27 Unbelievable Dragon Ball Cosplays That Will Leave You Speechless

Did someone say cosplay? The mixture of costumes and play that is often seen as people dressing up like children and running around like buffoons? Yes, that’s the one! We gamers and cosplayers know that it is, in fact, serious (albeit fun) business and should not be taken lightly, despite what the ignorant may think. To prove that we are right, we are going to show you some of the best cosplay from one of the best (if not the best) anime of all time: Dragon Ball Z. This may include Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT cosplay, but since DBZ is so popular, let’s focus primarily on that.

These creations aren’t your run of the mill cosplays. There will be no, “I bought an orange gi t-shirt and I spiked my hair.” No, these cosplays are strictly out of this world. Because, we don’t want to look at cosplays that we could do ourselves from scratch. We want to see cosplays that took time and effort. Ones that will make our jaws drop, our pulses race, and our hearts skip a beat. We want to be mind-blown. We want to be enchanted and stunned! So, that’s what we’re aiming for today.

Just try getting through these cosplays without raising your eyebrows or smiling. For DBZ fans, it will be nearly impossible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Or better yet, just relax and enjoy these 25 stunning cosplays that will leave you speechless!

27 Goku Or ChiChis?

Via: Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

Of course, Jessica Nigri had to be on the list. She’s only the most popular cosplayer in the country, right? Girls hate her, guys are in love with her. That’s pretty much what most female cosplayers aspire to do, right (I'm kidding)? Nigri is talented and she knows it, but this Goku cosplay is beyond good. Super Saiyan Goku (blonde hair), excuse me. Now, if Goku were a girl in this day and age, I’m sure he’d look a lot like this. What is really crazy is that Jannet In Cosplay did such a good job as Goku earlier. But then Nigri comes and wows us again.

The point? There is more than one way to do a cosplay, even a genderbend. So using your own interpretation can do wonders for your reputation. Always be you!

26 If Only He Had Some Pudding

Via: Facebook

I’ve seen a lot of Beerus cosplays, but I think this one rises above the rest. I don’t know what that head is made out of but I’m a little freaked out because I don’t want to get on the wrong side of a selfish god. Somehow he seems to even have the body type of Beerus, which is interesting. From the looks of the photo, he was just found on the street somewhere in public. Not at a convention? Were photos taken of him professionally or not?

This is all so strange that I’m convinced this really is Beerus just playing around, looking for the best food in town. Either that or he’s about to destroy the world in seconds. There’s the same chance of either and Beerus doesn’t care which one happens.

25 Best Genderbend NA

Via: http://jannetincosplay.com

How in the world a genderbend can be so convincing, so accurate, I’ll never know. But this girl has really got it together. This one is done by the amazing Jannet in Cosplay. If you don’t already know her, get to know her. She does amazing work and fabulous genderbends much like this Super Saiyan Goku here. More recently she’s done a great Negan genderbend. But most of the time, she’s killing it with your not so standard female cosplay. Jannet is so beautiful, she makes Goku absolutely stunning.

I really can’t get enough of the detail that was put into this cosplay. The hair is on point and the clothing is a perfect representation of Goku in an intense battle. Not many people can portray Goku so well, and hardly any females can. Just look at those abs!

24 Nothing Imperfect Here

Via: Sosenka

Remember her? Sosenka? Well, here she is again with a not so imperfect, Imperfect Cell. This is one immaculate costume and I have no idea how she pulled it off. The longer you look, the better it gets. There is no best angle, because it’s all pretty fantastic. It takes some dedication and a lot of time to get all of this intense detail done. It would take me years to get a Cell costume together that was half this good. In my opinion, if they made a good DBZ movie, I’d hire this girl to be Cell…and Buu…and the entire cast really. I don’t’ know if there’s a character she hasn’t cosplayed. Keep reading to see my favorite female character she’s done (and no, it’s not Bulma).

