Unofficial Harry Potter Quidditch Game Will Soon Be On Steam (And It Might Be Similar To Rocket League)

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! There's a brand new Quidditch video game on the way - minus the official "Quidditch" name, that is. The recently announced Broomstick League by Developer Virtual Basement and Publisher Blue Isle puts players on their own flying broomstick in a magical arena - and it may just be the game to fill the hole in fans' quaffle-sized hearts.

Broomstick League won't be officially released until sometime early next year through Steam Early Access, but for now, interested fans can enjoy a beautiful trailer featuring gameplay that looks like something out of a Harry Potter book. The game will also be available to play at this weekend's TwitchCon 2019 in San Diego.

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The gameplay seems fairly simple if you're familiar with Quidditch. If not, gamers may find the mechanics similar to that of vehicular soccer game Rocket League. In Broomstick League two teams (comprised of anywhere between one to four players) play against each other attempting to score goals and collect points to beat the other team. Players can play against their friends or online opponents from all over the world.

In addition to riding on a flying broom, players can also use wands to cast spells against their opponents or to give themselves an advantage. There'll be a number of different magical arenas complete with their own details and obstacles. Finally, players can customize their witch or wizard and equip them with their own unique broom, wand, and much more.

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The game's official description can be found on their Steam page:

Equipped with a broomstick, a wand and nerves of steel, players must hone their flying skills and use magic to dodge enemies, defend their goal, and pull off incredible plays in Broomstick League. Soar high through the magical arenas as you try to outscore the competition and gain victory over your opponents.

The game and its developers have no connection to Harry Potter, but any fan can see that this game bears a resemblance to Hogwarts' signature sport. There is an official Quidditch game - Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (2003) - but it received mixed reviews for its "sluggish controls" and being "too easy."

Broomstick League launches on Steam's Early Access in early January 2020.

Source: Polygon

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