25 Uh Oh Things You Never Noticed In Naruto

It's quite amazing how manga and anime have completely taken over the world by storm with their one-of-a-kind art style and storytelling that is seldom seen in other forms of entertainment (if any at all). This meteoric rise has occurred mainly through the rise in popularity of many manga and anime series that have garnered unassailable popularity, especially in the west. One such series that — even after the end of its main series — is still going strong is Naruto, which is undoubtedly a name that the majority of people in the world have heard of, and for good reason. After all, the world and characters of Naruto have almost become synonymous with the term 'anime' itself (well, at least for those who just have basic knowledge when it comes to this particular form of entertainment).

However, the rabid fan base of this series has conveniently ignored a substantial number of problems that are present in Naruto. In fact, most of these things are so inappropriate in nature that it's frankly astounding how they even made it to the series without getting scrapped beforehand... although — knowing just how wacky Japan can get — it's probably intentional. Let's take a look at 25 of the most inappropriate things in Naruto that deserve a second look.

25 The Completely Unfair Treatment Of Naruto

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It's understandable why the people in the village would be scared of the Jinchūriki. After all, their village was the victim of an attack unlike any other when the Nine-Tailed Fox laid waste to anything and everything that stood in its way. The fact that this beast was sealed in one of their own is nothing to scoff at.

However, even if this was the case, then why did the entire village choose to give Naruto hell, especially when they knew what would happen if he happened to go off the deep end? Instead of making him feel like a part of the village, the people essentially made him feel like an outcast in his own home.

However, this is nothing compared to what Gaara had to deal with.

24 Gaara's Childhood Is Just Way Too Morbid

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If you thought only Naruto had a tough childhood, get ready to brace yourself. That's because when it comes to tragic childhood stories, Gaara pretty much takes the cake. Fans of Naruto know exactly why this is the case, In case you need a refresher, let us enlighten you.

Gaara was a child who was hated by his father from the get-go. His mother died during childbirth, already weighing him down from birth with a level of blame that he didn't deserve. If that wasn't bad enough, his caretaker Yashamaru, who was supposed to be the only person in the village that cared for him, revealed his hatred for Gaara as well when he straight up tried to kill him.


23 Kids In The Series Generally Have Little To No Safety At All

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The universe of Naruto might be one of the most fleshed-out and detailed worlds that we can even think of, but even then there are a few things that just don't make any sense when one takes a closer look. Perhaps the biggest offender when it comes to shattering this realism has to be the fact that in this series, kids are afforded little to no safety.

We've already talked about how Gaara and Naruto were treated like crap by their respective villages, but it goes much deeper than that. The Chūnin exams are perhaps the best way to showcase this lackadaisical attitude when it comes to these children, who are pitted against each other in a tournament reminiscent of the Hunger Games as they battle each other for the sake of entertainment.

The Village Hidden By Mist took this one step further.

22 Kirigakure Making Kids Fight To The End

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In the past, the Village Hidden By Mist (also known as Kirigakure) was known for a practice that can only be described as nothing more than completely animalistic. Just take a look at the fact that this village had their own version of the Chūnin exams... where ninja graduates were forced to fight each other to the very death, until a victor emerged.

It boggles the mind as to why the village would choose to kill off members of their future generation for the sole sake of obtaining as much power as possible. Thankfully, this disgusting practice was brought to an end when Zabuza (who wasn't even a graduate of Kirigakure's Academy) killed off every single participant of this messed-up ritual.

21 Orochimaru Was Absolutely Obsessed With Children

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Jeez, it must absolutely suck to be a kid in the Naruto universe. Being killed off at a young age isn't enough apparently — they also have to be wary of predators that also happen to be extremely powerful ninjas to boot. Just take the example of Orochimaru, who was banned from the village due to the messed-up experiments that he performed — the majority of them being on kids.

If that wasn't bad enough, Orochimaru's behavior throughout the series was extremely odd (and downright disturbing at times) when it came to the topic of children. Just watching Orochimaru lick his lips as he thinks about Sasuke's "delicious" body is enough to send shivers down the spine of any person who happens to watch this particular scene out of context.

And Sasuke isn't the only kid who was the focus of Orochimaru's experiments...

20 Yamato Witnessed Very Disturbing Things As A Kid

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Naruto Shippuden introduced many new characters and shifted the series over to a darker tone in order to suit the story that Kishimoto wanted to tell. One of the many new characters that accompanied Naruto on his journey to retrieve Sasuke was Yamato, whose backstory is absolutely chilling.

