The Ultimate Guide To Legendary Animals In 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

Red Dead Redemption has a massive catalog of side quests and content that players can dive into. There are so many things to keep in mind while playing, along with interesting characters to meet! Rockstar Games has really outdone themselves to give us a vibrant and compelling open-world adventure.

The popular game features a host of hunting and resource gathering mechanics, but none of them are as captivating or as haunting as the "Legendary Animals." Since any pelt gathered from a Legendary Animal is going to be the highest tier, players can go guns blazing on these bad boys without worrying about damaging the pelt.

So without further ado, here’s our ultimate guide to these Legendary Animals and the rewards players can rack up from them.

16. Legendary Beaver

The Legendary Beaver can be found just Southwest of Butcher Creek in New Hanover. As aforementioned, you might want to equip one of the stronger weapons in your inventory to take this animal down quickly.

Once you enter the Legendary Animal’s territory, a message should pop up on your screen notifying you of its presence. You must then track the animal to its location. You might want to save up a little bit of your Dead-Eye meter, though, as to make the final blow as swift as possible.

Just remember, if you fail to kill a Legendary Animal, you need to come back after 72 hours of hibernating sleep at your camp for a second attempt. Skinning the Legendary Beaver grants you the Legendary Beaver Pelt and the Legendary Beaver Tooth. You can then trade these items to unlock perks or cosmetic items.

A Legendary Beaver Tooth Trinket slows weapon degradation down by 10%.

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15. Legendary Moose


The Legendary Moose can be found in the far Northeast corner of the map at Roanoke Ridge. Follow the train tracks north from Annesburg, and you should end up right at the animal’s territory.

Once you are notified that you are in the Legendary Animal's territory, track it to its location and kill it for some juicy legendary loot.

Skinning the Legendary Moose grants you the Legendary Moose Pelt and the Legendary Moose Antlers.

A Legendary Moose Antler Trinket increases health experience bonus by 10%.

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14. Legendary Bear


The Legendary Bear can be found in the Grizzlies east region of Ambarino; it’s in a clearing just north of the lake at O’Creagh’s Run. Track the Legendary Bear and make sure to equip your strongest bullets and guns to take it down quickly. Skinning the bear grants you the Legendary Bear Pelt and the Legendary Bear Claw.

You can also obtain these items by completing the mission "Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego" in chapter two of the game.

A Talisman from Legendary Bear Claw, Silver Chain Bracelet, and Quartz Chunk decreases speed that health core drains by 10%.

13. Legendary White Bison

The Legendary White Bison can be found in the Grizzlies west region of Ambarino, right along the north shore of Lake Isabella. Track the animal and loot the Legendary White Bison Pelt with the Legendary White Bison Horn from that sweet kill.

A Talisman from Legendary White Bison Horn, Abalone Shell Fragment, and Silver Earring decreases speed that stamina core drains by 10%.

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12. Legendary Wolf

The Legendary Wolf can be found around Cotorra Springs. If you’re a fan of House Stark from Game of Thrones, chances are this hunt will leave a sour taste in your mouth, but a cowboy's gotta do what a cowboy's gotta do! Just promise us you’ll give the wolf an honorable death.

Skinning the Legendary Wolf grants you the Legendary Wolf Pelt and the Legendary Wolf Heart.

A Trinket from Legendary Wolf Heart can consume two-times more alcohol before feeling negative drunk effects.

11. Legendary Elk


The Legendary Elk can be found on the border of New Hanover and Ambarino, just East of Bacchus Station. Remember to equip your most powerful gun and bullets to take the Elk down quickly as legendary skins do not spoil, so go all guns blazing on this lethal Elk.

Oh, and did I mention there's a really sweet Trinket to be gained here as well? I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about (hint, hint: $$$).

Skinning the Legendary Elk grants you the Legendary Elk Pelt and the Legendary Elk Antler.

A Trinket from Legendary Elk Antler increases the value of looted money by 10%.

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10. Legendary Buck


The Legendary Buck can be found Northwest of Strawberry in West Elizabeth. Skinning the Legendary Elk grants you the Legendary Buck Pelt and the Legendary Buck Antler. Oh, and you might wanna get this early on because of the sweet Trinket you can get from its Antler.

