Ubisoft's Far Cry Arcade Is An Insane-Looking Map Editor

It looks like Ubisoft is starting to create its own Marvel-style shared universe of sorts. At least in its map editors. Far Cry 5 will come with Far Cry Arcade, a map editor that will allow players to place around 7,000 different objects into their custom levels. Aside from objects seen in previous Far Crys, the Far Cry Arcade will also have objects from Assassin's Cred IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs. Oh, and pigs with party hats of course.

via: news.ubisoft.com

Ubisoft boasts that this will be the biggest Far Cry map editor to date, with user-created levels being curated by the game's developers. Players can hop into these custom levels as their character from the campaign, and any experience points, perks, and money they acquire will count towards their progress in game. However, don't expect to be able to game the system with this capability. "That doesn’t mean you can just create a “level” filled with cash and make yourself rich." as Ubisoft puts it.

The integration doesn't stop at experience points and money, either. Far Cry Arcade will be accessed in-game via arcade terminals and posters littered throughout Far Cry 5's world. This is also, as Kotaku reports, where players will find the different multiplayer game modes. One mode that was spotlighted was called Bounty Hunter, where the hunter must assassinate a target and then escape the map alive. Ubisoft will change the maps weekly, essentially making Far Cry Arcade the game's true multiplayer.

via: news.ubisoft.com

The game will release on March 27 with three extra scenarios being immediately available to those who buy a Season Pass. The first is Hours of Darkness, which involves rescuing POWs from Vietnam. Lost on Mars is a more fun adventure that puts you on, as you guessed, Mars with laser weapons and jetpacks. And last is Dead Living Zombies, a co-op horde mode.

The developers certainly seem to be going all-out with Far Cry 5, providing so much of its famous out-there content and player freedom that the game looks to be bursting with things to do. Perhaps the most exciting thing is the addition of content from other Ubisoft games. The fans will most certainly make some very interesting Assassin's Creed homage maps. Perhaps one day we can even get an Assassin's Creed map editor.


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