Unlock This Vault: 25 Fallout Cosplay That Will Make Your Nuka Cola Fizz

When you think of the hostile world of Fallout you hardly think of how enticing it can be. In fact, most of the beauty of that broken world stems from people persevering through their dreary and irradiated lives. Sure, to a certain kind of person, seeing your enemies being blown into chunks or plasma blasted into a literal pile of goo can be somewhat beautiful, but that’s a very specific taste and not the kind of beauty we are talking about in this article. No, this article is dedicated to when you find that shining beacon of sensual attraction in a world made mostly out of wrecked buildings and barren landscapes. This is for the outliers, the beings who populate the wasteland and manage to bring a bit of charm, a bit of allure, the kind of person who refused to be bogged down by the fact that there are few resources and even fewer acts of kindness. These are the people who make you feel a sense of awe even though you should be more worried about your settlement being attacked.

Of course, the games have quite a few of these characters, so let’s make it a bit more challenging. Let’s take those stunning individuals out of their digital world and transplant them into ours. How do we pull off that kind of feat, you may ask? With the magic and wonder of cosplay. Let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous cosplays the Fallout universe has to offer.

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25 Wasteland Ready

via: vk.com

This anonymous cosplayer is sporting the classic Vault Dweller outfit, and filling it out rather well. Despite it not offering much in the way of protection or boosts, the jumpsuit is still rather fetching, especially compared to some of the more run down outfits The Wasteland has to offer.

This is especially true when the model has a figure that’s appropriate for such a skintight outfit.

I would be remiss to not also point out that she also took the time to grab a Laser Rifle, and a fairly authentic looking one at that. So even if her gorgeous looks were to make you think that she would be easy prey for the beasts of the post-apocalypse, the business end of that rifle would probably make them think twice. The real question is how she managed to stay so clean while out on adventures in such a disgusting place.

24 It's All In The Coat

via: reddit.com

A while ago I wrote an article about Fallout comics. One of the comics was about how everyone who ever came across Elder Maxson instantly wanted to murder him and steal his coat. I don’t know what it is about that coat, but it’s just so dang cool. It almost makes you overlook the fact that the guy is a complete jerk with some outdated and bigoted views. It truly is a shame that he isn’t able to be looted for that coat, since it is a one of a kind item.

Very little more is needed other than the jacket to pull off this cosplay.

This now deleted reddit user was extremely proud of this accurate cosplay, and it is easy to see why. He’s got the scar, the haircut, the grim demeanor, the stupid posture that is obviously showing off how cool he knows that darn coat is.

23 Immersed In The Role

via: adventuresinpoortaste.com

This is Ali Williams, who is known for staying in character as Nuka Girl, the mascot of everyone’s favorite health restoring beverage, Nuka Cola. She stays so much in character that she even does “react” videos whenever Bethesda announces new DLC. Her face has become so well known as Nuka Cola that she even became the model for an Indiegogo funded comic book about the adventures of Nuka Girl, all comprised of fan art.

You know you’re good at cosplay when you become known as your character.

You should also check out Ali’s Instagram, since she doesn’t just stop at doing cosplays of Nuka Girl, but runs the gamut of doing everything from Disney Princesses to Superheroes or Villains. She is seriously dedicated to her craft, and has an amazing talent for it. She also seems to have a vibrant and bubbly personality, which go a long way to making her seem all that much more charming.

22 Getting You There

via: pinterest.ca

Honestly, if it weren’t for that Pip-Boy I would have had no idea that this was from Fallout. Everything about it just seems like generic post-apocalypse fare. Goggles, dirty clothes, leather holsters, a gun that is way too impractically big to be lugging around the desert. But I have been assured from the source material on Pinterest that this is, in fact, the courier from Fallout: New Vegas.

I guess she really recovered from being smacked in the head.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on this cosplay, it is actually really well put together and she looks great in it. Maybe I spent too much of New Vegas in first person view, so I had no idea what the courier even looked like. Which is strange considering I spent like half an hour adjusting my looks just for a character I never actually looked at. If I knew I looked like her, I would’ve spent more time in third person.

