Ubisoft Just Rebalanced Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, But The Grind Still Exists

In patch 1.1.4, Ubisoft reduced the number of drachmae earned for contracts, selling equipment at blacksmiths, and naval kills, while increasing it for conquest battles, bounties, and in the arena. That wasn’t the only rebalance, either. It is now more difficult to loot Obsidian Glass and Precious Gems from sinking ships, while chances of finding iron metal increased. There were some minor tweaks too, including the addition of a missing perk for the Epic Heavy Bladed Champion's Axe, as well as the bounty cost for high-level characters having been increased.

That’s just one portion of the wide-sweeping patch. The most significant change made is the ability to carry over gear, upgrades, mount upgrades, Drachmae, and more when starting a New Game+. On top of that, multiple bugs have been fixed, and new frames have been added to photo mode.

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Even with all this, however, fans haven’t taken too kindly to said changes. In an angry post on Reddit, many players expressed frustration for the constant tweaking of the single player game, essentially nerfing players and making a title that’s already known for being grindy even worse. Ubisoft has a reputation for pushing in-game purchases, and many feel the rebalancing portion of the game is just an attempt to push the player to spend more money on top of the $60 price tag.

This was a big issue at launch for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, as players seemed divided about the inclusion of microtransactions that made the game essentially easier. Some players took Ubisoft’s side, saying they didn’t experience any reason to use the new upgrades, while others felt this entry was designed to make in-game purchases a necessity to actually finish the story. Despite all this, most players agree that the title’s post-launch support has been superb, so some of these changes feel like a setback.

Still, with so many balancing changes made in this new patch, it’s a little difficult to pinpoint how detrimental this will be to the overall gameplay of the title. We guess we’ll have to sink another 50 hours into Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey to find out.

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