and gluten free options.


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This is another nearby option at 207 Fifth Ave, which should only take a few minutes to reach on foot. Nobu offers an outstanding selecting of Japanese dishes with a focus on Seafood, Sushi, and contemporary dishes. It looks to be on the higher end of dining choices, but most reviewers appear to be completely satisfied with the quality of the meal and the service offered. Try the chef sampler to experience a range of options including Sashimi, sea bass, scallops, and nine other types of sushi.

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

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For those who want a delicious steak after a long day of wandering the busy convention halls, Fleming’s is the place to go at 380 K Street, Fourth Ave, located about ten minutes away on foot. High-quality meat is the name of the game here, and there are also some great looking sea food options as well. As one might expect, there are no vegetarian options here, but there are gluten free dishes to consider. Interestingly, most of the reviews for Fleming’s appear to be from tourists who are passing through the city, so why not keep up the trend and join that long list of passing-through patrons?

Maryjane's at the Hard Rock Hotel

One of the best parts about being on vacation is the ability to demand breakfast foods at dinnertime, or whenever one is in the mood. Maryjane’s offers a broad range of American cuisine with an all-day breakfast menu that is sure to satisfy cravings for waffles, eggs, and pancakes. Located at 207 Fifth Ave, this restaurant is a short five-minute stroll from the convention center, is moderately priced, and is the perfect spot to fuel up for more TwitchCon action.

Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers

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Sometimes the best places are the most straightforward, and it does not get any more direct than Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers. Located a 322 Fifth Ave, this is another short walk from the convention center that offers pub food at moderate prices with vegetarian options.

What most appreciate here is that the variety is beer is extensive, and one can easily find the right brew to go with their meal. As a popular hang out, the restaurant can get quite busy, but reviewers all seem unanimous in describing the service as quick, but overall courteous.

Gaslamp Strip Club

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Despite the name, everyone keeps their clothes on at this unique steakhouse. The twist here is that after looking at the extensive list of premiums cuts, the servers bring out a tender piece of meat, wrapped and raw, and you bring it to one of the five large grills located in the restaurant. Season it as you like, and grill until it is perfect for your standards.

This is another nearby option at 340 Fifth Ave. If you and a group of friends are looking to keep the fun going while stepping away from TwitchCon 2019, consider the Gaslamp for a unique experience!

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Cafe Sevilla of San Diego

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Head to Café Sevilla if you seek a burst of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. Seafood is abundant, as are the numerous small offerings of tapas, which are a type of appetizer common in Spain that offers a small portion but come in large numbers and of a broad variety. Some tapas are hot, others are cold, but the selection here seems varied.

This spot also boasts a number of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Like the other places on this list, Café Sevilla is only a few minutes away on foot at 353 Fifth Ave.

Meze Greek Fusion

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For something a little different, you can´t go wrong with Greek cuisine. Apart from offering options that are vegetarian friendly, vegan and gluten free, the menu boasts a number of light and healthy options that won’t leave you feeling like you’re carrying a bowling ball around in your stomach upon returning to TwitchCon. Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tzatziki, and more are available and make the perfect refueling station for those who want to maximize their mileage at TwitchCon.

Located at 345 Sixth Ave, Meze Greek Fusion should take no more than ten minutes of walking to reach.

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Cafe 222

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Café 222 offers a delicious take on simple deli options that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but seems to be revered online for its breakfast. While the other meals are probably fine, be sure to try this one in the AM before the lunch menu kicks in, especially if one is already staying nearby the convention center over the weekend. Like some of the other places listed here, Café 222 offers a broad range of vegetarian friendly, vegan, and gluten free options.

Check out Café 222 at 222 Island Ave. Maps may show it slightly displaced from most of the other popular restaurants listed here, however the distance is still about the same from the convention center, and one should be able to walk over in under ten minutes.

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