23 This Buu Has A Crazy Secret

Via: Sosenka

Run for your life, but it won’t do any good. I was amazed by this cosplay until I found out that it was a woman! Then I was more than amazed, I was dumbfounded. Her name is Sosenka and she’s a freakin’ goddess. She primarily does male characters, one of her latest being Rock Lee from Naruto. She owned that just like she owned this Buu. Again, I’m scared for my life as Buu is one of the deadliest enemies in Dragon Ball Z. The detail that went into this is insane.

If you want to be even more impressed, look at Sosenka in her natural state. She’s so gorgeous, you won’t believe that this is her. That just shows how incredibly talented she is at creating and wearing cosplay.

22 That’s Definitely A Human

Via: Sosenka

Do you recognize her yet? It’s Sosenka! Yes, the Buu and Cell girl. I thought it was only fair to show you how beautiful she could be as a human…well, almost. This version of Android 18 isn’t a human, but it’s close enough. I can’t get over how talented this girl truly is. Her Android 18 cosplay was so good that I could hardly decide which photo from the shoot to use. They were all so good! Should we use one that shows off her bright blue eyes? Should we use one that shows off her figure? Should we use one that shows off her perfect hair? It was so hard to choose!

I suggest looking at the whole shoot, you definitely won’t regret it.

21 I Whis I Was This Good

Via: Sosenka

Bad pun, good cosplay. Guess who! That’s right, it’s Sosenka, the goddess of cosplay. At least the goddess of DBZ cosplay. I think she’s trying to see if she can cosplay every character on the show before she dies. She cosplays Whis so elegantly, you’d think she was Whis himself. I think she does extra good with Whis because he has as much class and elegance as she does. So it’s a fitting character for her to do. She’s eating with grace! What is that?

I can’t decide if the eating is more impressive or the hair. Maybe the attention she put into getting the perfect skin tone and facial expressions. I simply cannot comprehend the beauty. I liked Whis before but now I’m in love.

20 Everyone’s Favorite DBZ Gal

Via: Stephanie Tran

Bulma is by far the most popular DBZ girl in the world. After all, she does have everything. A great body, intelligence, a man like Vegeta, a no-nonsense attitude, and incredible grit. The only downfall of this cosplayer is that she is overly popular and therefore you will be compared to other cosplayers no matter what. Thankfully, there are many forms of her to choose from as she is in every saga of DB, DBZ, and GT. Even Super, now!

She could have chosen the cute Dragon Ball version of her like everyone else and worn a cute pink dress with Bulma on the front. She could have gone with the winner with men, Bunny Bulma. But she didn’t. Her name is Stephanie Tran and she’s one heck of a cosplayer.

19 In The Beginning, There Was A Girl

Via: VaxZone

This isn’t Sosenka. This is Lee D Maggot. She didn’t go for a super sultry ChiChi. She went for the young Dragon Ball ChiChi. This is the ChiChi that met Goku for the first time. It’s amazing how innocent this sweet girl looks (as ChiChi). It’s funny because you can tell her costume is homemade if you look closely. That makes it that much more endearing. It doesn’t take away from the authenticity. But even better, she looks just as young as ChiChi did when she met Goku.

This photo made me a fan of Lee automatically. I love her carefree attitude and sweet personality. Can’t you just see her meeting with a Kid Goku cosplayer? I’m guessing this girl could ride the Nimbus with ease, don’t you think?

18 Have You Ever Seen Such Cuteness?

Via: Pinterest

This cosplay is perfect and you can’t convince us of anything different. I don’t know this boy, but his parents are raising him right. I was near tears when I saw this cosplay because I wish that my parents would have dressed me up when I was little. But nope, I got pretty dresses instead of a nice gi. Too bad. At least I got to watch the anime.

Back to the kid. If I have ever seen kid Goku in the flesh, this is him right here. You might argue that it’s Goten, but obviously, it’s not. He had his tail cut early and he did not have the extension pole (which caused a lot of trouble). So, yeah, this is Goku and he’s freakin’ adorable!

