Undertale's Toby Fox Composing Music for Nintendo

Toby Fox of Undertale fame is working with Nintendo on the soundtrack for Game Freak's latest game as well as putting Undertale in Smash.

There is so much to love about Toby Fox's one-man indie masterpiece Undertale that it's easy to overlook just how good of a composer the man is. The skill in the man's compositions did not go unnoticed by Game Freak and Nintendo, however, and the latest Nintendo Direct announced that they'll make use of his talent in both the upcoming RPG Little Town Hero and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Game Freak, the famed developers of the Pokemon franchise, are expanding their horizons with Little Town Hero, an RPG with some odd ideas that seem right up Toby Fox's alley. The announcement says that battles are won through the strategic use of ideas, an unusual twist that recalls the actions one can take in Undertale to convince your opponents not to fight.

The announcement says that "almost all the music in the game is composed by Undertale's Toby Fox." The preview given during the announcement offers small portions of three different tracks, all of which seem to reflect an idyllic, pastoral vibe, so it's worth giving a watch if you'd like a preview of what type of compositions are in store.

via:Nintendo Direct

The game itself is available for pre-purchase now, and will release October 16, 2019.

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For Smash Bros., the use of Toby Fox's talents is a bit more straightforward. In the Smash Bros. announcement video released immediately following the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo showed they're making use of some of Fox's superb work on Undertale, showing that Sans, wielding the Gaster Blaster weapon that he used to great effect in the optional boss battle against him, will be among the new costumes.

Along with this new gunner-type Mii costume, the announcement of the content made use of a new arrangement of one of Undertale's songs - Megalovania, the 100th song on Undertale's OST, which is heard during the fight with Sans.

It remains to be seen whether Fox's involvement with Nintendo will mean more with for him with the company -- and whether these projects will cause any delays with his current indie project, Deltarune, which has one chapter available for free on PC, the Nintendo Switch, and PS4.

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