Ubisoft Claims The Division 2 Is 2019's Biggest Hit Worldwide But Won't Release Sales Numbers

Ubisoft has declared that its looter shooter, The Division 2, is the biggest hit across the gaming world so far this year.

The company recently released its earnings report for the first quarter of the fiscal year - April-June, 2019 - which shows that it achieved more than it set out to in terms of overall targets. The Division 2 is reported as being one of the biggest sale drivers.

Given the game's quality, it's not hard to believe that it's selling well, but Ubisoft hasn't been transparent about the numbers. Though it isn't purposely trying to hide figures, it is avoiding sharing specific statistics.

It did admit that the game did not sell as well as expected for console but pretty much met expectations on PC, which is now its biggest platform for profit. The earnings report shows that sales for PC went up to 34 percent, a 10 percent increase, and was the leading avenue for sales, with PlayStation 4 tagging along behind at 31 percent.

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As for The Division 2, Ubisoft referred to it as "the industry's biggest hit since the beginning of the year," a declaration simply based on units and not on whether it was shipped or sold.

Ubisoft claims that this statement was made in reference to most major markets based on data from top firms such as NPD, GSD, GfK, and Famitsu, while its own estimates were also taken into consideration. According to the publishers, the game's performance in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Japan leaves it in a better position than all of the other games released after January 1, 2019.

We shouldn't expect to see Ubisoft release any sales numbers, as it hardly goes that route, so we just have to take it at its word.

The game, which released on March 15 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, is also set for Google Stadia. It will get a big content update next week alongside the first drop of add-on content.

Additionally, a single-player, story-based spinoff could find its way to gamers sometime in the future, as the game's creative director has asked fans for their thoughts on the subject.

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