17 Roshi’s About To Win A Tournament

Via: Kotaku.com

This one is relatively new. But it’s one of the best Master Roshi cosplays I’ve ever seen. If I didn’t know better, I’d say it was Master Roshi in the flesh! In Max Power form no less. If you’re wondering who this is, then know that it’s bodybuilder Taichi Shimizu. He put so much effort into this that he shaved his eyebrows so he could easily stick on the bushy fake ones. The man is now a legend for this Max Power Roshi that no one else could have pulled off. But to be fair, there’s no way that he could have transformed into normal Roshi with that muscle mass.

But who could really complain about having too much muscle to cosplay wimpy looking characters?

16 And Now He’s Back

Via: Pinterest.com

Speaking of normal Roshi, it looks like someone else has him covered. I don’t know who this kid is, sadly. Many people have cosplayed this version of Roshi as well as the Jackie Chun Roshi. But I think this kid does better than most. He has the smooth, bald head, the realistic beard, the red sunglasses, and finally, the signature squat. So, in short, he seems to portray Roshi better than most not just physically, but mentally. Something many cosplayers seem to miss.

But not this kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he even had dirty magazines in his turtle backpack! Just for the cosplay. The attention to detail is impeccable and if anyone knows who this kid is, please let us know! He deserves an award!

15 She’s Kickin’ Butt

Via: Alessio Buzi

Most Videl cosplayers try to be cute. Sure, Videl is cute. But she’s more fierce than cute, I’d say. She's one of the best human martial artists in the world. In my opinion, this Videl cosplay is super accurate and realistic. This beautiful and talented Italian cosplayer goes by MiciaGlo (or Sweet Angel). She is sick (in a good way) and this is one of my favorites of hers for its purity. It isn’t cluttered with details, it’s just Videl in her simple beauty.

Not a lot of cosplayers can get by with just dressing up and posing as their character would. They often try to overdo it and outdo their peers. But not MiciaGlo. She doesn’t need to. But it doesn’t hurt that she has killer legs!

14 She’s Always Been Cute

Via: Maxxy3

Here we have young Pan. As a teen, Pan was a fiery young girl, taking after her grandmother. She lost her cool over the smallest thing. Despite that, she was a pretty cool girl, caring deeply for her family. She was a sweet girl and as you can see, so is this cosplayer. She is so young, yet so spunky. My favorite part is the accuracy of the clothing and aura. My second favorite part is those realistic dragon balls. I have the same set and I love them. They make me really want to cosplay a Dragon Ball Z character.

But about Pan, she is cosplayed by a talented young artist, Maxxy3. Check out her other stuff, she’s adorable in every one! Best of all, she supports other cosplayers selflessly.

13 Remember This Chick?

Via: MakeupSiren

I love this one for one big fat reason. No one remembers her. Why? Because Dragon Ball creators didn’t create her. As far as I know anyway. It touches my heart to see cosplayers cosplaying as characters that aren’t standard. You see, Azuki is a fan-made character who is a wonderful mental and physical fighter. She can control and bend liquids and can turn fantasies into reality. What powers! Leave it to fans to create someone unstoppable. She can go Super Saiyan 4 and is the “queen of hell”.

Azuki is a former girlfriend of Turles who she was assigned to reproduce with. This leads to the birth of Turles Jr. I love the thought and dedication put into the creation of his character and I’m really impressed that someone decided to bring her to life. Brought to you by Makeup Siren.

12 Father And Son

Via: Reno M

“Hey, Dad, look at me. Think back and talk to me. Did I grow up according to plan?” The song by Simple Plan always makes me think of Vegeta and Trunks and if you’ve ever watched their relationship, you’ll likely know why. I absolutely love that this picture brings out the beauty of the father and son’s relationship. We all remember how much he worried about Trunks in the Buu saga and it touched my heart like nobody’s business. This cosplay, this photo, really highlights that aspect of the relationship and I’m in tears.

