Ultimate Destruction: 15 Mechs That Could Destroy The World

Since time immemorial, mankind has been fascinated by its own form. Classical and modern art, architecture, anywhere you look really, the human form is reflected back in the things we create. Especially when that form is capable of firing missiles, wielding a giant chain gun, and stomping on our foes like scattering ants before the focused beam of sunlight from a magnifying glass. Mechs, mecha, whatever you want to call it, we're here to talk about walking, fire-power equipped, robots. Not just any mechs; the deadliest, most powerful mechs that exist in gaming.

Now, this is just a small sample of mechs that exist in the countless video game universes, so I know that some of you will have a problem with this or that when it comes to my selections. No matter your opinion, these mechs could easily destroy the planet and easily eliminate the entire human race in the process. Now, strap yourself in, grab your incredibly oversized weapon, and make sure your ejector seat is calibrated in case things get hairy out there. These are the 15 Mechs That Could Destroy The World.

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15 BT-7274 (Titanfall 2)

Via: gameplaying.info

The Mech sidekick from Titanfall 2, one of the most criminally underrated games of all time, BT-7274 is one of the most likable mechs, let alone characters, ever created. In addition, he’s a walking death machine that essentially destroyed an entire mercenary company and a planet in the process.

One planet down, planet earth next. Comparing the world’s military might against a single pilot and his lovable mech may seem not seem like a fair contest. But BT has so many different load outs that he can adapt to any combat scenario instantly. Plus, as long as his pilot can snag his head unit and plug it into a different suit, he never really dies. We are all at the mercy of the eternal AI that is BT.

14 Anubis (Zone Of The Enders)

Via: giantbomb.com

The game that everyone (including myself), bought for the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty demo disc packaged with it, Zone Of The Enders featured a pretty badass mech named Anubis. Most of the fights in Zone Of The Enders take place in the air, meaning that Anubis is extremely nimble when it comes to maneuvering in flight.

So agile that missiles and planes would have zero chance of bringing it down and it could effectively rain death from above before anyone would have any idea what the hell was going on. Not to mention the arsenal of energy weapons that can devastate pretty much anything we’d throw at it. If the fight had to be fought on the ground, Anubis wouldn’t have much of a problem either; it skates around at a blinding pace, passing through tanks and houses like they were made out of wet tissue paper.

13 E.S. Simeon (Xenosaga)

Via: Miotd.com

The most badass mech in the Xenosaga series whose name literally translates into “no end,” E.S. Simeon is a prime world destroyer. It’s powered by the relic drive, which means that this mech is powered by absorbing the Will of human beings. This thing literally gets juiced off the entire planet's will to live. Not like it’d find much fuel these days, amirite?

Jokes aside, with everyone knowing that their lives were in danger, the will to live and survive would definitely increase, meaning this thing would never shut down until the last person was eliminated. Couple that with the fact that it uses the devastating Aird weapon system, and we would survive a few days after the initial attacks, at best.

12 Lukav’s Wanzer (Front Mission 3)

Via: youtube.com

One of the best tactical RPGs ever made, Front Mission 3 has its own version of mechs called Wanzers. The last Wanzer you fight belongs to a crazed would-be dictator named Lukav who really wants to kill all the pilots in your group. You have been messing up his plans pretty much every step of the way, so you really had this coming.

Lukav’s Wanzer is a multi-legged, walking missile platform. Like most of the pilots you fight in Front Mission 3, the pilot can’t be ejected, so you have to bring the whole thing down. It can travel underwater and take a lot of damage. We'd all be screwed if this thing showed up.

11 Metal Gear Ray (Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty)

Via: mracommentaries.blogspot.com

While there is much debate as to which Metal Gear is the coolest in the series, my vote has to go to Metal Gear Ray. It also seems the most liable not to have a problem with destroying the world. Except if a gravely voiced super soldier and completely useless blonde haired boy were in the mix. Then nothing is certain. But, for all intents and purposes, let's say no Snakes or Raiden exist.

First off, Ray is able to travel quickly underwater, staying submerged right before it does some dramatic dive onto land and killing everyone. It also has that mouth water jet laser that makes short work of pretty much anything in front of it. Coupled with machine guns, anti-air, anti-ship, and cluster missiles, it isn’t lacking in firepower.

10 Ship (Galak-Z)

Via: polygon.com

The ship in indie SCHMUP Galak-Z: The Dimensional can easily transform into a mech on the fly, complete with a laser sword and the ability to snatch ships out of the air and toss them into anything that may be nearby.

While it seems like a pretty normal mech at first glance, it has an ability that makes it a prime candidate for world destroying — it can turn back into a ship within a few seconds. So, it can fly in at top speed, take out some resistance as a ship, and then transform into a flying mech that can spank pretty much anyone left with a gnarly laser sword. I don’t think we’d stand a chance.

9 Vegnagun (Final Fantasy X-2)

Via: finalfantasy.wikia.com

The giant piano controlled mech at the end of Final Fantasy X-2, Vegnagun is a serious threat if we’re talking about the world being destroyed. Not only can it use its pincer things to drops balls of scorching pain on anyone foolish enough to fight it, but you also have to deal with Shuyin playing classical piano the whole fight.

