The 10 Most Unforgiving Video Games Of The 2010s

While a lot of video games are more forgiving these days to appeal to a wider audience, there are still plenty that pose serious challenges.

For those who aren't afraid to step out of their comfort zone, there are a plethora of tough games in the market. The 2010s introduced some of the most grueling games of the century. It's no secret that games of the '80s and '90s and 2000s were far less intuitive. Since the last decade, gameplay mechanics have been refined to appeal to a broader audience. Still, with this gap in the industry, it allows for indie and corporate developers to make arduous games.

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Expect to die a lot in unforgiving games. The following games involve strenuous effort and playthroughs with plenty of deaths. They punish mistakes without prudence. These are the 10 most unforgiving games of the 2010s.

10 Dead Cells

It's a roguelike-Metroidvania that is truly something to experience. It's breathtaking level designs, and staggering combat sequences make it stand out in a rapidly growing genre of games. With different weapon builds, there are many ways to customize your experience in Dead Cells. The game is by no means linear, and small nuances such as procedurally generated maps keep it interesting.

Without a doubt, Dead Cells is an unforgiving game. It forces players to restart when they die, which means you'll likely be restarting several times before beating Dead Cells. Dead Cells does have a final boss and an ending despite its seemingly endless length.

9 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

From Software's latest game creation is madness in itself. Compared to the other From Software games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, more people are claiming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the hardest game yet. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, blocking is your greatest ally.

A significant number of enemies can take down half your health bar in one hit. You have to be almost perfect to beat the game's bosses. Tinkering with the posture meter to become a master shinobi is necessary to beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

8 Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

This time around, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has a bump in difficulty, making it one of the least forgiving games out there. Instead of choosing an alternative route, Crash Bandicoot decides to cross this dilapidated bridge, giving players one of the biggest challenges of the trilogy.

The jumping mechanics of the game are borderline flawed, and with few lives to aid progression, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is one of the most unforgiving games ever created.

7 Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

They call it "Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition" for good reason. Even more challenging than the remaster is this version because of its lower frame rate, which gives players half the time to react to boss movements.

The Nintendo Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered is 30 fps, but with the Prepare To Die Edition's lack of clarity due to dated graphics, visibility is low in a game as dark as the original Dark Souls. A fourth Dark Souls could learn a lot from the original. What would they call it? There is no preparing edition?

6 Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 was the last game to be a significant challenge for players. Dark Souls 3 took away the arduous action-adventure contained in the first two by making it more manageable for novice players.

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Although not as trying as the first Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 is complicated beyond the point of comfort. Traveling between bonfires made Dark Souls 2 more manageable, but it still remains challenging because of its enemy variety and ruthless boss fights. There isn't an "easy" difficulty in Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2 poses one of the greatest challenges from any video game period.

5 Bloodborne

The horrific gothic nature of Bloodborne takes From Software's favorite genre to a whole new level. There is undoubtedly an increase in difficulty compared to the Dark Souls series.

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Learning the game's unique control mechanics, including how to use a silver bullet pistol and blood vials will provide a profound challenge for newcomers and experienced Dark Souls gamers alike. In a game where you die after being struck a few times, Bloodborne is more than unforgiving.

4 Cuphead

At first glance, Cuphead appears to be a game targeted towards kids. Soon after diving into Cuphead, many people will figure out that Cuphead is a challenging type of game. Going into Cuphead's boss fights without the expectation of difficulty would be a fruitless effort.

It takes on the style of a '30s cartoon but is by no means a kind game to its players. There is little room for error in Cuphead, and chances are, you'll need several tries to beat the game's bosses.

3 Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is one of those games that will leave you frustrated, making you want to give up. For those who are steadfast and not scared to progress through this creepy outer space survival horror game, Alien: Isolation can be an enjoyable game.

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Trying to hide from the alien and other enemies can be super tricky, so you'll have to become adept at hiding in lockers and behind other objects.

2 Doom (2016)

Publisher Bethesda Softworks' latest Doom requires quick reflexes and determination. With enemies continually attacking from each direction, there is little room for error.  Blasting demons, imps, and lost souls often pose more of a challenge than you expect.

Aside from playing the game on the easiest difficulty, Doom will give most players a significant challenge. Doom has an ultra-nightmare mode that unlocks after beating the game. It's the most unforgiving mode of Doom, which forces players to restart the entire campaign upon dying.

1 Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is the kart racing we got, but not the one we deserve. With a generous amount of content, including a plethora of kart customizations, Crash Team Racing has stood the test of time by being relevant in today's gaming world.

Unlike Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which has a significant catch-up system, CTR Nitro-Fueled is unforgiving by punishing players who fall behind. Being in the front is a huge advantage and most players will have a difficult time catching up to A.I. and other players. In conclusion, start strong and don't fall behind.

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