Disturbing Video Shows UFC Fighter Playing Mobile Game While Driving

Texting and driving just isn’t dangerous enough for the UFC’s Kevin Lee. In a video that Lee posted to his Instagram account earlier this week, the lightweight fighter is shown playing mobile games while driving.

The caption under his post reads: “My momma cussed me out when I sent her this video otw to Montréal but if my insurance go up I know it’s because instagram snitching.”

At the start of the video, Lee faces the camera to say, “I just feel like I really gotta share this with someone.” Apparently, someone means the 250,000 people that follow him on Instagram.

About five seconds later, he finally turns back to face the road, making sure his Switch screen is correctly situated on the dashboard. “Technology is crazy,” he muses while picking up the controller from his lap. Lee then starts playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, only pausing to tell his audience that he’s been at it for over two hours.

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The car even prompts Lee to rejoin the real world as it relays his next turn, but Lee demurs with an, “Okay, don’t bother.”

It is worth noting that the vehicle Lee “operates” in the video is a self-driving Tesla, but Tesla Motors is very clear in their Terms of Service that, “current autopilot features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous.”

While Lee’s car likely won’t run him into any trouble while just driving in a straight line on the highway, it’s definitely not advisable to put your life in the hands of a machine that doesn’t claim to be infallible. In fact, Tesla urges drivers to resist the temptation to put their trust in the auto-pilot feature. This is just a suggestion to Lee.

As far as we can tell, Lee made it to Montréal in one piece, but if he makes a habit of multitasking while on the road, he might need to upgrade his Tesla to a model that comes with a driver.

Who knows, maybe next time he’ll even pull out a VR headset.

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