Ubisoft Opens Its Own Art Gallery For Fans To Decorate Their Walls

Ubisoft opened an online art store where fans of its franchises can order canvas prints, art blocks, and more based on game concept art.

Ubisoft just opened a new online art store that lets fans buy high-quality art of its games to decorate their homes or offices. If you've ever wanted a huge canvas print of your favorite Assassin's Creed protagonist or a framed piece of concept art from the gorgeous Child of Light, your wish has come true.

The new section of the Ubisoft Store is called the Ubisoft Art Gallery. The idea behind its creation is to call attention to the beautiful art behind Ubisoft's many game worlds. Particularly, the concept art that never gets to make an appearance once the worlds are turned into computer-generated graphics.

“Our creative teams and studios create so many pieces of amazing art for our games that often never gets seen. We wanted to share their talents and bring our fans closer to our worlds by offering them access to these pieces and to proudly display them in their homes,” said, Jean Gauvin, Senior Creative Director of Consumer Products.

The store is set up with an easy interface that breaks selections down into two major categories: brands and products. The brands menu separates art by game franchise. At the moment, the brands offered are Assassin's Creed, Child of Light, Far Cry, For Honor, and Watch_Dogs. The products menu is categorized by the type of art as well as framing options.

The brands are further separated by individual games where that applies. For Assassin's Creed, you can get prints of every main game in the series as well as Aveline from Liberation. That covers everything from Bayek taking on Anubis to a stunning wide shot of Ezio's Florence.

via: Ubisoft
via: Ubisoft

Products, meanwhile, prompts you to decide what kind of medium would best fit your space. Would a museum-style canvas class up your room? Or would you prefer a more modern metal print? The art in question also informs the choice. For instance, Assassin's Creed obviously looks better framed or on canvas. Far Cry's fake advertisements probably make more sense on metal.

via: Ubisoft

That said, you're not limited by that suggestion. Ubisoft ensures that each order is handmade "with attention to detail, from the materials used to create the product down to the packaging." So you can have any piece you'd like be in whatever format fits your tastes.

At the moment, the Ubisoft Art Gallery only ships to Canada and the US. That's a little disappointing, but maybe success will see it opened up in the future. For now, check out the site and just bask in the glory of this amazing art.

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