20 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Kim Possible Left Hanging

No TV series is perfect, and it’s pretty common for even a good series to have its fair share of plot holes and mysteries. This is even more obvious in shows that were canceled prematurely. But with Kim Possible, the situation was a little bit different.

This popular TV series was originally only supposed to have three seasons. The movie Kim Possible: So the Drama was supposed to be the show’s finale, and to its credit, it did end pretty well, with Kim and Ron finally getting together as a couple. But due to the high ratings and large amounts of fan mail, the show came back for a fourth season.

And the fourth season does a good job of portraying Kim and Ron’s relationship, showing them to have struggles, but to ultimately have a healthy relationship. These two were still best friends, even though they were now dating. In general, Kim Possible was a fun series that showed kids everywhere that even the greatest heroes had everyday struggles, but they got past them.

But even with the fourth season wrapping things up fairly nicely, there were still some questions that never got answers. And while the show was done well with great scenarios, fun characters, and interesting stories, it had its plot holes that never actually got addressed. So here are 20 plot holes and mysteries in Kim Possible that we’ll likely never know the answers to.

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20 It’s Not Easy Being Blue

Via: disney.wikia.com

One of the more iconic things about Drakken (besides his incompetence) is his blue skin. While it’s not very vibrant, there’s no mistaking that his skin has a definite blue tinge to it. We also know that Drakken wasn’t always blue. In fact, we see him when he’s younger and very non-blue in a flashback. So, what happened?

That’s the thing. We don’t know. It’s never explained. Even in one episode where Drakken is explaining his backstory in a rap (yep that happened) he just says, “One day, I turned blue.” And the show never explains it! There have been some theories like maybe he got silver poisoning, or maybe people just change different colors when they go evil in this universe. But in the end, this is one mystery we’ll likely never solve.

19 Cause She’s Bad

Via: kawacy.deviantart.com

Believe it or not, Shego used to be a good guy. And she used to be a part of a team of superheroes called Team Go, which consisted of her and her brothers. But then Shego went evil and started working for evil villains. So, what happened to make Shego turn to the dark side?

What happened to make Shego turn to the dark side?

There are a couple of explanations, but none are very solid. Hego, Shego’s brother, simply said that the more she fought evil, the more she liked it. Her explanation was that she was tired of her brothers and wanted out. Both seem pretty simplified reasons for someone to go from one end of the crime spectrum to the other. But we haven’t got more of an explanation than that. I feel like there was more going on, that Shego had a bigger reason why she turned, but she’s apparently not talking.

18 Looking Pretty Rough There, Buddy

Via: fuckyeahkimpossible.tumblr.com, 25.media.tumblr.com

Considering that Drakken is one of the main villains Kim goes up against, we actually don’t know a ton about his backstory. We know he turned evil partially because his college friends laughed at him for his ideas, and we know he turned blue at some point. But we don’t really know a lot beyond that. And one big mystery is where he got his scar.

The scar under his right eye is pretty prominent and looks like it was from a nasty injury. But we never actually find out how he got that scar. Did it come from one of his experiments blowing up in his face (literally)? Was it self-inflicted? Did he get into a fight with another villain, or even another hero? Drakken himself doesn’t even comment on it, other than the fact that he has it.

17 This Tough Lady Shouldn’t Be Down For The Count

Via: jimma1300.deviantart.com, kimpossible.wikia.com

Warmongra was pretty cool, if not slightly strange addition to the villain roster in Kim Possible. Her presence was a little weird since it confirmed that aliens exist in this particular universe. Eh, considering the other weird stuff that happens in this show, the idea of aliens isn’t really all that crazy. One mystery though is what happens to Warmongra.

Something like an explosion would be unlikely to eliminate her.

