Every Ultimate Ability In Apex Legends, Ranked

Apex Legends is the newest hit in the Battle Royale genre, offering players a chance to group up into teams of three. While the rest of the rules are pretty much the same, one of the most interesting gameplay mechanics is the addition of abilities. Every character has a list of abilities, including an ultimate ability.

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It's time to take a look at those ultimate abilities and rank them up against each other. Anyone that is looking to get involved in the Apex Legends scene should definitely think about which character they're going to start using as their main, and this list is a good place to start!

8 Mirage—Vanishing Act

Any player that has come up against a good Mirage will say that he's actually great in the right hands, but there are few people who know how to properly use him. A lot of Apex Legends is about trying to do as much damage as possible from a good vantage point, whereas Mirage is all about messing with the opposing team.

Mirage's ultimate places a bunch of holographic versions of himself on the battlefield before disappearing, giving him time to get away. However, he can't cause any damage while in this state, making its use limited.

7 Lifeline—Care Package

It's impossible to deny the importance of a healer in a lot of multiplayer games, but the inclusion of Lifeline in Apex Legends is questionable at best. People often choose her, as she can revive players 25% faster while under the safety of a shield.

That's definitely a plus, but her ultimate isn't great. She calls down a care package that provides players with protective gear they can quite easily find lying about in other areas of the map. This is a low-end ultimate compared to some of the better ones on this list.

6 Caustic—Nox Gas Grenade

Anyone that has attempted to play with this character will know that his traps don't have many uses in a game this fast-paced. The map is too large and people move around too much for the gas traps to really hit enough people. That makes it difficult to recommend this character to anyone.

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What makes it even more difficult is the fact that Caustic's ultimate is hugely situational. It is a grenade that produces a huge cloud of Nox Gas. While this is good for when the map has been reduced to a tiny size, it'll be a long wait before it's worth having around, especially when compared to the higher-rated ultimates on this list.

5 Bangalore—Rolling Thunder

Some players will pick this legend due to her high level of mobility, but otherwise, she's a rather low-end character that can make a team pretty vulnerable. There's very little scope for her unless the team needs her to act quickly, and the AoE attack is nothing compared to the one that Gibraltar can offer with his ultimate.

Sure, this isn't the worst ultimate to have on a team, but if there's already a Gibraltar tank on the team, then there's no point in throwing this legend into the mix as well.

4 Wraith—Dimensional Rift

There's no denying that a lot of players pick Wraith, as she's a lot of fun to play with. While she's not the worst legend out there, she's by no means the best, either.

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She can jump around the map using her rifts, which is a great way to get the advantage over the other teams. This is especially true of her ultimate, which allows her team to follow her to her new position as well. Sadly, this only lasts for a limited time, unlike Pathfinder's ultimate, so Wraith can't go any higher than this.

3 Pathfinder—Zipline Gun

As mentioned earlier, Apex Legends is a game that rewards players who know how to change up their vantage point and constantly try to get the drop on an enemy team. That's why characters like Pathfinder can be so useful to a team when used properly. The most useful tool at their disposal is the Zipline Gun, an ultimate that creates a zipline between two spots on the map.

Unlike Wraith's rift that will disappear after a set time, Pathfinder can set up ziplines to be used throughout the entire match. The only downside that takes Pathfinder away from the top spot is the fact that enemies can also use this zipline.

2 Gibraltar—Defensive Bombardment

The purest definition of a tank, this is a character that anyone should be happy to see on their team. Not only can he help shield his teammates, but his Gun Shield ability gives him a perfect excuse to stay in one spot and snipe at incoming enemies.

However, the best thing about Gibraltar is his ultimate, which allows him to rain down damage upon any opposing teams that he can see. Not only is he a better character in general than Bangalore, but his AoE ultimate is also far superior for anyone that wants to do the most amount of damage across the largest area.

1 Bloodhound—Beast Of The Hunt

This is a brilliant legend for anyone that communicates with their team. He can spot the whereabouts of any opposition within a building, allowing him to point them out to his fellow teammates. However, this doesn't mean that people who like to work alone shouldn't give this legend a try, either!

He's at the top of this list, as his ultimate boosts his speed for thirty-five seconds, giving him a chance to catch up to any enemies. It can also be used to get out of a bad situation, saving the lives of many players that have used Bloodhound in the past.

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