The Ultimate Guide To Don't Starve Together Console Commands

Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer expansion of the original Don't Starve, a harsh but enjoyable wilderness survival game that has elements of magic and science. As the name suggests, your character must survive in a barren wilderness for as long as possible through various means; inventing machines, foraging for food, fighting creatures and more.


For those who are interested, there is underlying lore and a bunch of expansion packs to personalise your game. Don't Starve Together can be played locally with friends or with strangers online. If you decide to try your luck online, good luck with that game.

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9 Walking And Map-Finding

When you load up the game for the first time, it can take a second to figure out how to move around and check out the map. Just in case someone out there is unsure, the way to have a wander around the in-game world is to use the left analog stick on your controller.

If you get lost and need to open the map, press the touchpad to bring it up. The map will show more distinct features as you explore the area.

8 Dealing With The Inventory

Sometimes bringing up the inventory in games can be a little bit fiddly. Don't Starve Together seems weird but is easy when you get the hang of it. If you want to open up the inventory, use R2 to pause the game and then press R2 again to open up the inventory.

The right analog stick will allow you to select items in the character's inventory with ease and allow you to keep playing no problem. Inventories are not so crazy when you know what to do. You can only carry so much in the inventory tab so keep an eye on how many items are in there.

7 Using Items

When you want to use an item on your characters, like a potion or other item, use the right directional button. This will make your character use the item on themselves as instructed. The right directional button also allows you to unequip items such as weapons, tools, or food.

This can be helpful when you have duplicates that have more durability than others or you need to change tools. The right directional tool makes unequipping items easy and simple, which is handy when you're busy surviving. Be careful that you don't drop the item if you don't want to.

6 Dealing With Items

The left directional stick has a bunch of uses and may be one of the controls used the most in-game. It is used to use items on the world around your characters, such as when planting things or placing machines or other items. The left directional stick is also used to store items in your inventory for a quick storage solution.


Got a broken item? The left directional stick also allows you to repair it (provided you have all the materials and tools needed). See why the left directional stick is a key control in Don't Starve Together?

5 More Item Controls

Sometimes, it is better to look over an item before just dismissing it or adding it to your inventory. To inspect an item, just click on the up directional button and more information about the item will show up as you look it over.

If, after looking at the item, you decide that it is not necessary to your survival, simply click the down directional button to drop the item back onto the ground. Using the triangle button will allow you to inspect a world item as well as sew, so there is another way too.

4 Rotating The Camera

While walking around the world of Don't Starve Together, sometimes you need to get a better look at what is going on from a different angle. When that happens, moving the camera can be a big help when planning your next move or looking for items.


The R1 and L1 buttons on your controller are what move the camera, so press those to change the angle and position. Who knows, moving the camera may let the character discover something new that they have not seen before. Good luck doing this in battle without ending your life.

3 Taking Action And Accepting Items

During a playthrough of Don't Starve Together, the character may come across some kind of creature or ally on their journey. Meeting other characters often requires an action or for you to accept an item from them as a gift.

To take action and accept items, press the cross button. Enjoy being an active protagonist on your journey and accepting your many gifts. Accepting items is helpful when your friend wants to give you medical bandages or tools that you don't have; accepting rather than taking action can literally save your life in a dire situation.

2 Crafting Items

Landing into the world of Don't Starve Together can be a disorientating experience; you have nothing to help you survive except your wits. It's pretty scary, but there is no need to cry; crafting items is key to surviving. When the need to craft arises, simply click on the L2 button to bring up the crafting tab.


In there, combining items will cause your character to craft certain machines or items that are useful when surviving the barren wilderness of the game. Be careful to have all the materials on hand before beginning crafting or else valuable time will be wasted.

1 Alternative Actions And Cancellations

Doing an action can often leave you with the ability to do multiple things at the same time. When this happens, pressing the circle button on the controller can get another alt action started at the same time. However, if an action has begun that was incorrect, pressing the circle button again will cancel that action.

That being said, all of the control keys discussed here can be adjusted in the settings menu. This is just the default way the keys are bound to controllers when the game begins. If the key bindings don't feel right, change them and see how it goes.


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