At the end of season 4 and the series, Warmongra is supposedly destroyed in an explosion. But it’s not really confirmed. And considering just how ridiculously tough and durable this alien warrior is, something like an explosion would be unlikely to eliminate her. Many fans are convinced that she’s still out there. But what is she doing? Biding her time to exact revenge on Kim? Maybe she’s given up. I guess we’ll never really know.

16 These Guys Must Be Very Honorable Or Very Dumb

Via: pinterest.com (Mr Seattle)

I know the whole fact that Kim doesn’t have a secret identity is part of the show and it does avoid the whole “I have to keep my double life secret from my friends and family” trope. But it does create a few issues. The whole reason most superheroes have secret identities is to protect the ones they love from their enemies. So, what about Kim?

Why don’t Kim’s enemies just attack her while she’s at the school, or take her family hostage, or go after her friends? There are a ton of ways they could get the upper hand on her, but they never take it. (Well, Drakken does take Kim’s dad once, but it’s more because he wanted his research.) Either the supervillains have some sort of code, or they’re just stupid.

15 How Have These Two Not Ended Each Other?

Via: davidgalopim.deviantart.com, rossowinch.deviantart.com

It’s not really an episode of Kim Possible if Kim and Shego aren’t seen duking it out. The two are very well matched and hold their own against each other. Neither have really bested each other in a fight, though one has gotten the upper hand here and there. But here’s the question. How have these two not eliminated each other yet?

It’s a miracle either of them have survived.

They’ve both put each other in situations where the other should’ve perished. And I know for a fact that the two do land blows on each other that should’ve been way more damaging than they were. And there was the time that Kim knocked Shego into an electrical tower, essentially electrocuting her. How on earth did she come back from that? I know it’s a kids’ show but it’s a miracle either of them have survived.

14 I’d Love To Know More About Her

Via: fitzoblong.deviantart.com

I actually rather liked Yori. She was an awesome character that could kick behind but was also incredibly sweet. And the fact that she and Ron almost had a thing was pretty interesting (Even Kim got jealous of her). But even though she shows up a few times throughout the series, we don’t really learn much about her.

All we know is that she was a student of the school Ron went to train more in his monkey power. That would be one complaint I have about her: she doesn’t have much backstory. We don’t know who her parents were, how she got involved in that school, why she had a thing for Ron, etc. It would’ve been pretty cool to see more into her life. I guess we’ll never know.

13 What’s This Lady’s Family Story?

Via: fanpop.com, disney.wikia.com

When it comes to Kim’s family, we saw a fair amount of her dad’s side, like her grandmother (who’s just as awesome as Kim), her cousin and aunt, etc. The Possibles seems to spend quite a bit of time with the Possibles. But what about Kim’s mom’s side of the family?

I don’t think we ever find out what Kim’s mom’s maiden name is.

In fact, I don’t think we ever find out what Kim’s mom’s maiden name is. She’s just always known as Doctor Ann Possible. And the show never really brings it up. Maybe Kim’s mom is an orphan. Perhaps Ann doesn’t get along with her family. Maybe they just live super far away. Whatever the reason, we have no contact with Kim’s maternal side of the family. Or maybe they did visit with Ann’s side of the family and it was just never shown.

12 Did This Kid Have A Father Figure?

Via: theodysseyonline.com

Part of the reason Kim was so successful was because of Wade. Not only did he keep track of the supervillain movements and warned Kim when they were up to something, he also provided her with gadgets that proved extremely helpful. Kim really would be sunk without Wade, and he deserves all the credit. But what do we know about his family life?

We’ve seen Wade’s mom during the Mother’s Day episode, and she seems pretty cool. She seems like a no-nonsense type of mom, but she apparently supports Wade’s interests. But do we know anything about his dad? Well, we know his name and that’s about it. Lontraine has been mentioned and apparently, he’s around, but that’s about all we know about him. It would have been nice to see an episode where Wade was interacting with his parents more since it would show an interesting dynamic.