A Trinket from Legendary Buck Antler increases the quality of skinned animals.

9. Legendary Coyote

Not to be confused with the infamous Road Runner Coyote (although that coyote is and will always be legendary), the Legendary Coyote can be found at the Scarlett Meadows Northwest of Rhodes in Lemoyne.

Skinning the Legendary Coyote grants you the Legendary Coyote Pelt and the Legendary Coyote Fang.

A Trinket from Legendary Coyote Fang increases Dead-Eye experience bonus by 10%.

8. Legendary Fox

The Legendary Fox can be found to the North of Rhodes in Lemoyne. Amazingly, skinning the Legendary Fox grants you the Legendary Fox Pelt and the Legendary Fox Claw. It's always tricky when it comes to smaller animals like the fox, so be sure to have some Dead-Eye saved up to make it easier for yourself.

A Trinket from Legendary Fox Claw increases Eagle Eye duration by five seconds. If you've saved all Legendary Animal quests for the end, the fox is a good starting point because the Eagle Eye makes tracking easier.

7. Legendary Boar

The Legendary Boar can be found at the northern edge of the Bayou Nwa region of Lemoyne. Skinning the Legendary Boar grants you the Legendary Boar Pelt and the Legendary Boar Tusk. A Talisman from Legendary Boar Tusk, Gold Earring, and Cobalt Petrified Wood decreases speed that horse health and stamina cores drain by 10%.

6. Legendary Alligator/Bullgator

The Legendary Alligator or Bullgator can be found in the swamps west of the Bayou Nwa region in Lemoyne. Skinning the Legendary Alligator grants you the Legendary Alligator Skin and the Legendary Alligator Tooth. Be prepared for a real fight, though, as this Legendary Animal is one of the toughest the game has to offer. You might need to do some preparations before this epic fight.

A Talisman from Legendary Alligator Tooth, Vintage Civil War Handcuffs, and Gold Jointed Bracelet decreases speed that Dead-Eye core drains by 10%.

5. Legendary Panther

This one’s a little tricky as you have to complete nine Master Hunter Challenges to access this. Once you have completed at least nine Master Hunter Challenges, head off to the woods south of Bolger Glade to the west of Shady Belle to complete your hunt.

Watch out, though, because this Legendary Animal will make you work for it. Skinning the Legendary Panther grants you the Legendary Panther Skin and the Legendary Panther Eye.

A Trinket from Legendary Panther Eye decreases speed that Dead-Eye bar drains by 10% for three seconds.

4. Legendary Tatanka Bison


The Legendary Tatanka Bison can be found to the Southeast of MacFarlane’s Ranch in Hennigan’s Stead. Skinning the Legendary Bison grants you the Legendary Tatanka Bison Pelt and the Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn.

A Trinket from Legendary Tatanka Bison Horn, Abalone Shell Fragment, and Silver Earring decreases speed that Stamina core drains by 10%.

3. Legendary Pronghorn

The Legendary Pronghorn can be found to the east of Fort Mercer in New Austin. Skinning the Legendary Pronghorn grants you the Legendary Pronghorn Hide and the Legendary Pronghorn Horn.

A Trinket from Legendary Pronghorn Horn means that Animal carcasses on horseback no longer spoil. If you're like me and get distracted easily, you definitely want to get this Trinket sooner rather than later to make sure those sweet animal carcasses don't go to waste.

2. Legendary Cougar

The Legendary Cougar can be found to the west of Tumbleweed, Gaptooth Ridge in New Austin. This cougar doesn’t like you at all and is bound to give you an adrenaline-filled challenge. Skinning the Legendary Cougar grants you the Legendary Cougar Pelt and the Legendary Cougar Fang.

A Trinket from Legendary Cougar Fang increases Stamina Experience bonus by 10%.

1. Legendary Ram

The Legendary Ram can be found near the Cattail Pond in Valentine. Skinning the Legendary Ram grants you the Legendary Ram Hide and the Legendary Ram Horn.

A Trinket from Legendary Ram Horn grants Picking Thyme, Oregano, and Mint yields two-times more herbs. You might want to do this earlier on in the game just to make the game easier for yourself. Double the herbs means double the fun!

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