Ubisoft Tested Tom Clancy Fans With Actual Ghost Recon Missions


Ubisoft gave a few lucky Canadian fans a sneak peek at Ghost Recon Breakpoint by putting them in the same situations as found in the game.

Maybe we should call these unlucky Canadians. In order to play the game early, they had to agree to play Breakpoint in… let’s call them “less than ideal” conditions.

As part of the FAM Program, which is an Ubisoft initiative to get to know their Canadian fans, the French game maker decided to hook a few Ghost Recon fans up early. The catch? They had to face some of their worst fears.

This involved skydiving, repelling down the side of a building, white water rafting, and dune buggying. We’re not sure why dune buggies were particularly scary to one participant, but we’ll just assume they were in a car wreck as a child and move on with the premise.

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Not only did Ubisoft put these four super fans in dangerous situations, but they also asked them to play Breakpoint at the same time. This meant Ontario resident Kyle Morken had to overcome his terror of falling out of a plane while also trying to play a game on a screen several feet away being held up by another skydiver--which seems hard to do when you consider that terminal velocity is around 200 kph (or 124 mph).

For Jeff Sinclair, who was also afraid of heights, he had to play Breakpoint while repelling down the side of a building wearing a complicated harness that let him carry a game system and screen. For Anteny Provencher of Quebec, a PS4 was set up in a dune buggy to let him play while also sucking down dirt.

Ginny Bilinsky probably had it the worst though. Her zodiac capsized while white water rafting. It is EXTREMELY difficult to play video games while swimming and avoiding sharp rocks.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint comes out on October 4th for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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