11 Oh Yes, We Ship These Two Villains

Via: pinterest.com, mistytang.deviantart.com

Drakken and Shego make for a pretty unlikely duo. Honestly, I’m surprised that Shego remained the sidekick for so long. And yet, they complement each other surprisingly well. Shego is clearly more competent when it comes to fighting, but she apparently lacks the motivation to attempt to take over the world. Drakken on the other hand, has all the creativity and desire to rule the world, but he’s kind of terrible at it.

So many fans actually shipped these two, and I can see why. 

So many fans actually shipped these two, and I can see why. They have this kind of strange domestic quality to them when they’re interacting and they’re pretty entertaining to watch. And toward the end of the fourth season, we got a few hints that there may have been something more going on between the two. But they never do get together in the series.

10 What Happened To This Fishy Guy?

Via: forums.sufficientvelocity.com

Remember Gill, the kid who mutated into a fish person monster after swimming in Camp Wannaweep’s lake? He shows up a couple of times throughout the series, wanting vengeance on Ron (though it wasn’t really Ron’s fault he mutated, but whatever). At one point, he does get cured, but he changes back because he likes his new form.

But here’s the question, what happened to Gill? We don’t hear from him after season 2, and he just kind of drops off the earth. Is he just laying low, for the time being, plotting more revenge? Or did he meet his untimely end? Maybe he’s being used as an experiment, or he’s in fish jail. We don’t know. Though I guess that’s one less thing that Ron has to worry about.

9 His Family History Is A Mystery

Via: playbuzz.com, comicvine.gamespot.com

When it comes to his backstory, we actually know very little about Drakken, especially his family. We know he has a mother who adores him (and isn’t aware of his supervillainy). And we know that Motor Ed is actually his cousin. (The episode where they team up is still one of my favorites.)

One family member we know nothing about is Drakken’s father.

But one family member we know nothing about is Drakken’s father. There’s no appearance of him or mention by either Drakken or his mother. We don’t know if he’s still around, or if he’s deceased, or just not in the picture anymore. Considering all of Drakken’s issues, I wouldn’t be surprised if he may have issues with his father as well. My guess is the two didn’t get along at all and probably had some sort of falling out ages ago.

8 These Two Were The Most Understanding Parents

Via: ohmy.disney.com

You have to admit that Kim’s parents were pretty cool. How many teens can say their parents are literally a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon? And they’re very supportive of their kids, no matter what they do. But that’s the question: just how were Kim’s parents fine with her hero activities?

I feel like most parents would not be okay with their kid traveling around the world and going and fighting supervillains. She’s putting herself in danger almost every day and you expect me to believe her parents weren’t the least bit bothered by it? Either they had a lot of confidence in Kim’s abilities, or they didn’t realize just what Kim was up to. Well, I guess it all worked out anyway, but her parents have to be some of the most understanding people in the world.

7 Where Were Their Parents Through All Of This?

Via: shortsis1.deviantart.com

We do get a surprising amount of backstory with Shego, mostly in the episode where her brothers show up. We also get a closer look at her dynamics with her brothers and how much they annoyed her. But what we didn’t get was a look at her parents.

It would’ve been really cool to get more of Shego’s backstory.

My question is where were their parents when these kids decided to become superheroes? Were they not around? Did they approve of Team Go? How did they feel about Shego going evil? The idea of these kids being orphans is kind of heart-breaking, but also very interesting. Or maybe the show just didn’t think it was worth mentioning them. Still, I think it would’ve been really cool to get more of Shego’s backstory; she was a pretty interesting villain.

6 This Organization Just Dropped Off The Earth

Via: hotrod2001.deviantart.com

According to the creators, the organization Global Justice was pretty much a direct spoof of Marvel’s S.H.E.I.L.D, and it’s pretty obvious. A secret organization that fights against supervillains? Sounds pretty awesome, actually. They show up a few times in the series, but towards the latter part, they kind of just. . . vanished.