But regardless of aura and deeper meaning, I’d say that this Super Saiyan Vegeta cosplay is spot on. It’s like the man studied every tear in Vegeta’s outfit during the fight against Buu and copied it exactly. The same goes for every smudge of dirt and every scratch.

11 The Voice Must Be Fitting

Via: Saber Tooth Photography

We all know that Frieza’s voice is more feminine than we could ever imagine a man’s being. So the idea of a woman cosplaying him is a great idea. And isn’t she adorable? Her name is Glay and she is fantastic! She also loves to do genderbends, one of her best being a Thor cosplay. But I think that this Frieza is even better!

What I like most about it is people tend to take the easy way out with Frieza and do his Final Form (which we know wasn’t really his final form now). Anyways, that’s what most people do. As for Glay, she thought she could one-up them and went for his first form that had lots more detail and was much more difficult.

10 Son Of Goku

Via: Quantam Destiny

There are many forms of Gohan since we have seen him age since birth. But one of the most memorable is Gohan during the Cell Saga, which I believe this is. Though it is possible they could be going for a mid to late Saiyan Saga Gohan. But rather than go over those details, let’s go over the details of this cosplay. Here we have another girl. Her name is Quantum Destiny (stellar, right?) and she is super talented. Normally, she isn’t afraid to jump out of the box and she’s often keen on risqué cosplay. Her most popular being a steamy Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill.

But with Gohan, she held back with this modest and killer Gohan representation. It is spot on and really shows the intelligence as well as the innocence of Kid/Teen Gohan.

9 Wouldn’t Want To Mess With That Namekian

Via: Pinterest

Out of every Dragon Ball Z character, I’d say that Piccolo would be the hardest to cosplay. Not only does he have the detail that Frieza does, but there’s something more. Piccolo’s big, and Piccolo has a head shape that is not easy to replicate. It’s almost not different enough from a human’s. If you have someone like Cell, then you create an entirely new head. But with Piccolo, it’s not different enough for that. S0, you have to stick with forehead details that don’t often mesh well with your skin. It normally ends up looking really uneven.

This guy did really well though. His ears are spot on, as are his antennae. Then there’s those clothes and pink arm accents. I’d say that he did really well for himself. Even has the perfect attitude! Who is it? Another bodybuilder called Izeekiel.

8 Where’s Your Pink Shirt, Tough Guy?

Via: Leon Chiro

This is one of my favorite cosplayers, Leon Chiro, (Italian cosplayer) cosplaying as my favorite DBZ character. He often tries to pick arrogant characters that go well with his facial structure such as Gaston or Rakan, and he does really well with that! The same could be said for him with Vegeta, another similar character, the Prince of all Saiyans! I believe that this is one of the best standard Vegeta cosplays I have seen. Why? Well, hair? Check! Attitude? Check! Brows? Check! Muscles? Check! He did really well with this and I’m really proud!

Wanna see what he looks like playing a less arrogant, kind Dragon Ball Z character? Well, then check him out as someone very close to Vegeta coming up soon! You’ll never guess who it could be. Right?

7 The Best Version Of Gohan

Via: Pinterest

I’m not kidding when I say 99% of the world thinks that Super Saiyan Teen Gohan is the best Gohan of all! It’s after he had grown up, but before he became such a dweeb. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. He was beyond amazing when he fought Cell. Beyond amazing! Unfortunately, again, the cosplayer in the Gohan costume is unknown. They are adorable, but I have no idea who it is. If anyone knows, go ahead and drop a link to their page!

In reality, this photo itself is mesmerizing. Those eyes draw you in and that hair looks legit. They even have realistic shoulder pads and an extremely realistic dragon ball. Now I want to see more from this cosplayer because I’m addicted to their style.

6 This Goku Is Mesmerizing

Via: Alessio Buzi

This Goku cosplay seems more than just cosplay. One of my favorite things that cosplayers do is really get into character. Anyone can dress up, but not everyone can become the character that they are cosplaying. This guy, however, I believe did. Don’t ask me how he is floating, because I don’t know. It could be photoshop and it could be an illusion. But the floating isn’t even the best part of the picture. The best part is that he became Goku.