Yamato was one of the very few test subjects of Orochimaru that survived his brutal tests. Successfully bonding with Hashirama's cells to attain the ability of Wood Release, Yamato was meant to control Naruto if he happened to go ballistic. However, the fact that he had to witness the other children die a painful death as their body rejected Hashirama's cells is nothing to scoff at, and one must appreciate Yamato's mental fortitude to live life normally without being completely traumatized.

19 Karin Was Probably Brainwashed

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Yamato wasn't the only test subject of Orochimaru when he was a child. Various instances in the story point to the fact that Orochimaru brainwashed Karin to make her experience a feeling of blind loyalty when it came to Sasuke. The fact that she was completely infatuated with the last surviving Uchiha from the get-go is proof enough of this fact.

After all, it's highly suspect that Karin would be instantly attached to a destructive personality like Sasuke, especially since the latter treated the former like she was nothing in his eyes. This makes it highly possible that Orochimaru had something to do with these feelings that Karin experienced when it came to Sasuke.

And Orochimaru isn't the only person who performed these unethical experiments...

18 Nagato Probably Performed Experiments To Develop The Rinnegan For His Bodies Of Pain

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Nagato is perhaps one of the most interesting antagonists in the series, if not the biggest adversary that Naruto has ever faced. His entire arc is considered by many to be one of the very best in the entire series, and his fight with Naruto will go down as one of the most epic anime fights of all time, without a shadow of a doubt.

However, one must ask — just how did Nagato end up with different pairs of Rinnegan for his bodies of Pain? After all, Kishimoto never really explained how Nagato received these eyes, to begin with, which has left this topic open to a lot of speculation. The general consensus among the majority of Naruto fans is that Nagato had his own lab set up, where he experimented on human bodies to form these Rinnegan.

This also happens to be one of the worst bedtime stories of all time.

17 Naruto's Harem Technique Is Way Too Overdeveloped

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During the early goings of the series, Naruto had extensively developed a fairly useless technique which functioned as nothing more than comic relief. This Harem technique has proven to become one of Naruto's staple techniques... which is certainly pretty disturbing when one takes a closer look at what the perfection of this jutsu entails.

Look at it like this — Naruto spent the majority of his childhood alone, without forming any substantial relationships aside from a very few. If that happened to be the case, then it must've been almost impossible for him to control his hormones by himself. So, to satiate his desires, Naruto decided to turn himself into a female version. Yeah, doesn't sound that funny now, does it?

But that's nothing compared to the next entry.

16 Naruto Used Steamy Men To Distract Kaguya

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The finale of Naruto is either great or horrible, depending on how you choose to interpret it. However, the battle between Kaguya and the duo of Naruto and Sasuke is truly epic, and is certainly one of the highlights of this arc. However, there's one particular moment in the fight that is just... weird, for lack of a better word.

In order to find an opening and land a blow on Kaguya, Naruto decided to whip out an alternate version of his Harem Technique, where his female versions were replaced with guys sporting smoldering looks and bodies. While admittedly a funny scene, it's quite disturbing to wonder how Naruto managed to perfect this technique in the first place.

The worst part about this was that Kaguya was actually distracted by such a pedestrian technique.

15 Jiraiya Agreed To Teach Naruto After "Perusing" His Female Form

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Well, we must admit — while Naruto's technique might seem rather useless, the fact of the matter is that it's proven to be very helpful on a number of occasions. And this particular entry must be the most effective use of this particular technique.

Basically, after the events of the Chūnin exam, Naruto was seeking out a mentor to help him develop his skills. Such a person came in the form of Jiraiya, but he refused to become Naruto's mentor. Out of any other options, Naruto decided to appeal to his future mentor's lewd nature... by transforming into a female version of himself. So, what was Jiraiya's reaction to seeing a 12-year-old as a semi-naked female?

He completely flipped, and agreed to teach Naruto. Just... wow.

14 Naruto Spying On Hinata As She Practices Her Techniques... In Her Birthday Suit

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Since the onset of the series, it was pretty evident that Naruto would end up with Hinata by the time the series ended (honestly, Kishimoto made the romance pretty obvious). However, the anime decided to go one step further and made their relationship infinitely creepier than it should've been.

Basically, Hinata was practicing a variation of the Gentle Fist that allowed her to shoot what can only be described as laser beams (thank god this was filler). She decided to practice this technique in a waterfall... without wearing anything. Of course, Naruto just happened to be strolling by, and stopped dead in his tracks as he witnessed the naked silhouette of a 12-year-old Hinata innocently practicing her technique.

