Untitled Goose Game’s Goose Needs To Be In Smash Ultimate

Untitled Goose Game has been out long enough to gain traction on the internet and has introduced the world to a being so magical it needs to be in Smash Ultimate. It's easy to see where its popularity comes from—the game is about controlling an angry goose and wreaking havoc in a pristine, fairytale environment.

While it's a bit on the short side, it's won the hearts of gamers and geese alike for its slapstick humor and clever puzzles. Do you want to lock a terrified child in a telephone booth while you honk menacingly from the outside? You can! Steal someone's keys and swim away, the jangle fading from earshot as your victim looks on in despair? Go for it. More importantly, though, is the thought of memorializing the goose in its most important format: Super Smash Bros: Ultimate.

The above image was posted by Reddit user punished_chickpea, and is just one of the many mashups seen in recent days. The Goose is everywhere on the internet and has made its way into our hearts and our memes. Polygon already wrote an article reviewing these lovely works of art, and it's certainly a rabbit hole to go down.

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More importantly, however, is where to go from here. The Goose brings with it a new era of gaming where anything is possible. The Goose is a being of pure chaos, willing to take on anything that stands in its path. Geese are known for crossing boundaries, just like Nintendo is known for breaking the status quo. No one expected Banjo Kazooie to make it to Smash. No one expected Solid Snake, or Bayonetta, for that matter. The Goose fits the format better than many of Smash's more realistic fighters, and would fit right in with, for example, Mr. Game and Watch. Reddit user Evilsnowcookie posted a mockup move list, and it's glorious. The work is done, Nintendo, just look at this.

via: Reddit

Anyone who has played the Untitled Goose Game has completed a writ of passage. They have broken all social norms to reign supreme as a goose. There are no societal expectations holding players back. Because they are a goose. It is expected, nay, required of them to live up to the pure ruffled chaos that comes with their position. Bringing Goose into Smash would allow this chaos to continue. Honking people off the stage, throwing items away or biting children (read: Ness) is entirely in the cards. If Banjo Kazooie can make it, a series that's long since died, with its famous third entry never seeing the light of day (not counting Nuts and Bolts) than why can't a new indie developer on the scene?

Not only would it be a fun addition to the roster, but putting Goose in Smash would be therapeutic. The Washington Post reported that the Untitled Goose Game is the new 'punching a wall', or 'crying at your desk'—a socially acceptable way to relieve stress. Getting Goose into Smash is more than required at this point: it's the next step in human evolution.

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