30 Unexpected Cartoon Couples Redesigns (That Are Too Ridiculous For Words)

Ah romance. It is always so hard to predict when someone will fall in love, isn’t it? We tend not to be in control of who we fall in love with, and yet some couples just seem to click. Especially when it comes to pop culture and the couples everyone fell in love with. Who would Jim be without Pam on The Office? Who would Rose be without Jack on Titanic? Even cartoons have iconic couples that we can’t imagine being apart, like Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Beauty and The Beast. Yet in this age of the internet, some fans see these romances differently. Some fans have imagined a world in which two very unlikely people found love within one another’s embrace.

This even includes the world of cartoons. Whether it’s a Disney villain finding love with one of Marvel’s most nefarious foes, or two Disney princesses bonding so much that they discovered something about themselves and each other in the process. Either way you look at it, the internet has come up with both brilliant, emotional and even weird pairings that you never in your wildest dreams could have imagined. Couples who truly defy the logic of even the cartoon world.

That’s what we are going to be exploring today. We have found thirty of the most unusual, unexpected and out there cartoon couples fans have brought together in amazing fan art. You won’t believe how many of these couples make sense, while others will keep your head spinning.

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30 Maleficent And Dr. Doom

via LaRhsReBirTh - DeviantArt

Art via LaRhsReBirTh - DeviantArt

Never in a million years would I have pictured this, but it makes so much sense.

Not only do they both have a love of the color green, but both are evil rulers with a jealousy and hatred for their counterparts.

Maleficent and Dr. Doom are both villains. She is the dragon and magic wielding witch who cursed Sleeping Beauty, while he is Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four’s greatest foe in the Marvel universe. This artist has brought the pair together in an amazing way.

29 Gwen Stacey And Mary Jane Watson

via ribkaDory - DeviantArt

Art via ribkaDory - DeviantArt

This next couple is very interesting, as it plays on the growing “Spider-Verse” of both the comics, films, and television/cartoon shows of the Marvel universe. Here we see Gwen Stacey, otherwise known as Spider-Gwen in another universe, alongside her friend and roommate and bandmate Mary Jane Watson. Both are in the band The Mary Janes, and while Gwen is the Spider hero of her universe, both are longtime staples of the Spider-Man lore.

28 Samurai Jack And Johnny Bravo

via Tumblr

Art via Tumblr

Talk about a bromance that gave way to a full-blown romance. Here we have two of Cartoon Network’s more iconic characters, Samurai Jack and Johnny Bravo.

Jack is the time-traveling hero who travels to the future to battle an ancient evil from his own time, while Johnny is the thick-headed, woman loving goofball of his own show.

Here the artist has reimagined the two has a pair of close friends, possibly millennials, who grow closer than ever before.

27 Jack Frost And Elsa

via toritewa - DeviantArt

Art via toritewa - DeviantArt

It’s time to get a little heat and romance into an icy pairing. We are of course talking about Jack Frost from the film Rise of the Guardians and Elsa, the ice queen of Arendelle from Disney’s Frozen. Both are icy characters with heroic traits, who struggle with their place in the world. Not only could they both bond over the fact that the cold never bothered them anyway, but their strength and heroic nature could create an amazing pairing.

26 Batman And The Flash

via datingwally - DeviantArt

Art via datingwally - DeviantArt

This next pairing is definitely one you would never picture before. Here we see two of DC Comics most iconic heroes, Batman and the Flash.

While the two comic and cartoon originating heroes have very clashing personalities, (Batman is super serious, while The Flash tries to incorporate humor into his crime-fighting), both have similar backstories.

Both lost their parents to criminals, and both have incredible detective minds. Perhaps their shared pain and bond will bring them closer than they ever realized.

25 Merida And Hiccup

via Irrel - DeviantArt

Art via Irrel - DeviantArt

Now it’s time to blend the worlds of Scotland and Norse Vikings as we bring two heroes together: Merida of Disney’s Brave and Hiccup from Dreamwork’s How To Train Your Dragon franchise. Merida is the Scottish princess of Disney fame and a hero, while Hiccup is the young Viking who trains a dragon and tries to showcase the creatures heroic and peaceful nature to the Vikings. Fans around the world have imagined the two heroes coming together, and this artist captured it perfectly.

