Undertale Is (Sort Of) Getting A Sequel With Deltarune, First Chapter Released Today

The Undertale Twitter page caught the attention of the Internet at large yesterday when announcements were made for the fans to come back today for some kind of reveal.

When the fans visited the Twitter page today, they were given a link to a site called deltarune.com which contained a link to a brand new game - Deltarune - that is similar and yet different to Undertale.

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We will talk about the most basic aspects of Deltarune in the following paragraph; after that mid-post screenshot, we will be discussing SPOILERS. We'll give you another warning before then.

Without getting into details of the plot, Deltarune is an RPG that feels like a sequel to Undertale in its mechanics. The best way to describe the differences is to say that Undertale was heavily inspired by the EarthBound series, while Deltarune is heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger.

Undertale was heavily inspired by the EarthBound series, while Deltarune is heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger.

Deltarune uses a party of characters, rather than just one. This means that there is a combo system, similar to that of Chrono Trigger, where characters can team up and perform special moves together.

One of the new mechanics in the game is the TP meter, which you need to fill up in order for your characters to use special moves (another new feature). To fill up the meter, you need to just barely dodge the attacks of your enemies, which encourages a more risky playstyle.

The combat system uses the same timing minigame for your own hits (and those of your allies), while you still have to use your SOUL to dodge the hits of your enemies.

Deltarune has a lot of the same humor as Undertale and the characters are incredibly engaging. It would be easy to say that Deltarune is a retread of Undertale, but the characters and story are entertaining enough that you can forgive any similarities.

The version of Deltarune that is available now only consists of a single chapter that will take you around an hour to complete, depending on your playstyle. We still don't know what format the full game will take, but it could possibly be an episodic game. It's also possible that this chapter of Deltarune is just the demo for a bigger game.

Right, the time has come to discuss SPOILERS. They will appear after the screenshot. This is your last chance to turn back -

Deltarune seems to take place in an alternate universe version of Undertale, with the lead character appearing to be a teenage version of Chara in a high school setting. You will see a lot of the familiar characters from Undertale appearing in new forms in an idyllic town.

You play as Kris, a kid in high school who starts out being bullied by a purple monster named Suzie. The two of you are sent to go get pencils from a supply cabinet, which results in you both falling into a kingdom of darkness, which is filled with monsters.

Kris and Suzie are revealed to be the heroes of light, who team up with a prince named Ralsei in order to try and quench a fountain made of darkness. Things don't quite go to plan, and the trio ends up running afoul of a wannabe villain named Lancer.

After befriending Lancer and defeating his evil father, Kris and Suzie are returned to the real world.

Deltarune ends with Kris going to bed and waking up in the middle of the night. Kris removes his/her heart, puts it in a cage, and manifests a knife... taking on the visage of the evil Chara from Undertale.


It's a shame that we have only been given a brief glance into the world of Deltarune, as it feels like the proper Undertale sequel that fans have been clamoring for. The snippet of Deltarune that we have seen has raised all kinds of intriguing questions about the setting that we want to know the answer to.

There is one thing for sure - it's an exciting time to be an Undertale fan. It seems that the story isn't over yet.

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