Best New Unova Pokemon Introduced In Pokemon Go, Ranked

With new Unova Pokemon released recently on Pokemon Go, these are the best ones to get in regards to stats.

This week is definitely an exciting one for players of Pokémon Go. There is a lot happening right now. First of all, there are raids that allow players to catch the iconic and legendary Pokémon, Mew Two. On top of that, a host of new Pokémon from Unova region have been introduced. They first started showing up yesterday, so these creatures are definitely new and exciting to players of the game. There are some that can be found in the wild and others that can be hatched from eggs. But, many of the best and most powerful of these new Pokémon will need to be evolved by collecting candies.

We’ve put together a list of the best new Unova Pokémon in the game and ranked them leading up to the best and most powerful.

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This is a grass-type Pokémon and is the last evolution of Snivy. While Snivy might be an adorable, lizard-like animal, Serperior is definitely a lot more fierce. This creature looks like a very elegant lizard/snake. It’s max CP is 2,277, and it has a max attack of 161 and a max defense of 204. While not the most powerful of the big evolutions from the Unova region so far, it’s definitely a strong Pokémon that you’ll want to collect and have in your Pokedex. You’ll need to get catching Snivys to get Serperior.


Zebstrika is obviously based off of a zebra. This electric type Pokémon is rather cute despite its relative power, and it was first discovered in the Unova region. It evolves from the smaller Blitzle Pokémon that is also Zebra looking. It’s max CP is 2,428. Its max attack is 211 while its max defense is 138. This Pokémon can be evolved by collecting 50 of the Blitzle candies. It’s most powerful move available includes Wild Charge.

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While there are some Pokémon that are mostly recognizable as being similar to animals in our real world, there are others that look a lot more like machines or like things we’ve never seen before. Klinklang is the furthest evolved form of the Pokémon Klink. Klink then evolves into Klang and then into Klinklang, This creature looks like the inner workings of a clock, making it definitely on the list of one of the strangest. It’s a steel type, and it has a max CP of 2637 making it a pretty solid fighter overall. Its max attack is 199 and its max dense is 214.


Unfezant is a bird Pokémon that evolves from Pidove. While Pidove might be a relatively small and weak Pokémon that mostly looks like a pigeon, Unfezant packs quite a powerful punch. It's also worth noting there are some of these new ones, like Pidove, that will likely be more common, while others are rare and regional. It’s max CP is 2,734, which is definitely a respectable amount. Its max attack is 226, and it has a max defense of 146. Unfezant is a normal flying type Pokémon. In the game, it can be evolved by collecting 50 candies. Pidove will first evolve into Tranquil and then into Unfezant.

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Pokémon Go has a variety of animals that look a lot like dogs. Stoutland is a strong, elegant looking dog type that looks similar to a Scottish highland terrier. This pup is the most evolved form of Lillipup. Lillipup is a small, cute terrier looking Pokémon that evolves into Herdier. You will need 100 candy to evolve Stoutland. This Pokémon has a max CP of 2827, and its attack max is 206 with its defense max at 182. You’ll definitely want to collect this sweet, fierce-looking dog.


Samurott is a water type Pokémon that looks more like a magical creature than any animal from our world. This Pokémon is quite strong as it has a max CP of 2,826. Its attack maxes out at 212 and its defense maxes out at 157. Samurott is the evolved form of Dewott which is the evolved form of Oshawott. These other two versions are much smaller and look a lot like otters. Samurott definitely looks intimidating, and its strongest attack is Hydro Pump.

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There are many new Unova Pokémon in Pokémon Go that can be evolved to forms with a max CP of just under 3,000. Golurk is one of these. This Pokémon has a max CP of 2,854. The attack max for Golurk is 222 while the max defense is 154. Golurk evolves from Golett. You’ll need 50 Golet candies to evolve it. This is a ghost/ground type Pokémon that looks more like a robot than anything else. While it might not be a cute animal, it is very strong which makes it good if you’re trying to win gym battles.


Emboar is a very strong Pokémon that has a high CP max. While it doesn’t quite get to the 3,000 mark, it comes quite close at 2,982. This Pokémon has a max attack of 235 and a max defense of 127. Its first form is Tepig which you can then evolve into Pignite. Pignite can be evolved into Emboar with 100 candies. Tepig is a smaller, boar looking Pokémon, and each evolution gets more fierce and intense-looking. Emboar is a fire/fighting type.

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If you want a big powerhouse Pokémon, you'll definitely want to get your hands on an Excadrill. First of all, this Pokémon is the first new one from the Unova region that has a max CP of over 3,000. It’s max CP is 3,244, and it has a max attack of 255. Its max defense comes in at 129. Excadrill is a ground and steel type that looks similar to a mole with metal hands. It evolves from the Pokémon Drilbur, and you’ll need candies to be able to do so.


Hydreigon is the strongest new Pokémon available if you’re looking at max CP. This Pokémon is powerful and has a max CP of 3,625. Its max attack is 256, and it has a max defense of 188. It is a dark/dragon type. It’s boosted by fog and windy weather, and you’ll definitely want to get it if you can. You will need 100 Deino candies to evolve Hydreigon.

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