The 10 Most Underrated Games Of The PS4 And Xbox One Generation

There are dozens of video games to choose from on Xbox One and PS4, but sometimes the best games are often underrated.

Now that we're several years into the epic, action-packed generation that comprised the lifespans of the PS4 and Xbox One, there seems to be a huge array of awesome, massively hyped games for gamers to delve into. With this seemingly endless stream of games covering a myriad of genres, there are a number of hidden gems that have gotten lost in the shuffle and buried amongst the heavier-hitters.

This is particularly the case with the rise of the indie scene during this time, which has outright opened the floodgates for all sorts of smaller, often more experimental software being added to the mix.

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With this list, we'll help you sift through the rapidly-increasing library and highlight what we feel are the 10 best overlooked and underrated gems of this active generation.

10 Horizon Chase Turbo

There's a good chance you haven't even heard of Brazilian-based developers Aquiris Game Studio, let alone their hidden gem of a retro-racer called Horizon Chase Turbo. A more fleshed-out successor to 2015's mobile title, Horizon Chase - World Tour, this 2018 sequel is possibly one of the most underrated racers of the current generation.

While gamers clamor for the epic, glitzy Forza Horizon 4, this game, which shares part of both its name and thrilling gameplay, has coasted under the radar. The game runs with an early-90s gaming charm with its visuals, mechanics, and cool synthwave soundtrack, harkening back to NES racers. Make no mistake though, this game is packed full of fun content, including dozens of unique stages and cool cars to unlock.

9 Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

While this is essentially a spruced-up version of the 2009 adventure, the original was already an enjoyable and enchanting epic, and it's better than ever in this modern-day form. It never got much love, being an older JRPG romp for the Xbox 360, nor did its re-release a decade later.

Tales of Vesperia features some of the most action-packed and satisfying combat both in the series and perhaps in the genre and provides a gripping, majestic narrative to boot. This Definitive Edition injects even more content and visual flair into the already robust package and can be had for a fraction of the price you'll find many modern-day RPGs.

8 Axiom Verge

It's tough to get a lot of credit when your game takes on so many similarities of an already established classic, to the point where it feels like an homage more than a standalone game. Still, this side-scrolling romp from Thomas Happ Games shines as one of the most solid and underrated action games of this generation.

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Axiom Verge follows a formula that's strikingly similar to classic Metroid in both style and substance. Yet, it provides its own charm with some neat powerups, memorable bosses, and a rewarding, nuanced sense of progression.

7 Code Vein

This flashy action-RPG from Bandai-Namco would probably get a lot more recognition if it didn't adhere so closely to the likes of Dark Souls and other "Soulslikes" that follow that gritty, unforgiving brand of gameplay. Yet, Code Vein really does excel in its own right - both as a Souls-esque journey and with its unique traits. The game dazzles with some gorgeous post-apocalyptic environments as well as a gripping narrative and anime-style flair.

It also contains a surprisingly detailed, enjoyable magic and class system, which can be customized to an insane degree. This adds a fun new twist to the more straightforward Dark Souls brawler combat.


You may not be all too shocked that RAD tends to be overlooked, given that it's a fairly humble indie project that hinges on a pretty stock post-apocalyptic premise. Yet, Double Fine Productions have really made this trait their own, injecting a fun, creative spin on the concept, with its delightful retro-80s themes and crazy mutations.

Indie or no - RAD is a super gripping, elaborate action-brawler that will have you grinding for hours on end, as you bust our your assortment of weaponized mutations like explosive skulls.

5 Dying Light

For such a deep and fun project, it's quite surprising that this zombie-bashing romp didn't receive more attention when it was released in early 2015. Though you can probably attribute much of this to its lack of marketing and the array of similar heavy-hitters released since, which helped bury it into obscurity.

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Dying Light combines the grit and scares of a survival horror and blends it with some thrilling action that revolves around close-range brawling. The game contains some impressive dynamic open-worlds and tons of quests scattered about - along with hordes of creepy, powerful zombies, of course.

4 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

As far as indie software goes, Kingdom Come: Deliverance shines as one of the more nuanced and epic projects in modern gaming. While it's not without its bugs and blemishes, this is an impressively detailed WRPG from Warhorse Studios. It tends to get overshadowed by the more fantastical Skyrim and The Witcher 3.

Yet, not only can this go toe-to-toe in terms of scope and narrative, Kingdom Come actually outshines those in terms of its gritty sense of realism and its adherence to real Medieval history of Eastern Europe.You'll truly feel like that humble peasant lugging a massive sword around 15th century Bohemia as you seek to avenge your slain family.

3 Dragon Quest Builders 2

Between Dragon Quest's mainline games overshadowing it, its cute aesthetic, and the fact that DQ Builders 2 takes on the familiar style of Minecraft, this seems to possess quite a bit that may deter gamers. This is a shame, as this action-RPG hides a ton of charming, fun content and detail beneath its cutesy, simple exterior.

The game melds the sandbox and building traits of Minecraft, injects some Harvest Moon-style sim gameplay, and enhances it with a more traditional JRPG premise that has you slaying colorful monsters and completing various quests. This sequel even has an online co-op feature, where up to 4 players can venture across this massive fantasy sandbox together.

2 Sunset Overdrive

You'd think a launch title from the renowned developer, Insomniac Games, would garner a bit more attention and praise. Yet, considering this studio is far more known for its bigger hits on (mostly) Sony consoles, it's not hard to see how this zany action title fell under the radar.

Sunset Overdrive combines thrilling action-shooter gameplay with insane extreme-sports mechanics that are reminiscent of Jet Set Radio. As if the pummeling of exhilarating action wasn't enough, SO paints the scene with a colorful, amusing story involving a fizzy beverage that turns people into mutants.

1 Far Cry Primal

Being sandwiched close between its mainline predecessor, and the hugely hyped Far Cry 5, this underrated epic didn't really get to have much time to shine. This is a bummer, given that it's arguably one of the most gripping and inventive titles in the series. FCP whittles things down to a simpler narrative and premise but is super effective in doing so, with some deep gameplay and smooth, solid mechanics.

You're naught but a meager primate left to fend off hostile tribesmen and ravenous animals with bows and blunt objects within gorgeous Stone-Age settings. At the same time, the experience feels both epic and realistic, and the ability to tame animals makes for a uniquely enjoyable feature.

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