Of course, the student always learns from the master, who wasn't the perfect example of self-control either.

13 Kakashi Reading Adult Books In Front Of His Disciples... Who Just So Happen To Be Children As Well

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Kakashi has to be one of the coolest characters in Naruto, and for good reason. His unbelievable power and calm demeanor quickly made him one of the fan favorites. However, it must be said that even Kakashi has his faults that fans have conveniently chosen to ignore. One of the biggest flaws when it comes to this has to be his addiction to reading books of an "adult" nature (if you get your drift).

The Icha Icha novels (which just so happen to be written by none other than Jiraiya) were a favorite of Kakashi's, and he was so addicted that he didn't stop reading these books even when he was in the midst of three impressionable children... that too while he had to train them!

Get a grip, Kakashi.

12 Hidan Experiences Pleasure Through The Questionable Act Of Self Harm

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The Akatsuki served as the antagonists for the majority of Shippuden, and for good reason. Their sheer authority and power were to be feared, and the fact that they killed off so many major characters is proof enough of the sheer danger that they posed to the heroes of Naruto. However, one of the members of Akatsuki was a bit more messed up than the others.

Hidan was a formidable adversary who had the power to basically turn himself into a voodoo doll and replicate the damage he did to his body onto others. The sheer brutality with which he killed Asuma was bad enough as it is, but the worst part about this was that Hidan experienced a sensation of "pleasure" as he stabbed and maimed his immortal body, which is just plain disturbing in so many ways.

11 The Reaper Death Seal Is Really Messed Up

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When it comes to intricate and imposing ninja techniques, the Reaper Death Seal pretty much takes the cake. After all, the fact that you're pretty much summoning a demon to take the lives of both you and your adversary is nothing to scoff at. However, while this technique might seem very cool, the fact of the matter is that the implications of this jutsu are anything but.

If you think that this jutsu just takes the lives of both the user and the victim, then you're dead wrong. While it's true that the bodies of both the user and victim will perish, their souls will be doomed to fight each other for all eternity. So, if you think that both Sarutobi and Minato are living a peaceful existence in the afterlife, then you couldn't be further away from the truth.

10 The Fact That The Uchiha Need To Steal Eyes To Gain More Power

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The history of the Uchiha is equal parts interesting and tragic. Their powers are obviously extremely impressive, as is their affinity when it comes to fire techniques. However, at the same time, their innate pride was their downfall when the Leaf Village decided to get rid of the entire clan to prevent the chances of a coup. While this might seem a bit extreme, the animalistic nature of the Uchiha must be taken into account while making this decision.

After all — in case you happen to forget — the sheer manner in which the Uchiha improved the power of their eyes is already quite disturbing in itself. Since the Uchiha would inevitably lose their eyes after extensive use, the only way to assure their power was to steal the eyes of their fellow clansmen.

This brings us over to the next topic.

9 Danzō's Right Arm Is Just... Ugh

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When it comes to power-hungry individuals who'll stop at nothing to get what they want, it goes without saying that Danzō is a name that comes to the tongue of everyone who considers themselves a part of the Naruto fandom. After all, the path that Danzō took to attain the rank of Hokage was absolutely disgusting — taking advantage of a distraught Tsunade to take over her seat as Hokage.

However, perhaps the worst thing that Danzō has done is evidenced in his right arm, that is covered with the arms of the Sharingan that he's stolen from the Uchiha after their demise. This sight sent Sasuke into a frenzy, and for good reason. Facing the man who essentially ordered the slaughter of his entire clan just to attain more power is — quite frankly — disgusting.

8 The Hierarchy Present In The Hyūga Clan

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If you thought that the Uchiha clan was bad enough, then the Hyūga clan is just as bad. Adopting a dated hierarchical nature in the family that simply boggles the mind when one takes a closer look, the branch family in the clan were the victims of many injustices that simple shouldn't have occurred in the first place.

Basically, the members of the branch family are treated like absolute crap and have to bend to the will of the main family at all times, without any questions. The worst part about this is that the branch family members are forcefully imprinted with a mark on their forehead to remind them of their place. This mark can be activated by members of the main family at will, which will lead to the victim experiencing blinding pain, unlike anything they've ever felt before.

7 Obito's Rampage Is Surprisingly Brutal

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The story of Obito is truly one of the most tragic falls from grace in Naruto. The once cheery genin was forced into a chain of events beyond his control, that peaked when he witnessed his best friend killing the woman he fell in love with (that turned out to be nothing more than a simple misunderstanding). Breaking down, Obito lost all control, and the events that followed have to be one of the most disturbing and goriest moments in Naruto.

