Unannounced Call Of Duty Leaked By NFL Players Who Got A Chance To Play

NFL players were given a chance to play a new Call Of Duty early, and their need to post about it on social media may have accidentally spoiled it.

As E3 2019 looms ever closer, a lot of big game announcements from the biggest franchises are likely to be just around the corner. However, it looks like the existence of one of this year’s big games has already been leaked by an unlikely source.

Activision has put out a new Call Of Duty game every year since 2005’s Call Of Duty 2, so learning that a new installment is coming this year is hardly a shock. Even so, Activision is likely prepared to unveil the game at this year’s E3, potentially during one of the big presentations. Due to a marketing event, however, it looks like the next COD is already being teased.

Professional football players were invited to a private event in Nashville to play the mysterious new entry in the shooter series, and they couldn’t keep from posting images of themselves on social media. The posts are mostly innocuous images of them posing in front of Call Of Duty signs with hashtags like #callofdutypartner. Nothing all that revealing to be honest, except for one Snapchat video in particular.

The video was posted on YouTube, and shows Riley Ridley of the Georgia Bulldogs and Jacques Patrick of the Florida State Seminoles playing the untitled Call Of Duty. Within the video, Ridley and Patrick can be heard saying things like “it says kill streaks man,” along with uttering the words “Modern Warfare 4.” Now the video is slowed down, so it’s possible that this isn’t completely accurate, but it seems like this year’s COD could indeed be Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.

We’re seen games in the franchise with different types of warfare lately, such as Advanced Warfare, and Infinite Warfare, but this would be the first warfare of a modern variety since 2011’s Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Hard to say what a new Modern Warfare would have in store, but there have been rumors that this year’s edition could be one of the biggest yet. We can assume that killstreaks will likely have a renewed importance in this edition of the series. It’s also probably safe to predict that there won’t be any spaceships or Kevin Spacey

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If the game is in a good enough state that it’s playable at an event like this, then Activision will probably be announcing it very soon. It remains to be seen whether or not the game will once again include a battle royale mode of some sort. Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode was pretty well received by most, including our team over at ScreenRant. Removing the mode this year could be considered a misstep by the many players who have become invested in it.

E3 is only a little over a month away, so whatever the next Call Of Duty ends up being, you should expect to hear a lot about it very soon.

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