21 Classic Beauty

via: cosplayblog.tumblr.com

This is pretty much the go-to image when you are looking up beautiful Fallout cosplay. There’s a whole pin-up photo shoot to accompany this one picture, and I’d recommend checking out. There’s something about it that seems like is in-universe media from Fallout, like maybe some sort of propaganda to sell more spots in a Vault. I gotta’ say, this model really fills out that jumpsuit, which makes me feel like joining up, despite my knowledge of the horrible experiments that go on inside them.

In case you were wondering ( I know you were) this models name is Galina Zhukovskaya and she has a pretty awesome instagram full of other cosplays, which you can check out here. I’m extremely glad that through all of this I actually managed to track down the name of the girl who is pretty much the face of an attractive cosplay.

20 Ready For Real Life

via: youtube.com

Here we see Angie Williams sporting another Vault-Tec jumpsuit and looking rather smashing in it, if I do say so myself. This is actually a still from a whole video about translating elements of Fallout into real life, which you can watch here. It’s actually a pretty alright video, with some impeccably detailed costumes and amazingly chosen backdrops that feel like you are actually in The Wasteland.

They even go so far as to target someone using V.A.T.S..

Of course, Fallout has a lot of elements it will be impossible to see in real life (for now) such as Super Mutants of Radscorpions, so it is a fairly threadbare video. But still, having some content is better than none, as seeing someone as cute as Angie Williams running around the post-apocalypse is always a good thing, right? Besides, who are we to be overly critical of free content on YouTube?

19 Sisterhood Of Steel

via: reddit.com

This little number was submitted by reddit user mlpiceking shows us a member of the Brotherhood of Steel wearing slightly less armor than we are used to them sporting. Sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and lower your armor stats in order to look good for a hot date, right? I think we've all been there.

I'm always super fascinated when someone decides to do an attractive cosplay of something you wouldn't normally be attracted to. The Brotherhood of Steel are usually technocratic behemoths, blundering around barren landscaped in clunky armor that removes all sense of humanity from them. It's cute that someone saw those armored busy bodies and thought "I'm going to make that adorable." It just goes to show that anything is possible with a little bit of imagination, a lot of time to work on a hyper specific cosplay and a very cute face.

18 She'll Fix You Up

via: niamash.deviantart.com

This is Russian cosplayer niamash knocking it out of the park as the pin-up girl for the Wasteland Workshop DLC from Fallout 4. It’s hard to believe that the simple artwork attached to some downloadable content would inspire so many people to do cosplays as this character, but I suppose that’s part of the appeal of dressing up. You can simply pick someone that resonated with you for whatever reason, and dress yourself accordingly.

I have to admit; it’s a pretty memorable look, reminding me of old “Rosie the Riveter” propaganda art from way back in the day. Unfortunately, this particular picture is missing her iconic giant pipe wrench, but we can’t always get everything we want. I also think the original Ruby had more tools in her belt than what appears to be a few pens and maybe a highlighter? Oh well, at this point, I’m just being picky..

17 Unzipping The Vault Getup

via: pinterest.ca

Here we have an anonymous cosplayer unzipping their Vault-Tec jumpsuit so you can have a better look at her loot. This is a pretty bare bones costume, pretty much relying solely on the Pip-Boy and jumpsuit to even be recognizable, but let’s face it, she made this list because she is super cute. I’m even willing to overlook the fact that she’s wearing a headband, a clothing item I’m pretty sure never even appears in Fallout.

I tried incredibly hard to try to find out anything else from this cosplayer, but I can’t even find her name. Hopefully one of you intrepid readers recognizes her so she can get the credit she deserves. Or maybe she prefers to stay anonymous, instead only dressing up for the simple joy of it, and choosing to avoid any kind of fame or glory. The cosplay side of the Internet can be a weird and mysterious place sometimes.

16 I've Got My Sights On You

via: reddit.com

I’m going to level with you right now, Boone was easily my favorite companion in New Vegas. Yes, even more than Dogmeat, get over it. He was unflinchingly cool wearing sunglasses at night, and he was a ruthless shot with a rifle. Couple that with a tragic backstory and you have the makings of some prime companionship if I do say so myself.