24 Raven And Beast Boy

via klar - DeviantArt

Art via klar - DeviantArt

While this next pairing is very popular in the fandom, the television show Teen Titans never officially brought it to fruition.

A teased yet never shown DC Comics pairing was none other than Raven and Beast Boy.

Raven, the half-demonic daughter of the villain Trigon and a powerful hero, is hard to imagine pairing with the goofy, shape-shifting hero Beast Boy. Yet both seemed to have a connection with one another. Perhaps his light-hearted nature helps bring some light into her dark world, giving her hope for a brighter future.

23 Captain Hook And Cruella de Vil

via Screen Rant

This next pairing is strange, to say the least. One is a swashbuckling pirate villain with a hatred for the kid hero Peter Pan, while the other is a villainous fashion designer with a penchant for dog fur. That’s right, I’m talking about Disney’s Captain Hook and Cruella de Vil. Both are Disney villains yes, but both come from very different eras and you would think are too self-absorbed to be in a relationship. Nevertheless, this artist brought the two villains together in what seems to be a very romantic situation.

22 Princess Peach And Pauline

via Sutexii - DeviantArt

Art via Sutexii - DeviantArt

This next artist imagined bringing two of gaming and cartoon’s most iconic Nintendo female characters together in a romantic pairing like no other.

While fans around the world know Princess Peach as Mario’s love interest and the constant damsel in distress in early Nintendo games, this artist imagined the original Mario damsel in distress Pauline coming to the Princess’s rescue instead.

A hidden romance between the two women in Mario’s life coming to light as she whisks the Princess away on her wedding day.

21 Violet And Wilbur

via Bonka-chan - DeviantArt

Art via Bonka-chan - DeviantArt

This next pairing is the Disney teen romance you didn’t know you were looking for. Here we see Violet, the daughter of Mr. Incredible and Elasti-Girl, holding hands with Wilbur Robinson, the future son of protagonist Lewis from the film Meet the Robinsons. Both teenagers, one deals with the power of invisibility while the other tries to avoid trouble with time machines and changing the past. Out of all the unexpected couples on this list, this one is not so weird to imagine.

20 Wreck-It Ralph And Elsa

via BlackMasqrade - DeviantArt

Art via BlackMasqrade - DeviantArt

This pairing is definitely out of left field.

Here an artist as reimagined Disney heroes Wreck-It Ralph, the hero of the film of the same name, and Elsa, ice queen hero from Frozen, coming together in a heartfelt romance that brings into the world a child. This advances the romance to a whole new level for these unexpected pairings, bring a baby into the mix and making this romantic pairing even stranger than you could have imagined.

19 Buzz Lightyear And Sheriff Woody

via muffinpoodle - DeviantArt

Art via muffinpoodle - DeviantArt

Fans of the Toy Story franchise most likely never imagined this next pairing. Here we see rivals turned best friends Woody and Buzz dancing together, becoming much more than the friends we know from the film franchise. Both favored as Andy’s favorite toys, the two friends both weathered the trials and tribulations of a growing child growing out of the childhood fun of playing with toys. Perhaps in their stress and grief, they found a romance they never knew was possible.

18 Shaggy And Daphne

via LordKal-El - DeviantArt

Art via LordKal-El - DeviantArt

It’s likely that you would have heard of the popular cartoon franchise Scooby Doo at one point or another in your life. Spanning several shows, films and games over the years, the story of a group of young adults traveling across the country with their dog Scooby, investigating supernatural cases has been a huge success.

A classic romance on the series has been team leader Fred and the beautiful Daphne.

However, this artist has reimagined the goofball and best friend to Scooby himself Shaggy becoming close to Daphne, creating a truly bizarre pairing.

17 Poison Ivy And Two-Face

via March90 - DeviantArt

Art via March90 - DeviantArt

This next couple comes from one of DC Comics most popular comic book animated series, Batman: The Animated Series. The popular cartoon has been a constant fan favorite and was infamous for the gritty noir feel to the cartoon. While fans will remember favorites like Kevin Conroy’s Batman or Mark Hamill’s Joker, but two other characters that got a lot of play was Two-Face and Poison Ivy. Both have a duality about them, and both seek their own form of corrupt justice, making them a strange and unique pairing.

