Ultimate Alliance 3: Explaining Elsa Bloodstone

Explaining one of Marvel Ultimate Alliance's more obscure characters, Elsa Bloodstone, her origin and role in the game.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 for the Nintendo Switch lets you a three friends form a team of your favorite superheroes and go on a series of mission leveling up, collecting gear, and defeating some of Marvel's most iconic villains. With almost 40 heroes available to play as and at least 18 more on the way, Ultimate Alliance 3 is the most robust game in the series and is sure to have a handful of characters for every fan.

Just about all of your movie Avengers are playable, including the core team of Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. The Guardians of the Galaxy are there, as well as the Spider-Family, The Defenders, and a handful of X-Men. In the mix are some lesser known characters as well, and some you may never have heard of before.

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The Ultimate Alliance series has always been good about including niche and under-represented characters. Ultimate Alliance 2 featured Penance, a character that had just been created in the comics during the Civil War cross-over event only two years before the game was released. This time, they've added a character many fans may not be familiar with: Elsa Bloodstone. Despite being relatively unknown, Elsa has a rich history and ties to one of the more interesting sides of the Marvel Universe: The supernatural.

Who Is Elsa Bloodstone?

Elsa was created by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for the 2001 mini-series Bloodstone. Elsa is the daughter of the immortal monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone and, like her father, is a prolific hunter of ghosts, ghouls, and all things that go bump in the night.

Ulysses became an immortal through the power of celestial bloodgem that crashed to earth in a meteor. An extra-dimensional entity known as the Hellfire Helix sent the stone to Earth along with his agent, Ulluxy’l Kwan Tae Syn, to find a host for the bloodgem so that Hellfire Helix could take over Earth. Ulysses found the meteorite first, and during the ensuing fight between Ulysses and Ulluxy’l Kwan Tae Syn the meteorite exploded, embedding a fragment of the bloodgem in Ulysses chest and killing his tribe.

Ulysses pursued Ulluxy’l Kwan Tae Syn around the world, learning how to use every weapon and amassing a fortune. The alien was known to summon monsters to fight Ulysses, which is how he earned the reputation as a monster hunter. Eventually, Ulysses sacrificed himself to stop the Hellfire Helix from invading earth, but before he did, he fathered two children: Elsa and Cullen Bloodstone.

Elsa followed in her father's footsteps as a monster hunter and has worked with several teams over the years to that end. She co-starred in Warren Ellis' Next Wave, a parody of superhero teams. Elsa was also a founding member of the Fearless Defenders, and all-female team of superheroes. Most recently, Elsa joined the female Avenger team A-Force during Civil War II. There are rumors that Marvel has plans for Elsa in the MCU, which may be why she is making her console-game debut in Ultimate Alliance 3.

Elsa Bloodstone's Powers

Like her father, Elsa is powered by a fragment of the original bloodgem that crashed to earth in a meteor. Elsa wears her bloodgem in a choker around her neck, so she is a lot more vulnerable than Ulysses, who's bloodgem was embedded deep in his chest.

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For starters, Elsa has the "enhancement" suite of generic powers that most super beings have: strength, stamina, speed, durability, and healing factor. These are the baseline abilities that function more as plot armor and general "badassery" than character-defining abilities. Notably, her blood is toxic to vampires, which came in handy during her first encounter with the Nosferatu when she was bitten. The vampire was blasted away from her by the bloodgem just as he sank his fangs into her.

Elsa is a sharpshooter and typically carries an arsenal of different weapons. She also has a collection of magical artifacts that she inherited from her father, such as a magic genie lamp.

Elsa Bloodstone In Ultimate Alliance 3

In UA3, Elsa is a range-focused character that will rely on charged and rapid fire shots from her two pistols to damage enemies and stun them at a distance. She has two rifles on her back that can be used as powerful combo finishers and as melee weapons. Elsa swings the rifles around like swords, knocking back enemies into position for a finishing blast from her pistols.

As a ranged dps, you'll want to make good use of her dash to avoid damage. One of her best combos requires her to get in close to pop the enemies up into the air, then she follows with a healthy blast of ammunition. Elsa is a ton of fun to play if you like to be speedy and shoot guns, and really, who doesn't?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Elsa Bloodstone is an unlockable character in the game, and is a blast to play.

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