Ubisoft Teases Multiple New IP Announcements At E3

Ubisoft is betting big on some new games at this year's E3.

A new teaser video on YouTube announces that Ubisoft will have at least one new IP to show at E3, and we have absolutely no idea what it could be.

Ubisoft is known to have a little bit of fun with their E3 announcements, but this one takes the cake. In a video just posted to Ubisoft’s YouTube channel the company teases that they will announce a brand new IP at this year’s E3 conference, but then doesn’t give any details.

The video starts with two Ubisoft employees walking up to CEO Yves Guillemot to say they’ve finished the teaser video, but had to remove a lot of footage since it hadn’t been announced just yet. Then, in between already released footage of the announced South Park: Fractured But Whole and Far Cry 5, as well as stock footage from past E3s, there are redacted scenes with titles such as "easter eggs deemed a PR risk", "Yves to announce during conference", and "Feature Shown At Conference".

To ensure the punchline hits home the video ends with Yves updating his Facebook page with, "Excited for E3! Check out this iconic teaser", and then deleting the word “iconic”.

We already knew that Ubisoft was going to release a new IP for the fiscal year beginning April 2018 and ending March 2019 from the earnings statement this year. The new IP is said to be “multiplayer focused”, and that’s literally all we know. Further information will have to wait for the announcement at E3.

via Gamespot

While it seems Ubisoft is keeping their cards close to their chest for this new IP, several leaks on the upcoming Assassin’s Creed have already revealed some details concerning the latest title in the franchise. A leaked image along with a leaked promotional t-shirt seem to confirm the protagonist will be named Ba-Yek, and it will be set in ancient Egypt. The game is rumoured to be titled Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

Ubisoft’s other big announcement was Far Cry 5, which will take place in modern Montana, and will pit the player against a white supremacist cult. That announcement has already landed Ubisoft in a heap of controversy as it portrays small-town America as a haven for right-wing extremists.

What could this new Ubisoft IP be? Stay tuned for more as rumours swirl ahead of the E3 announcement.


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