I know a secret organization isn’t exactly supposed to just pop up randomly, but we never hear from Global Justice again after Season 3, and we can’t help but wonder what happened. Maybe they’re just keeping a low profile. I hope Global Justice is still out there and working hard to kick bad guy behind. I’d also like to think that Kim, Ron, and Wade, eventually join them, because that would be pretty awesome.

5 He’s Got The Power (Or Does He?)

Via: tymofey.deviantart.com

Considering that Ron has such a strong phobia of monkeys, it’s pretty ironic he got mystical monkey power. And he’s not exactly thrilled about it, but he does accept the power when he needs to. I think it bothers MonkeyFist more that Ron has the same power as him.

We don’t really get a good explanation of what the mystical monkey power is.

But here’s the question, does Ron still have that power? And how does it work exactly? We don’t really get a good explanation of what the mystical monkey power is. And it seems to come to Ron randomly, or maybe he chooses to not use it since monkeys freak him out. These powers don’t really get explored that much in the series, which is a shame because they’re pretty interesting. It’d be pretty cool if Ron used them more.

4 The Lovebirds Need Their Own Backstory!

Via: disney.wikia.com

You have to admit that the two Doctor Possibles are pretty adorable as a couple. Ann and James haven’t lost their love for each other over the years, and they truly do work together as a team incredibly well. I also like the fact that neither feels intimidated by each other or that they have to compete. They feel and act like equals.

But how did these two lovebirds meet? We don’t really know that much about them, other than James Possible used to be friends with Drakken. But it would be amazing to learn more about how these two were as kids, how they met and fell in love, and just what their early married lives were like. They seem to be pretty interesting people, and I can just imagine the stories they would have.

3 What Happened To This Supposed Cutie?

via: animekpopdramashows.tumblr.com kimpossible.wikia.com

Remember Josh Mankey, the guy that Kim was crushing super hard on in Season 1? He was kind of the epitome of the cool, yet nice guy. He was everything a teenage girl could want: sweet, kind of shy, and very good looking (Though Ron had issues with the fact that his last name sounded way too much like “monkey”). Josh was also kind of boring, unfortunately.

He pretty much disappeared after Season 3.

I think the problem with Josh was that we didn’t really learn much about him, other than Kim had a crush on him. It would’ve been interesting to get a little more on his backstory, or at least some of his likes and dislikes. It didn’t help that he pretty much disappeared after Season 3. What happened to him? Did he move?

2 I May Be Crazy

Via: youtube.com (Bruh Bros) kimpossible.wikia.com

If you think about it, Kim and Ron go through a lot psychologically on a daily basis. They’re constantly putting themselves in potentially life-threatening situations, and they’ve almost perished multiple times. Often it was only thanks to Kim’s quick reflexes that either of them survived Drakken’s latest experiment.

By all accounts, these two heroes should be way more messed up than they are. It’s a wonder neither of them doesn’t have any form of PTSD (Although Ron does have those series of nightmares after the whole prom synthodrone fiasco.) It would’ve been very interesting to explore these kinds of issues more in the show. It wouldn’t have to be much: just have Kim have a nightmare, or maybe Ron gets insomnia, or the two get overly paranoid about something. Oh well, maybe they just have really good coping skills.

1 What Does Their Future Look Like?

Via: kaiokken.deviantart.com

Season 4 ended with Kim and Ron graduating from high school. It was a pretty big event and even had Ron getting anxious about the future since he wasn’t really sure what he was going to do. The finale was a fitting end to the series, while still leaving things a bit open. It left you feeling hopeful for the bright future these two heroes had.

What did Kim and Ron get up to after graduation?

But that’s just it: what did Kim and Ron get up to after graduation? Did they go to college? What did they study? Are they still doing the hero thing on the side? While we were fairly satisfied with the show’s finale, I think we still would like to see what Kim and Ron were doing as adults. Maybe they joined up with Global Justice and became agents.

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