25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Destiny Left Hanging

Probably the single most annoying you can experience when you’re playing a video game is when the story comes to a dead stop. This could be a game whose series just didn’t get another sequel, or one where the writers just didn’t decide it was important enough to have an ending. One where the plot was getting juicy with incredible details, and (out of nowhere), the trail stops cold. No matter how many lore videos you look up or how many fan stories you find online, none of them lead to any solid conclusion. You can try for hours on end to see if you can piece anything together, searching every nook and cranny, only to come to the conclusion that there isn’t anything more.

Hardcore fans of the Destiny series know how many dead ends there are within the games' vast lore. This is a shame because there were tons of plot lines that never fully got fleshed out. If you want to continue reading this article, know that there are potential spoilers for the game. There is hope, however, with the upcoming Black Armory expansion coming to Destiny 2, as well as Destiny 3 on the horizon. We hope players might get the answers they desperately need.

From the identity of the Stranger to those black pyramid ships at the end of Destiny 2, we’re going to take a look at 25 of the most irritating plotlines that never got the proper ending they deserved. We hope that it might bring about some sense of ending to those stories.

25 The Exo Stranger

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Remembering all the way back to the first story missions in Destiny 1, there was a character that gave us the best line in the game. But why was she there to begin with? Who was she talking to on the radio? With new revelation in the Wraith of the Warmind, there are some theories about her being Anna Bray’s older sister and working at Clovis Bray, but it’s yet to be confirmed. However, the stranger meddling with Vex technology and sharing similar symbols to Anna Bray might mean something.

24 Black Pyramids

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After beating the main campaign of Destiny 2, players are treated to a somewhat confusing post-credit scene. The Traveler reawakens and spreads its light throughout the galaxy. At the end of the scene, black pyramid-shaped ships wake up and heads to, presumably, Earth.

There are mentions of this race being the Darkness. There were four original races while the game was being developed, but the fourth is nowhere to be found. Black pyramid shapes can be found in the image for the fourth race, so perhaps the darkness is coming soon.

23 The Power Of Light

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In the game’s universe, we channel the power of the Light given to us by the Traveler in order to defeat enemies of mankind. This manifests itself in forms of flaming swords or golden guns. But why are we graced with this power? What makes us so special?

It’s interesting to note that we weren’t the first Travelers. The Fallen actually received the Traveler's powers long before Guardians. Then the Traveler left and found us, and gave us the power of light. With the Red War over, and enemies of the Light being destroyed, how long until it, too, leaves?

22 What Was Felwinter's Lie?

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Felwinter was a warlord turned Iron Lord who helped fight against enemies of darkness. He eventually fell to SIVA. He had a dark past full of lies. It’s very hard to pinpoint what famous lie he told. Was it the betrayal of Citan, lying to Saladin, or even Felwinter using multiple class abilities?

There are lots of unanswered questions surrounding Felwinter and his lie. However, it is known that Felwinter learned something, perhaps about Clovis Bray and the creation of Exo.

21 Where Is Lysander?

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The leader of a rebellious coup named Concordat, Lysander and a group of his followers tried to perform a coup but was stopped by New Monarchy at Bannerfall. There are reports from the hidden that Lysander is slowly building up support again to take control of the tower.

But will this ever happen? Probably not. This is another disappointing mystery that will probably never see the light of day. It’s a shame that Destiny has all of this fascinating lore and characters but chooses not to implement it more in game.

20 Is Something Controlling Aksis?

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SIVA is a golden age nanomechanical wonder, able to replicate into almost anything. The Fallen found a source of SIVA and became incredibly strong with it. Aksis, the archon priest, being the head of the new fallen, had no rival. Or did he?

If we look into the dormant SIVA clusters that can be found and put them in chronological order, it builds a timeline for us. Looking into Aksis’ memories, it says its consciousness is not its own. Is this SIVA becoming sentient, or some other mastermind behind the controller?

