The Ultimate Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

Like many battle royale shooters in the market, Apex Legends has players fighting over loot as part of a game of survival. That means, the moment players are dropped into a map, they have to engage in a mad scramble for the nearest guns, armor and other equipment before squaring up in squad firefights.


Good thing there are Weapon Tier lists like this one to help players identify the best loot to stock up their Legends' loadouts with. From pistols to sniper rifles, this Ultimate Apex Legends Weapon Tier List has all players covered on their journey to the top rank.

10 Best Pistol: Wingman

Among the many pistols in Apex Legends, the Wingman is the best hands down. Like most revolver-type weapons, it's pretty powerful. A headshot scored with this pistol can deal up to 90 while body shots can deal up to 45. However, the Wingman also suffers from the usual caveats like difficult aiming and a slow fire rate.

Therefore, it's great in the hands of players who are used to revolver mechanics and are also crack shots. Newbies to revolvers can easily make for panic shooters and should just stay away from the Wingman until they have honed their skills.

9 Best SMG: Prowler

The Prowler easily takes the cake when it comes to SMG reliance. It features a 5-burst automatic fire that deals up to 21 in headshot damage and 14 in body damage, making it the most accurate and powerful SMG in the game. But that's just in its standard form. Throw in any of the attachments like the optic scope, alt-fire receiver or extended mags and its capability is taken to a whole new level.

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While the other picks come pretty close in stats and share the same attachments, they don't in terms of accuracy and that's a big difference.

8 2nd Best SMG: Alternator

For the next best full auto SMG pick, the honor goes to the Alternator. It's slightly less powerful than the Prowler--dealing 19 damage per headshot and 13 damage per body shot-- and slower too. But this SMG makes up for it with its light ammo, giving it decent accuracy. Attaching the stock is a plus for increasing the accuracy needed in firefights.

If the Prowler is hard to find during looting, SMG lovers should try switching things up with this bad boy. In a game like Apex Legends, it always pays to have an accurate gun at the ready.

7 Best Shotgun: Mastiff

The Mastiff shotgun is one of the two rarest weapons in Apex Legends given its unique ammunition and that it only appears in supply drops, making any scramble for it seem too risky. But it's worth it in the end, considering it's the most powerful shotgun.

The Mastiff can easily shred Legends at close range, dealing 288 in headshots and 144 in body shots. Unfortunately, it comes with a couple of caveats including a total lack of attachments, very low ammo capacity, and a massive kickback when it's being fired. Still, this shotgun is a must-have on the field.

6 2nd Best Shotgun: Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is a more conventional shotgun compared to the Mastiff, and that's a good thing. It's far easier to find and is well rounded in terms of stats. With just regular ammo, this shotgun can deal up to 165 in headshot damage and 110 in body damage.

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Another great advantage the Peacekeeper has over the Mastiff is that its power can be upgraded with a Choke Hop-Up attachment, allowing players the ability to charge up shots by holding down the aiming button. This is a must-have weapon for close range combat if the Mastiff proves too elusive.

5 Best Assault Rifle: VK-47 Flatline

The VK-47 Flatline is considered the king of assault rifles in Apex Legends. This bullpup-style weapon carries up to 20 heavy rounds per mag and can inflict considerable damage in a firefight, inflicting up to 32 damage per headshot and 16 damage per body shot. While the VK-47 Flatline isn't the most powerful AR to use in the game, it's considered the most accurate with its minuscule recoil.

The VK-47 Flatline is also the only AR in the game that can be upgraded with every attachment within the AR tier. That includes the optic, extended mag, stock, and barrel.

4 2nd Best Assault Rifle: R-301

Next to the already highlighted VK-47 Flatline, the R-301 can easily become a Legend's best friend. While it's not the most powerful assault rifle in Apex Legends, the R-301 can still dish out some impressive damage for mid-range skirmishes. Body shots can reach up to 14 damage while headshots are up to 28 damage.

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The R-301 is also the most accurate of the AR weapons thanks to its light ammo and its accuracy s better with the help of attachments like the Optic and Stock. This AR is the one to get if a VK-47 isn't lying around.

3 Best LMG: M600 Spitfire

As far as light machine guns go, the M600 Spitfire is the most reliable to have. Stuck in a weapon tier consisting of only two choices, the second one being the Devotion, the Spitfire is the obvious winner by edging out its competition with a little more firepower. The Spitfire carries up to 35 heavy rounds per mag that can deal up to 20 in body damage and 40 in headshot damage.

While the Devotion's fire rate is much faster due to its unique windup mechanic, the Spitfire still manages to do better simply by just the harder punches.

2 Best Sniper Rifle: Kraber

As the second rarest weapon in Apex Legends, the Kraber .50-Cal is the deadliest sniper rifle given its sheer stopping power. It can dish out as much as 250 damage per each headshot and half of the damage for body shots. That's more than enough to down any Legend with one hit. For body shots, it can dish out half of that damage.

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However, since its one of the rarest weapons in the game, the Kraber can only be procured from a supply drop. The ammo it uses is also special, meaning it can't be replenished. Use with caution.

1 2nd Best Sniper Rifle: Longbow

At face value, the Longbow is neither the most powerful sniper rifle nor the fastest in comparison to the others. But it may very well prove to be the most reliable once found. This weapon can inflict up to 110 damage per headshot with its heavy ammo. Given that, it should only take a couple of shots with this weapon to down a Legend.

As a B Tier weapon, the Longbow shouldn't be too hard to find on a scavenging run. So players should prioritize finding one of these if they are up for some good sniping during a match.


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