No Thanks, We're Good: Ubisoft Announces Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Oh look, it’s just what everyone wanted: Ubisoft have announced The Division 2.

Now, The Division was one of those high-profile releases that… well, it can go either way. It was A Big Deal (tm) prior to release two years ago (to the day, in fact). The Hype Train was motoring along, the trailers and gameplay were flowing; all was as normal here in AAA world.

It arrived to some fanfare, too, garnering positive press and quickly becoming the company’s biggest-selling title. It even had the greatest week one sales of any new series title in the history of the industry. All of which is pretty darn positive, whichever way you slice it.

The trouble was, The Division bears the Tom Clancy name, and there’s something distinctly non-Clancy about the gameplay. As the Steam community have debated, the game’s more of a traditional shooter with RPG elements, as opposed to the military simulation trappings of something like Ghost Recon or Rainbow 6. It was fun and addictive enough, but for some, it didn’t set itself apart in terms of gameplay or plot.

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Still, two years on, Ubisoft have decided that the time is ripe to take another shot at it. As Polygon reports, there had been some stirrings from the series earlier this week, and the sequel was confirmed in a livestream today. The game’s director, Mathias Karlson, stated that he was excited to take everything they’ve achieved and learned with the first title, and expand upon it further in a whole new game.

The team haven’t revealed anything with regards to release dates or platforms. All we know for sure is that they’ll be utilising the Snowdrop Engine again, as per the original. Beyond that, they’ve promised that much more will be revealed at E3 2018.

Until then, fans of the divisive original The Division will be happy to hear of two more updates coming to the game. In June, new unlockable achievements dubbed Crests will be made available, which will have some mysterious use in The Division 2.

So, there it is. As with any game, universal popularity is impossible, and there will always be detractors. If The Division is your thing, more power to you, and you can add the sequel to your list of things to look out for at E3 this year.

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