19 Where Are The Ahamkara?

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The Great Hunt was an event made to hunt every last Ahamkara. It seems to have wiped out the Ahamkara... or did it? We know that Riven survived, only to be taken by Oryx and defeated by Guardians. But they aren’t truly gone, though; even after their demise, the Ahamkara have an influence on living beings, using others to their own will.

Assuming they aren’t fully gone, then where did they go, and why do they control so much even after they fall? Perhaps this is another space mystery we will never find out.

18 Dark Guardians

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Throughout the entire game, there are guardians who sought to study the darkness, only to be consumed by it in some shape or form. If there are guardians who serve the Light, would there also be those guardians who served the Darkness?

There is also the Nine, who made a deal with an alien force. We don’t know what, and maybe we never will. One thing for sure is that this is another mystery that’s leaving us in the dark.

17 What Happened To Xol?

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Xol is one of the worm gods that the Hive worship. However after the rise of Oryx, Xol and Nokris soon fled to be saved from being taken by Oryx. Xol and Nokris tried to defeat the warmind Rasputin, but failed at the hands of the guardian.

But where did Xol go? We know through sword logic that Xol became the weapon known as Whispers of the Worm, feeding off of fallen enemies. But what does that mean? Will his power soon be taken by someone else, or will he become something more?

16 The Hidden

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These are a group of guardians loyal to Ikora Rey that serve as a sort of spy network for the Vanguard. What higher purpose do they serve? We know that Eris Morn serves as a hidden, but where has she gone to?

The hidden seem to play a very large part, but we don’t ever seem to find out what they are up to or why Ikora has interest in certain places. Perhaps one day we will be trusted with this information, but it doesn’t seem like it’s happening anytime soon.

15 The Nine

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The Nine are an unknown race found within Destiny, shrouded in mystery. Not much is known about the Nine other than that they have some sort of alliance with the Queen and the Guardians. They reside in the unknown space and are rulers of the Jovians, the outer rim of the solar system. The Nine are hidden away and almost never talked about, which is a shame because they seem to have a lot to do with the world of Destiny.

14 Exo Mysteries

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The Exos were built by Clovis Bray, but not much else is known about them. Their memories are lost and they don’t have any memory of who they were before they were an Exo. The only memory they do share is of the Deep Stone Crypt.

We’d all like to see some sort of revelation about the Exos, like why they were built. Were their memories wiped because of the rejection of a new body, or was it because they knew too much for their own good?

13 Dredgen Yor

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This was a guardian corrupted by the darkness, who eventually fell because of his ways. Originally known as Rezyyl Azzir, he had nightmares and traveled to the moon. There, he was eventually taken by the darkness, turning him into a monster.

What turned him into the monster that terrorized the world? What drove him to be like this? It’s unclear whether he was being controlled by the darkness or if he was acting on his own. The truth is still unknown.

12 Nastargeth

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Inside the Prison of Elders, the iconic Sylok the Defiled can be found, as well as something more interesting. While probing his mind, the word Nastargeth came up, which was an unknown entity in the Destiny universe.

This Nastargeth could be a lot of things, but what they are now is unknown. This is a shame, because this isn't the first time that something appears in the universe and then disappears into nothingness. Perhaps we’ll see more of these Nastarheth in the future, but I wouldn’t count on it.

11 Savathun

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The sister of Oryx and maker of the modern day Hive race, she is still a mystery today and not much is known about her. She broke off some time ago from her brother to find the deepest mysteries of the universe, as well as to grow her own hive into even more powerful beings

Evidence of her work can be found on Titan, but only small bits and pieces. Her current whereabouts are still unknown, as are her plans of creating an even more powerful hive being. Nokris begged her to come out of hiding, but no answer ever came.

10 Titan Leviathan

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If you stick around in the utopia mission or Savathun’s Song strike, you can see an enormous sea creature making its way through the water. It spans at least 10 windows long... this beats is enormous in size and length. But what exactly is it?

There isn’t much of an answer as to if it’s native to Titan or if something brought it there to grow. It does resemble a Hive worm, but grown to massive proportions. Hopefully, it doesn’t decide to change its peaceful ways soon.