After Rin's death, Obito lost all control and ended anything and everything that stood in his way. The manner in which he absolutely massacred the Kiri-nin who were inadvertently responsible for Rin's end is sickening, and the sounds were so intense that the American version had to be censored due to the sheer level of brutality that was featured in the episode.

6 Tsunade's Relationship With Shizune

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Tsunade's past has been really tragic when it comes to the men in her life. Both Nawaki (her brother) and Dan (her lover) were victims of war, and her blessing did nothing to keep them safe. This makes it highly possible that Tsunade decided to not get attached to any man, which explains her shunning of Jiraiya even through the latter was clearly interested in her.

However, throughout the series, there's one person that Tsunade has been close to at all times. This person is Shizune, and it certainly wouldn't be a stretch to say that they both became more than friends over time. The reaction that Shizune gives when she realizes that Tsunade was alive after Pain's assault on Konoha is quite telling as well.

This might also explain...

5 Tsunade's Unwavering Dedication To Looking Good Even Though She's Extremely Old

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It's revealed pretty early on that Tsunade kept a mark on her forehead that stored chakra. This allowed her to — among other things — maintain a youthful presence that managed to preserve her beauty as well. However, we've already mentioned before that Tsunade had no man in her life, and — aside from the theory of Shizune being her lover — she really doesn't have any reason to maintain this face in the first place.

If that's the case, then it's kinda weird that Tsunade put so much time and effort in order to look as great as possible. What was her end goal — to be a tease for any man that happened to look at her? Or was it just a question of pride, since she wanted to appear as young as possible to gain a leg up over other women her age?

Perhaps letting go of such material things would've allowed Tsunade to escape any embarrassing questions, which brings us to the next entry.

4 Sakura And Ino Ask Tsunade To Reveal The Secret Of Her Huge Assets

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Talk about awkward.

The sheer amount of fillers in Naruto is just way too much, and most of it is pretty garbage. We've already talked about one such instance which ends up being a bit too creepy, and this particular instance fits the bill as well.

Basically, Ino and Sakura become a bit curious when it comes to Tsunade's childhood, and ask her to show her younger form. Tsunade complies, and Ino and Sakura are completely shocked when they find out that the younger Tsunade didn't have the asset" that she has today. Understandably curious, the teenagers end up assaulting Tsunade with questions, asking her how she managed to transform in such a manner.

Speaking of Sakura, there's one thing that we need to be clear about...

3 Sakura Ends Up With Sasuke Even After Being On The End Of Relentless Attacks

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From the get-go, it was obvious that Sakura was absolutely infatuated with Sasuke. She tried her hardest to gain his attention ever since they met for the first time, but Sasuke was too busy thinking about revenge to pay heed to Sakura's feelings. This goes on throughout the series, and Sasuke's emotional manipulations are noticed by Sakura, even though she tries to ignore most of them. Any normal person would've shied away from such a cold personality... but apparently, it seems that Sakura is not a normal person.

After all, after the events of Naruto wrap up, it turns out that Sakura ended up with Sasuke anyway. It seems that endless physical and mental abuse wasn't enough for Sakura, and her infatuation never really waned — if anything, it flared up.

2 Itachi Killing Everybody He Knew And Loved

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It seems that the people in Naruto have a really weird way of showcasing their love. Just take a look at Itachi and what he did to ensure the survival of the Leaf Village. Not matter what appearances he might've put up, the fact of the matter is that Itachi loved Konoha... to the point where he decided to take the blame for the death of his clan, to prevent the possibility of a coup.

In fact, Itachi's ultimate goal was to coerce Sasuke into realizing the need for the Uchiha clan's massacre, and becoming the next protector of Konoha. This plan backfired spectacularly, since — after figuring out Itachi's motive — Sasuke ended up resenting the village for manipulating the clan and his brother, and vowed to destroy Konoha.

1 The Dead Being Forcible Resurrected To Fight Their Friends

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The Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique is truly one of the most powerful and disturbing techniques in Naruto. It's obvious why this jutsu is forbidden across the world of Naruto — after all, while the jutsu might seem highly convenient, there's a reason why one shouldn't try go against the normal course of life.

Basically, what this jutsu does is force ones who've already died to come back from the afterlife and serve the bidding of their master. It's highly unethical, and quite sicking to boot — especially when the dead are forced to fight the people they love. Thankfully, during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kabuto lost his control over the dead, which meant that the living and dead could cooperate one last time to fight against the Akatsuki once and for all.

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