16 Sandy And SpongeBob

via stephgomz04 - DeviantArt

Art via stephgomz04 - DeviantArt

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Apparently, SpongeBob SquarePants and his karate-loving friend turned girlfriend Sandy the Squirrel.

While romance never really became prominent in the show, the friendship between Sandy and SpongeBob has been a staple of the series for years.

The bond over their love of karate and adventure has always brought them together, and each learning about life both above the ocean and below has been hilarious to watch. Here the artist has brought these two friends together in a very Little Mermaid-looking scene.

15 Roger And Patti Mayonnaise

via sallychan - DeviantArt

Art via sallychan - DeviantArt

A classic cartoon that fans all around the world loved was Doug. The story of a young boy who gets lost in his imagination, has a best friend named Skeeter, and a crush on his friend Patti Mayonnaise was incredibly popular in the 90’s. His longtime rival and bully was Roger, and in this artist reimagining of the show, he has put Doug’s foe in a romantic relationship with Patti. It’s hard to imagine, as she often rebuked him for his bullying, and yet here we see the two a little older and in a relationship.

14 Raphael And April O’Neil

via SetoAngel01 - DeviantArt

Art via SetoAngel01 - DeviantArt

This next pairing comes from one of the most popular superhero shows outside of the Marvel/DC realms. The superhero team of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been around for decades.

Whether you grew up on the films, shows or comics doesn’t matter. The story is the same, (for the most part).

After being exposed to a chemical, four turtles and brothers become humanoid and turn into powerful heroes with a mastery over martial arts and weaponry. The most popular of them is Raphael, and here the artist has reimagined him gaining full humanity and falling in love with longtime ally and friend April O’Neil.

13 Moana And Ariel

via curiouscurio - Tumblr

Art via curiouscurio - Tumblr

This next couple is straight out of the oceans of Disney’s kingdom. Here we see Ariel, the princess of Atlantica and daughter of King Trident, swimming up to the boat of Moana, the young woman who communes with the ocean itself and goes on a journey to save her people from a growing threat. Both have a deep connection to the ocean, and perhaps the ocean recognized a bond between the two women that would bring about a much more romantic situation.

12 Quasimodo And Rapunzel

via johannathemad - Tumblr

Art via johannathemad - Tumblr

Another popular Disney fan pairing that you never would expect to see is Quasimodo of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Rapunzel of Disney’s Tangled.

He is the locked up hunchback who becomes a hero to stop his master Frollo and save the gypsy people while she is the locked up princess with powerful hair that must find her way back to her kingdom.

Both are prisoners in their own homes, and dream of being amongst the people, giving them a natural bond.

11 Moana And Lilo

via brittajj26 - Tumblr

Art via brittajj26 - Tumblr

This next pairing comes in the form of Disney’s most popular films based on Hawaiian and Polynesian characters, Lilo of Lilo and Stitch and Moana from the film of the same name. Both know what it’s like to grow up on an island and dream of something bigger than themselves, and both go on out of this world adventures to save those they love the most. The artist has reimagined the girls as teens and best friends who find their bond is stronger than they realized.

10 Elsa And Hans

via PrincessOfCorona - DeviantArt

Art via PrincessOfCorona - DeviantArt

This next pairing is just too creepy and weird. In it we see Elsa and Hans of Frozen fame coming together not only as a romantic couple, but as parents to a child as well.

This is bizarre as Hans was the secret villain of the film, luring Elsa’s sister Anna into believing they were in love in a bid to gain control of her kingdom for himself.

He also tried to end Elsa once and for all in the film’s climax, so seeing them in a romantic setting is just bizarre.

9 Esmerelda And Ariel

via disneyfemslashcomics - Tumblr

Art via disneyfemslashcomics - Tumblr

This unique couple consists of Esmerelda and Ariel of Disney fame. Esmerelda is the gypsy princess who captures the hearts of Quasimodo, the twisted Frollo, and Captain Phoebus (her true romantic interest), while Ariel is the mermaid princess who gave up her voice to a sea witch to gain legs and become human, in hopes of marrying Prince Eric of the land. In this artist reimagining, Esmerelda seems to capture the heart of Ariel, showing her she doesn’t need to give up what makes her special in order to find love.

