Ubisoft Wants Some Of That Fallout 76 Money: Next Far Cry To Be Post-Nuclear Apocalypse

Did Fallout 76 fall short of your expectations, leaving you wanting more open-world, post-apocalyptic gameplay content? If so, it appears that Ubisoft might have you covered.

Yesterday, the Twitter account for Far Cry 5 - which Ubisoft released earlier this year - posted a teaser trailer indicating that new content is on the way for the well-received title.

The trailer begins with the familiar backdrop of a serene farmstead - similar to that of Hope County, Montana, which is the location set in Far Cry 5 - only to be interrupted by a massive, mushroom cloud-producing explosion, followed by extreme weather conditions such as wildfires and bitter cold. Eventually, as the narrator states, the climate and environment overall begin to return to normal, but society does not, as the end of the trailer showcases a saw blade-shooting crossbow being loaded and aimed.

The video does not reveal too much in the way of actual gameplay, but the Twitter post indicates that a worldwide reveal is scheduled for 5:30 PM (PST) on Thursday, December 6th during The Game Awards, which will be streamed live via platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch (amongst others).

If this is in fact a continuation of Far Cry 5, expanding on its story in a post-nuclear setting, it will be a change-up to the formula for the Far Cry series, which has predominantly released games as stand-alone titles (with the exception of some characters appearing in multiple games, likely as a fun nod for fans). While Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was essentially a parody of itself, the new trailer appears to be a bit more grounded, especially considering the real-world nature of Far Cry 5.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine some sort of new storyline is on the way for a single-player experience, but the scavenging nature of the trailer has this writer hypothesising (and rolling his eyes) at the possibility of a battle royale mode coming to the world of Far Cry.

At any rate, we’ll have to wait until The Game Awards to have a better idea as to what we are going to get, but it is certainly an exciting time to be a Far Cry fan - especially one who also enjoys a game set within a post-apocalyptic world.

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