9 Where Is Efrideet?

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Efrideet, along with Saladin, are the only remaining Iron Lords. Saladin is now hosting the Iron Banner, but where did Efrideet go? We know that she joined a peaceful settlement out of the solar system and that she helped fight in the Red War under the disguise of a refugee, then left back to that same settlement.

Nothing other than that is known, however; did she ever make it back? And what is this settlement were guardians use light for peace rather than war? This doesn’t seem like the last time we will be seeing Efrideet.

8 Giant Skeletons On The Moon

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Inside the fight to destroy Crota’s soul, there are giant bones everywhere in the room. What are they? The Ghost Fragment Ocean of Storms 2 card says that these could possibly be hive worms that were following the Traveler when it moved to Earth.

They also could be the legendary Ahamkara, and if that’s the case, why travel hundreds of meters below the surface of the moon? It is still unclear as to what these creatures are and why they meet their demise down below.

7 The Collapse

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This was the cataclysmic event that almost wiped out all of humanity, but at the final moment the Traveler saved humanity and pushed back the darkness. It sacrificed itself and went into a coma of sorts, sending out ghosts of light to find guardians to protect what is left of humanity.

What brought the collapse, and how did the darkness nearly succeed in destroy humanity? It’s said that not many survived the Collapse, so not much is known about what happened. If we were nearly destroyed as a species, it would seem that people would remember what happened.

6 Who Is The Drifter?

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What do we know about the Drifter and his crew? They left Earth during the founding of the last city to find something like the Light from the Traveler. Him and his crew eventually found a frozen planet that had something resembling the light, but all but the Drifter died from the inhabitants of the planet.

We don’t know how he got off the planet, or how he survived getting back to Earth after being gone for centuries. Or even why he needs to collect motes after defeating enemies in Gambit. He’s up to something.

5 The Whirlwind

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Humanity had the collapse, and the Fallen had the whirlwind. After the Traveler left, the Fallen started to turn against each other and fight one another. It turned into an apocalyptic event, spreading the now nomadic race throughout the universe.

But why? What drove the Traveler away from the Fallen? What drove them to turn against each other and ruin their once advanced civilization? It’s unclear, like many things, sadly, but maybe one day we’ll get the answer to the greatest tragedy of the Fallen.

4 Xivu Arath

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She's the sister of Oryx, and the reason the Hive are what they are today, she seems to be one of the biggest threats the Hive have to offer. But where is she? It is said that she and Savathun parted ways after they saw how much power Oryx had amassed, but there are only servants of these two found throughout the game.

Being one of the higher threats in the universe, it’s a shame that we don’t get to see these two anywhere; but maybe we will get to see them in an upcoming expansion.

3 Taox

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One of the few Proto-Hive species left; they're basically the Hive before they got transformed. Taox made a plan to have the Helium Drinkers and Court get rid of the King and his daughter so that she might rise to the throne.

Her plan failed, and she was chased away by the new Hive and the three daughters. After that, she kept evading them for millenniums, but she disappeared for a while. What happened to the would-be queen of the Proto-Hive?

2 Saint 14

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He's the most famous Titan in the world of Destiny, fighting off many Fallen and Vex in the name of peace. He fell, however, to the Vex drained of light. But many don’t think this is truly him.

We see him in the dark future of the Vex. This is, presumably, where the Vex win and humanity is destroyed. But what if he’s still out there in another future, still fighting and looking for his adoptive brother Osiris? While we might never get to see the truth of the matter, we have a somewhat sad ending for the Titan.


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Clovis Bray invented a nanomachine capable of self-replicating itself into practically anything, from weapons to houses. It got into the hands of the Fallen and turned them into something else during the SIVA crisis, but we dealt with that and it’s in the past. Or is it?

What happened to SIVA after we defeated Aksis? Where is it now? Failsafe briefly mentions SIVA, but it’s behind an encryption. Where will this powerful machine go, and was it ever really on our side?

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