Untitled Goose Game Honks Its Way To The Top Of Nintendo’s Charts

Untitled Goose Game continues to make all sorts of headlines and has even spent a spell at the top of Nintendo's sales charts in the UK and Australia.

It is almost that time of year again when big video game releases come thick and fast. Borderlands 3 is already on the market, Pokémon Sword & Shield are coming soon, and soon after that Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will hit game store shelves. All have done and will continue to steal headlines in the gaming world.

An unexpected contender has ruffled the feathers of those big-time releases, though: Untitled Goose Game. A creation from indie game developer House House. The premise of the game is simple. Play as a goose that waddles around a small English town causing chaos and havoc wherever it goes. Honk at the town's residents and steal things from them should you get the chance.

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The trailers for the game, one of which you can check out above, and videos of people playing it have been viewed so much that Untitled Goose Game has become a viral sensation. In fact, according to ABC News, for a brief period, Untitled Goose Game was the number one best selling game on Nintendo's charts in the UK and Australia. It was even outselling Link's Awakening for a while.

As for the exact number of copies sold so far, the Australian creators are unwilling to divulge that information. All they would say is that at last count, Untitled Goose Game's sales on Switch had exceeded 100,000 copies. At $22 per copy, it's probably safe to assume that House House is making a tidy profit on what is becoming a very popular game.

So, what's next for Untitled Goose Game and its creators? Well, as of now, the title is not available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. House House's team of four friends admits that the next goal is for that to happen, but there isn't currently a deal in place. Considering the success this virtual goose is enjoying right now, Sony and Microsft would be crazy not to capitalize on the feathered menace's popularity as soon as possible.

Source: ABC News

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