I can understand the desire to cosplay as such a cool character.

Reddit user ObiJoeKenobi put in a lot of effort on this one, even getting the cocky posture down pat for the photograph. Of course, the Boone look is held together with the red beret, which everyone knows gives a huge boost to your accuracy, and also get people talking about your distinctive headwear. Also, I know that aviator sunglasses are a dime a dozen, but we all know that without them this would look like another generic NCR sniper.

15 Not Much Room For Inventory

via: pinterest.ca

Unfortunately for all of us, I wasn’t able to find out the identity of this awesome vault dweller, so I’m not able to give her the credit she is due. And she is due a lot, because she is really rocking that jumpsuit. I know that this list is probably filled with these jumpsuits, but what can I say, it’s a fan favorite amongst cosplayers, and it usually looks pretty great on people.

I don’t know what it is about the fabric of this particular jumpsuit, but it looks way more functional than a lot of the other entries on this list. Maybe because it looks somewhat padded, like it would actually serve you well in various environments? Or maybe because it manages to look form fitting without causing strangulation or the inability to sweat. The Pip-Boy still looks ridiculously clunky, which just goes to show that despite what Vault-Tec advertises, one size does not fit all.

14 Straight Outta' The Vault

via: martinwongphoto.com

Martin Wong Photography does this exceptional photograph of an equally exceptional young lady. Martin has a whole gallery dedicated solely to cosplay from all sorts of genres, and it’s definitely worth checking out, so I’ll put a link to it right here. What is it about this blue jumpsuit that manages to drum up both emotions tied to Fallout and more carnal desires? I guess you put anyone this attractive into a form fitting jumpsuit and you are bound to have photography and cosplay magic.

This is an example of a talented photographer finding the perfect subject.

Unfortunately, Martin didn’t think it was worth crediting the model on the photo I could scrounge up, so we may never know who this Vault bound beauty is, but if one of our keen-eyed readers knows her, feel free to enlighten us all in the comments below. I definitely think she deserves some of the credit.

13 At Least The Hat Looks Good

via: profanedrseuess.tumblr.com

Hancock isn’t what most people would call “classically handsome” but he doesn’t seem to have that much trouble attracting people. I think it mostly has to do with his cool demeanor and plucky attitude. What most people, even in the real world, don’t realize is that your personality can go a long way to making you seem more attractive than just your looks. Hancock has personality in spades, and is one of the better companions in Fallout 4. He also isn’t as much of a stick in the mud like some of the other companions.

I always struggled with dressing Hancock, because I didn’t want him to have to lose that awesome three cornered hat, but at the same time, I needed him to be a little more heavily armored. Lucky for us all, special effects artist “All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go” preserved Hancock’s iconic look for his cosplay.

12 Feeling Thirsty?

via: imgrum.com

Nuka-Cola is almost everywhere in The Wasteland, and if you look around enough, you can find examples of media pertaining to the sugary beverage from before the bombs fell. The whole marketing campaign usually revolves around pin-up girls drinking the stuff, so of course a few cosplayers thought it would be an attractive idea to capture some of those pin-ups.

This would easily sell a few bottles of Nuka-Cola.

This is Atomic Girl, who has a whole collection of her dressing up in various costumes pertaining to multiple fandoms. I personally like this cosplay because it isn’t about a character in the Fallout world per se, but rather just a vague concept of a pin-up girl used to sell more bottles of a questionable substance. These kind of little additions by the fandom serve well to flesh out the universe, making it seem far more tangible when we have original characters and outfits that are clearly recognizable as being from Fallout.

11 Quit Ghoul-ing Around

via: elenasamko.deviantart.com

When one has to make a list of the most attractive characters within Fallout: New Vegas you don’t usually think of Beatrix Russel. She is a ghoulified guard who protects the Followers of the Apocalypse, and she has the option of being recruited as female entertainment for the Atomic Wrangler Casino. She’s a niche market in the future, but there are still people who have a thing for her, so I guess it isn’t totally outlandish that someone would have a thing for her in our century.

