You Now Can Create Your Own Untitled Goose Game To-Do List (And It Can Be As Nefarious As You Want)

Meme-makers, rejoice! Just when you thought you'd seen enough of the hilarious (and strange) Untitled Goose Game memes, one fan's creation has provided us with even more content to fill the gaggle-sized hole in our hearts. Behold the Untitled Goose Game T0-Do List Generator, a customizable generator that allows players to live out all of their Untitled Goose Game fantasies with no limitations whatsoever - well, in the form of a to-do list, that is.

The simple yet entertaining generator comes from web developer Samuel Fine, who recently tweeted out a link to his creation, with the caption "So I made an Untitled Goose Game to-do list generator. It's not 100% perfect but it, uh, exist. And that's good enough for today!" The tweet has already received hundreds of likes and retweets.

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The generator's interface is extremely simple, allowing anyone to write out their goose's deepest desires and tasks. "Click on any line to write a to-do item," the site's instructions read. "Click the hidden checkbox in the left margin to cross out an item. Take a screenshot with your computer. That's pretty much it for now."

Untitled Goose Game became a video game sleeper hit on the internet just a couple of weeks ago following its September 20th release date. Created by independent video game developer House House, the stealth and puzzle video game grants players the ability to play as a goose with the freedom to wreak mostly harmless (but incredibly annoying) havoc upon unsuspecting characters. Despite its simple premise and relatively short gameplay time, the game's sole goal to be the biggest jerk around has resonated with many fans.

However, the game's titular goose character is no ordinary bird. With such a passion for destruction and a high stealth skill (plus a lot of talented meme-making fans with too much time on their hands), he's spent the past few weeks making some terrifying appearances in some of the most beloved games out there, such as Last of UsDark Souls, and even Dungeons & Dragons. Luckily, Fine's to-do list generator is a lot less scary.

Untitled Goose Game is currently available for the Mac, PC, and the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Twitter

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