The Untitled Goose Has Invaded Dungeons & Dragons Too

Image courtesy reddit user Otaku-sama

It's fearless, it evokes terror into those it meets, it has nothing but hatred in its eyes, and it can toss an entire village's worth of items into a river. Yes, the so-called "nameless goose," protagonist of the sleeper hit Untitled Goose Game, has made its way off the screen and onto the stat sheet, available for any particularly cruel DM to unleash upon their unsuspecting Dungeons & Dragons 5e players.

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The unofficial monster statblock comes courtesy of Reddit user Otaku-sama, who posted the terrifying creature to the subreddit "UnearthedArcana." As a crowd-sourced catalog of homebrew rules, races, creatures and items for the newest edition of the popular Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, the subreddit's content ranges from adaptations from other popular media and serious attempts to expand the RPG's content to blatant joke items and really bad puns.

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Otaku-sama's submission, which is now the 15th-most-popular post on the subreddit, is clearly lies on the more humorous side of the proverbial coin. Described as a creature that wishes to "plunder everything of value and to pillages everything else," It has been given an innate spellcasting ability and can cast Arcane Lock, Shatter, Fear, Thunderous Smite, and Wrathful Smite at will.

It's also nearly impossible to catch: it's immune to being grappled, capable of avoiding all damage whenever it needs to make a dexterity saving throw, and able to disengage or hide as a bonus action every turn.

Despite its joking nature, Otaku-sama has stated in the comments of his post that he has a specific idea of how to use it in a game.

"My take on it is to be the subject of a wild goose chase, being maddeningly difficult to pin down," he said, "Or to be an incredibly annoying support NPC for a damage dealing fiend who keeps it as a pet/associate."

With fans of Untitled Goose Game having already shown their takes on the titular character showing up games ranging from Dark Souls to Pokémon, it was only natural that someone would have it show up in D&D. It only remains to be seen where the cruel and terrifying creature will show up next.

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