The second-best part is that he paid attention to the details. His hair looks amazing, but his clothes look even better. The rips are spot on. But that is often done well. What isn’t is the “energy”. This dude actually uses wire to make it look like energy was sizzling around him. That takes dedication to think of things like that. I like it. I like it a lot. By the way, his name is Alex Gaiati.

5 Red Ribbon Pride

Via: Pinterest

The Red Ribbon Army. Where it all started. They may seem like the most despicable group (so similar to Team Rocket). After all, they really would do anything in their power (which was quite strong) to obtain the dragon balls. But everything in Dragon Ball pales in comparison to what happened in Z. Mercenary Tao was really overpowered, right? But it gets much worse. I mean, Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon created the freakin’ androids! You may wish this would have never happened, but if it hadn’t, then, 18 and Krillin never would have met. Such a tragedy.

The androids had their own saga, for goodness’ sake! Future Trunks was even involved. So, I think that it’s really okay for someone to cosplay the Red Ribbon Robot from Dragon Ball. Besides, really think about how hard it would be to make this.

4 The Best Martial Artist In The World

Via: GiantBomb

Did somebody say…Mr. Satan? Hahahaha…what can he do for you? Hercule was always one of the most obnoxious losers in the entire show. The only time we ever really see him show any guts is when Videl (or children) are involved. Other than that, he’s a coward and a total loser. But that doesn’t mean we don’t really, really like him for some reason. He seems so innocent, and in reality, he is pretty much the strongest non-Z-fighter human in the world. Before they came around, he was the World Champion!

Plus, his relationship with Good Buu (Majin Buu) is really endearing even though he gets pushed around far too easily. We did say he was a loser. No matter what your thoughts on Mr. Satan are, you can’t argue that this isn’t a fantastic cosplay.

3 Live Action Winner

Via: Adella Cosplay

Everybody smiles when they see baby cosplay. Especially when they look just like the baby they are portraying. Baby Trunks wasn’t on-screen that much but we all remember him well. Mostly because the first time we saw him was during the revelation that Bulma and Vegeta had a kid together. That was quite the pleasant shocker. Again, I wish my parents would have done this kind of stuff with me when I was a baby.

I was puzzled as to whether they died his hair or if it’s part of the hat. But I found out that Adella, the mother, had a wig made for him. What’s better is that she cosplayed as Bulma with him! Twice! You can see that on her DeviantArt page.

2 That Jacket Though

Via: Shashim Kaihi Photography

Another amazing cosplay by the amazing Leon Chiro. It’s funny because before, he did a Vegeta cosplay. This time he did a cosplay of Vegeta’s son, Trunks. In my opinion, he did this one better, but that’s probably because there are more dimensions to this cosplay. I chose this photo of the shoot because he had just thrown off the jacket, which adds so much to the shot. It means that he is ready for battle.

For other hints, take a look at his scowl, his fierce eyes, and his torn clothes. Okay, I guess that means that he’s not starting a battle, but rather that he’s stepping up his game. Either way, Leon’s Future Trunks cosplay is hardly matched. Trunks is a popular cosplay for women, but not many men take on the challenge.

1 What Is Your Wish?

Via: Cosplay Twiins

Who in the world would think of dressing up as Shenron? Well, that would be Marty from Cosplay Twiins. The two sisters are incredible in everyone cosplay. But I think Marty slayed this Shenron cosplay with her creativity. You can’t just simply dress up as Shenron, you have to put a lot of work into deciding what would work as a cosplay, what would look good, and what would make it easy to tell who you are.

The dragon balls are a nice touch, but that hair and those intense eyes are the real winners. You can’t just copy Shenron, you have to create your own version of him, and Marty did a fantastic job! Now, what could the other half of Cosplay Twins be to match?

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