Undertale Is Four Years Old Today

Undertale is celebrating its fourth birthday today, which creator Toby Fox has acknowledged on Twitter.

Undertale is celebrating its fourth birthday today, which creator Toby Fox has acknowledged on Twitter as feeling as if a short amount of time has passed since its initial release.

Undertale started out as a Kickstarter project that earned just over fifty thousand dollars back in 2013. The creator of Undertale is Toby Fox, who had previously earned a name for himself as a musician in the Homestuck community and for an extensive reworking of EarthBound called EarthBound: The Halloween Hack. Undertale was released to critical acclaim from many gaming outlets, and it quickly earned itself a cult following, thanks to its innovative gameplay, off-beat humor, and incredible soundtrack.

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Undertale was initially released on September 15, 2015, which means that today is the fourth anniversary of its release, which Toby Fox commented on through his Twitter account.

The story of Undertale hasn't ended just yet, as a side game called Deltarune is currently in development and the first chapter is available to download now for free. Undertale was heavily inspired by EarthBound, while Deltarune seems to be inspired by Chrono Trigger, with a more complicated battle system based around multiple party members working together. The first chapter of Deltarune was highly-acclaimed by critics upon release and fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment of the game.

The dream of an Undertale character appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has also come true... sort of, as a costume of Sans is available for the Mii Gunner character. The Sans outfit also comes with a remixed version of "Megalovania", which is one of the most popular songs from Undertale. Toby Fox is also working as a composer on Little Town Hero, which is an upcoming Game Freak title that is due to be released for the Nintendo Switch.

Toby Fox has commented in the past about how he never expected Undertale to take off in the way that it did, as it came out nowhere and quickly took the gaming world by storm. Undertale has earned a devoted fanbase who fell in the love with the game's characters and continue to cosplay them en masse at conventions today. The love for Undertale hasn't diminished over the past four years and the outpouring of affection from fans to Toby Fox on Twitter suggests that the same love will be there for years to come.

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Source: Toby Fox/Twitter

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