Using music during the course of war has a pronounced psychological effect on enemy forces in the past, and this would be no different. It would be horrifying to watch your friends and neighbors get cut down while listening to a beautiful sonata played by the guy piloting the death machine.

8 X-1 Alpha (Future Cop L.A.P.D.)

Via: giantbomb.com

It may not seem like much, but the X-1 Alpha can kick some serious ass. Able to transform from a floating police car into a bipedal weapons platform, the X-1 has no problem mowing down any adversary with its advanced arsenal and cat-like agility. Literally, no one can draw a bead on this thing, it’s always strafing. While it’s strafing, it’s peppering you with miniguns, missiles, and whatever else is at its disposal. That is, if it doesn’t step on you first.

Agility is key to the X-1’s domination; there is no weapon fast enough or that could deal enough, damage before it was right on top of you, if it even chose to get that close. It’d probably just send a barrage of missiles your way in passing instead.

7 Krazy Ivan

Via: blitzspearslab.blogspot.com

Oh, Krazy Ivan. This odd PlayStation game was one of the stranger entries in the PS1 library. With bizarre live action cut scenes, cheesy fake Russian accents, and a ridiculous storyline that dealt with a Russian mech pilot obliterating an entire race of aliens from the earth's surface, Krazy Ivan is the pinnacle of 90s gaming tropes.

The mech he pilots is also one of the most capable on this list. It doesn’t look like much, but Krazy Ivan’s mech is capable of carrying a variety of weapons that can cause mass destruction to anything we’d be able to throw at it.

6 Exusia (Armored Core V)

Via: youtube.com

Part missile spewing pterodactyl and part laser cannon toting mech, Exusia is a serious threat to anyone and everyone. It’s fast, agile, and all of its weapons pack a punch. Moreover, they are all able to be fired in volleys, meaning that constant movement is a necessity if you want to have any chance of surviving.

If you do give Exusia too much trouble up close, it takes off into pterodactyl form and rains missiles on you from a distance, doing victory laps as it unloads its explosive cargo. Not only would Exusia be able to kill most mechs (if we even had them), but would easily be able to wipe out entire countries in the course of a day. World extermination wouldn’t be much of a problem for this mech.

5 V.T.s (Steel Battalion)

Via: amazon.com

Probably the closest any gamer will ever get to piloting an actual mech, Steel Battalion is one of the most complicated games to actually play. The controller for the game takes up most of a normal sized desks surface, features three different floor pedals, and over 40 different buttons. You need to hit a series of buttons and knobs just to start the damn thing. If you mess up the startup, the mech will teeter over, or shut down completely, requiring you to start the whole process over again.

Regardless of the overly realistic controls, all the V.T.s in Steel Battalion are lumbering death machines that could easily wipe out a city in the course of a few hours. While not as agile as most on this list, they can still take a beating and dish it back out tenfold.

4 Abomination (MechAssault2: Lone Wolf)

Via: youtube.com

Now this one is pretty creepy. It has a mech body with a pretty accurate recreation of a human skull that stares you down the whole time it crawls at you. Yes, crawls at you. The legs aren’t completed yet, but it still poses a massive threat to the security of the world.

Its arsenal is comprised of multiple energy weapons, from melting heat beams that shoot out of the skull's red eyes, to a flurry of strikes it can rain down from above. And this is the thing without legs. MechAssault set the stage for great mechs on Xbox — Abomination is the pinnacle of the franchises' powerful mechs.

3 Amdusias Series (Xenoblade Chronicles X)

Via: xenoblade.wikia.com

One of the strongest mechs in the game, the Amdusias series of mech excels at melee combat against all type of foe found in the massive open world of Xenoblade Chronicles X. It’s able to take a plethora of damage, tank through it with nary a scratch, and wreak havoc on any who were foolish enough to stay around.

It’s armed with a massive scythe and shield, and can transform into a gnarly vehicle form. Definitely a formidable foe that wouldn’t have much trouble wiping us out, destroying civilization as we know it in the process.

2 Megatron (Transformers: Devastation)

Via: quarterdisorder.com

This one kind of goes without saying. I know that Transformers aren’t mechs per se, but it’s a giant humanoid robot that blows shit up, so it’s going on the list.

The evil merits of Megatron don’t need to be repeated here, I lack the time, space, and motivation to do so. But know this, Megatron totally wants to destroy the earth and eliminate mankind, all for the betterment of his own transforming brethren. In Transformers: Devastation, he is ruthless, juggling Optimus Prime while blasting him continuously with a variation of melee and ranged attacks. We wouldn’t stand any sort of chance against that kind of power, being puny, fragile meat bags.

1 Ruby Weapon (Final Fantasy 7)

Via: finalfantasyunion.com

A giant dinosaur mech that could easily wipe humanity out if it so chose. It’s capable of some of the strongest magic and general attacks in the entire Final Fantasy series, and it’s a freaking dinosaur mech.

Its presence is enough to send anyone running, and its attacks are going to easily wipe out any who stay and fight. Plus, it’s a dinosaur mech with giant arms. I am so happy that I was just able to type that. Final Fantasy VII is particularly industrial compared to the series' origins, and Ruby Weapon one of the most powerful foes in the entire game.

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