Knut Has Been Banned From TwitchCon 2019

Norwegian bodybuilder and Twitch streamer Knut Spildrejordehas been banned from TwitchCon 2019, which will be held in San Diego from September 27th-30th. Though a specific reason has not yet been provided, there are several theories that likely explain the decision.

According to some rumors, Knut is being barred from the event due to his earlier ejection from TwitchCon Europe, which was held in Berlin this past April. This seems to be the only real explanation behind the ban, but it is a bit odd considering the confusion surrounding his removal.

According to Knut, who described the situation on Mystixx's stream, an explanation wasn't provided when he was escorted off the grounds in Berlin. However, this was probably due to the fact that his stream was temporarily taken over by a Twitch non-partner, ItsSlikeR, who briefly brought the broadcast out of the designated streaming area. Another theory is that the ban is a result of multiple infractions, starting with Knut's suspension for supposedly texting and driving during a stream, which led to a one-week ban in July.

Even if there was a technical infraction that warrants a complete ban from the event, people still tend to prefer transparency and clear, consistent reasoning regarding their suspensions. Considering that Knut never meant to violate any of Twitch's guidelines, multiple users are upset about his punishment.

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As far as we know, the information that Twitch has provided to Knut has been minimal, essentially letting him know that he violated the code of conduct. It also stated that his ticket is being refunded and if he attempts to access the event, he will be escorted out by security.

Another theory is that Knut is might be held from attending the convention in order to protect Mizkif from another travesty such as this one (JoJo reference incoming):

Either way, we won't know the real reason why Knut was banned until we receive more details.

Source: Dexerto

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