I’ve actually featured Elena Samko in my other articles dedicated to awesome cosplay, so that should say something about how great she is. What really earns my respect about her approach to costumed play is that she doesn’t simply go for the flat-out beautiful characters, but rather chooses ones that are eye-catching, sometimes for the garishness. Here, we see Elena rocking the look of someone who lost their nose to radiation, and it looks fantastic.

10 His Vault Had A Gym

via: dtjaaaam.com

It’s good to know that it isn’t just women who look great in the Vault-Tec jumpsuit. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this cosplayer is in tremendous shape, and would probably look pretty good in other costumes too. In fact, his name is Dave Santiago and he has a whole collection of cosplays, and his muscular frame makes them all look awesome.

I’m guessing his unarmed stats are pretty high.

I also like that he didn’t just rely on his great physique for this cosplay, he went all out, with a bandolier of bullets, a Pip-Boy, some knee pads, a gun holster, the whole shebang. It also is worth noting that the super masculine beard makes the whole vibe that much better, because he looks like a Vault Dweller you would not want to tangle with. Yes, this is coming from a place of envy, because every time I try to grow a beard I just end up looking like a homeless lunatic.

9 Need A New Fallout Companion?

via: ver1sa.deviantart.com

Let’s all be honest with each other for just one moment. Piper is the worst. She isn’t really good at anything, and she doesn’t like it when you lie or steal, two things necessary to survive in the Wasteland. She isn’t all that useful in a fight, and will quickly get incapacitated in a heavy firefight. She also insists on calling you “Blue” as a reference to your jumpsuit, or maybe it’s a baseball reference, as blue is slang for an umpire. Either way, the nickname is awful, and I hate hearing her call me it.

Despite all this, I still romanced her.

I romance anyone I can in that game, it’s just the kind of player I am. If I had of known that Piper was actually as cute as cosplayer ver1sa, I might have actually spent more time with her. Oh well, at least Hancock knows how to have a good time.

8 There Must Be A Fabric Shortage In The Future

via: mariacalavera.deviantart.com

This is another example of something that just kind of vaguely looks post-apocalyptic. I mean, this woman, as stunning as she is, looks like she could equally be ripped straight out of Mad Max or Borderlands, since nothing about her costume seems to be Fallout specific. Still, she’s cute, the costume looks cool, and it is a really well put together set of photographs.

You’d think people of the future would want better sun protection.

Maybe after all the nuclear fallout, there’s so much dust in the air that sunlight barely gets through, so nobody has to worry about sunburns. Whatever the logic is behind having that much-exposed, this costume by MariaCalavera is still high quality, and was an easy addition to this list. Just because something doesn’t scream a particular character doesn’t mean it isn’t still a job well done. The world still needs a few NPCs.

7 Très Magnifique

via: pinterest.ca

I was not overly impressed with Fallout 4. I think it did away with a lot of the moral ambiguity of the other games, as well as limiting player choices so that it just felt like a less interesting Mass Effect. One thing I did like was Curie, who transitions from being your robot companion to being your Synth companion. I don’t know what it was about her whole personality, but I had a small, in-game crush on her. So I was super delighted when you got the ability to romance her, as well.

It’s weird to think that some anonymous cosplayer decided to dress up as Curie, since she didn’t really have a very distinctive look to her once she became “human.” Still, this cosplayer really did nail it, as I knew this was a Curie cosplay the moment I saw it, which has to say something for its’ authenticity.

6 Complete With Workbench

via: iamikol.deviantart.com

I’m glad at least one cosplayer on this list thought it was a good idea to include some actual dirt and grime in the costume. Too many entries on this list have fresh, squeaky-clean faces, which doesn’t exactly scream Fallout to me. As anyone who has actually played the gamed will note that almost nothing is clean in the game, with a fine level of filth permeating everything. Which makes this cosplayers ability to still look gorgeous despite being dirty all the more impressive.

