Upcoming Action Figures Of Popular Streamers Are A Tie-In To A New Game

Five of the most popular streamers are getting their own action figures as a tie-in to a new game called LAMO.

Five of the most popular streamers are getting their own action figures as a tie-in to a new game called LAMO. Photos of the toys surfaced on Twitter just hours after the streamers teased the new product in a series of tweets.

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Dr Disrespect, Ninja, Lirik, Summ1tg, and TimTheTatman all have their likeness recreated in these adorable, Aardman-esque figures which will soon be available at a number of retailers. The first images of the toys were posted on Twitter by streamer and Target employee @tayriva, who saw them on out on the sales floor.

Earlier today, several of the streamers tweeted pictures of their figure cloaked in shadow with an abbreviation of their name and the number 01 written in neon over it. While obviously a Funko Pop!-type figurine, the only other detail provided was that they would be "coming soon."

The figures are pretty impressive approximations of the four Twitch and 1 Mixer streamer. They are a tie-in to an upcoming online party game called LAMO, in which the streamers will be featured as playable characters. A combined trailer for the game and figures is available on the games official website. The game's Steam page explains that it is an 8-player destruction derby where each player operates a canon-equipped hover vehicle as a different streamer to capture points, blast apart the map, and become the last LAMO standing.

There are some fairly notable streamers left out of the action figure collection and game marketing, and now that it has been revealed that the game supports 8 players, it's possible more will be revealed before the release of the game. Shroud, Tfue, and XQC are all huge streamers that certainly belong among the ranks of the other 5 titans of Twitch (and Mixer).

Purchasing one of the toys will give you alpha access to LAMO in the form a steam key. There is also a LAMO: AR Vinyl app on Android and iOS which offers exclusive in game content to figure owners, as well as several AR features. Scanning the front of the box will initiate a virtual unboxing animation, and once you've registered your figure, it can be used for a variety of AR features. The app promises new figures in the future, so look forward to your favorite streamer coming soon.

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