8 Belle And Rapunzel

via punziella - DeviantArt

Art via punziella - DeviantArt

This next pairing comes in the form of Belle and Rapunzel.

These two powerful women know something about being imprisoned and dreaming of a life outside of their prison.

Belle is the Beauty who takes her father’s place at the Beast’s castle, eventually teaching the beast to be kind and finding true love. Rapunzel of course is the imprisoned princess with powerfully long hair. Perhaps their shared experiences in prison and their aspirations bring them together, forming an unlikely couple.

7 Belle And Mulan

via CancerSyndromEdits - DeviantArt

Art via CancerSyndromEdits - DeviantArt

Speaking of Belle, she is a very popular character to pair off with other Disney heroes, as this artist has reimagined her being with Mulan. Mulan of course is the woman who took her father’s place in the Chinese army and posed as a man to protect him, eventually going on to save the Emperor and all of China from the Hun army. Here the artist not only put the two women in a romantic situation, but added the extra element of Star Wars to make Belle a Jedi and Mulan a galactic senator, much like the forbidden romance between Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amadala.

6 Helga And Arnold

via Willemijn1991 - DeviantArt

Art via Willemijn1991 - DeviantArt

Two popular Nickelodeon characters get the Disney treatment in this next artist reimagining.

Here we have Helga, the school bully and secret romantic interest of Hey Arnold.

With a crush on the football head himself Arnold, she hides her feelings by berating and bullying everyone around her, hoping one day he’ll realize his feelings for her as well. This artist shows the two kids grown up, getting a Disney style treatment and finding themselves in love, just as Helga always dreamed.

5 Dexter And Blossom

via FruitConflate - DeviantArt

Art via FruitConflate - DeviantArt

Two of Cartoon Network’s most brilliant characters and heroes has to be Dexter from Dexter’s Lab and Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls. Dexter is the boy genius who built a lab hidden in his bedroom, while his mischievous sister Dee Dee constantly destroyed his inventions. Blossom was the unofficial leader of the superhero children known as the Powerpuff Girls, who consisted of her sisters, Bubbles and Buttercup. Here we see the two kids grown up, each finding a partner and intellectual equal to help conquer both love and the skies.

4 Mandark And Dee Dee

via FruitConflate - DeviantArt

Art via FruitConflate - DeviantArt

This next situation involving a crush becoming a romance is strange, as one of the people in this couple is a villain who caused nothing but trouble for the other’s brother.

Here we see Dexter’s rival Mandark, an evil boy genius, whose crush on Dexter’s sister Dee Dee has paid off, with the two have a contentious yet romantic pairing that is strange to see unfold.

Both are shown as teenagers in this artwork, but it’s strange that Dee Dee would ignore all the times Mandark tried to destroy her brother.

3 Mulan And Aurora

via Pinterest

This Disney pairing is fascinating, as it shows off Mulan, the young woman who posed as a man to serve her country, falling in love with Disney Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. Fans have always shipped Mulan with other female characters, but this artist has taken this fan theory/appreciation to a whole new level, showing Mulan in a tender embrace and dance with the princess herself, who appears to be laying her head on the warrior’s shoulder.

2 Invader Zim And Dib

via Pinterest

Truly out of this world, the least likely couple you’d imagine happening would be Zim and Dib from Nickelodeon’s iconic franchise Invader Zim.

The story of an alien invader who is sent to Earth as a joke to invade the Earth turns into a roller coaster ride of action and thrills as he clumsily tries many plots to invade.

His longtime human rival is conspiracy theory fanatic and student Dib, but this artist has imagined the two rivals coming together in a more romantic setting.

1 Kim Possible And Shego

via 0-Pau-0 - DeviantArt

Art via 0-Pau-0 - DeviantArt

This final pairing has long been the popular fan pairing that you’d never expect to find. Disney’s Kim Possible was one of their most popular cartoon series, starring the teen spy of the same name and her best friends Ron and Wade fighting crime around the world. One of her longtime rivals was Dr. Drakken and his cohort Shego, who she always battled. However, this artist imagines the two finally ending their longtime fighting and realizing their feelings for one another, something Kim Possible fans would never expect to see coming.

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