This is IAmikol, who has a whole collection of incredible cosplays, which you can check out here. I think this is also an example of someone with a lot of talent for creating authentic costumes pairing up with an incredibly talented photographer. It should also be noted that she has a stunning face, which also helps to make for some quality, eye-catching cosplays. Also, her Pip-Boy actually seems to fit her, which is missing from a lot of entries on this list.

5 Stand At Attention

via: miccostumes.com

Of all of the characters to cosplay as from Fallout: New Vegas I have no idea what would motivate someone to dress as General Oliver Lee. I actually had to look up this character, that’s how little of an impression he left on me while playing. Admittedly, you meet him way late in the game, and by the time I take place in the Second Battle of Hoover Dam I had kind of lost interest in the game.

This cosplayer actually makes an unpopular character seem cool.

Even within the game, Oliver Lee isn’t well liked, with most people thinking him as a bit of a coward. But even cowards have fans, apparently, so cosplayer Frauette decided he needed a gender swap. With a few tweaks to his outfit, the newly female General is bound to be a lot more popular with the troops, at least as far as looks go.

4 Great Costume, Dig?

via: reddit.com

The only reason I consider this cosplay as going “too far” is because Benny was insufferable in New Vegas. Ignoring the fact that it was far too difficult to track down an idiot in a checkered suit in a world where everyone is wearing trashcan lids, the voice acting from Matthew Perry is some of the worst I have ever heard. I get that he was great on Friends but that doesn’t translate well into being a decent voice actor for a major video game title.

So I actually think that reddit user Yassen275 actually did a really good job in nailing down Benny’s specific look. He’s got the greasy hair, the stupid suit jacket, the ability to point a gun. The only thing missing is an anticlimactic confrontation and a bunch of clunky sounding 1950s slang to really knock this whole ensemble out of the park. I still hate him, though.

3 Another Settlement Needs You

via: saerzion.deviantart.com

It seems like kind of a cheat to have the same cosplayer in this article, but what can I say? Saerzion has some really top notch costumes. If you check out her deviantart page, you’ll see that she is a complete Fallout nut, not satisfied with cosplaying as multiple Fallout characters, but going so far as to create some art about the subject too. So while I think that this Minutemen outfit is spot on, can we take a second to appreciate how legitimate that laser rifle is?

That rifle looks like it is fully capable of vaporizing someone.

That isn’t the kind of prop you can just buy off of etsy or some other cosplay retailer. That was handmade, with care and attention to detail. She could’ve gotten away with simply making a basic rifle, but that wasn’t enough for her, and she had to make sure that it glowed from the inside.

2 Does Not Compute

via: twitter.com/sharemycosplay

It's hard to imagine that there's an actual human being inside this Assaultron cosplay, but under there is fervent Fallout fan Sylvia Leticia Vale. Why anyone would want to play as one of the most frustrating enemies in the game is beyond me, but whatever the motivation, Sylvia knocked it out of the park.

You can hardly tell there's a person inside there.

While the Assaultron in the game has a vague humanoid shape, being bipedal and having what seems to be a head mounted on a torso, it is also decidedly inhuman. It is far too skinny in the limbs to be organic, and there are no eyes to speak of, only an unblinking laser. if you had of asked me whether the Assaultron could be pulled off as a cosplay, i would have said it was impossible, and this is one of the few instances where i enjoy being proven wrong.

1 Meow

via: twitter.com/jennalynnmeowri

This is an exceptional picture of JennaLynnMeowri cosplaying as an original Fallout Character known as Vault Meat. This character was created by popular internet artist Shadbase, who is known for taking classic or new characters and putting them in compromising positions. Meowri’s entire twitter feed is actually worth checking out since she does a lot of intensely beautiful cosplays, which you can check out here.

She’s one cosplayer who knows how to utilize her assets.

What I especially enjoy about Meowri is that she doesn’t just simply rely on her natural good looks, which she has in spades, but she actually puts a lot of effort into her outfits. Too often you’ll find a cute person slap on a dollarstore outfit and consider all of their work done. It’s nice to see someone not just coast by in the cosplay world relying simply on their naturally occurring assets. Oh well.

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