10 Upcoming Video Games That Everyone’s Already Forgotten About

Every year feels like it’ll be one of the best in gaming history. Call it optimism, hype or whatever else you want to attribute it to. There are tons of great games that come out every year, and some of them will be great while others won’t be worth remembering. Be they AAA titles or indie ones, there’s a lot to keep up with. So much so in fact, that it’s pretty normal for fans to forget about certain entries.

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2019 is at its halfway point, and while there have been several notable games to come out this year, more are on their way. With so many games being announced, it’s natural that some get forgotten along the way. These are just some of the most notable upcoming titles that some gamers may have overlooked.

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10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Tom Clancy games have always been a big money maker for Ubisoft. There are so many games with the Tom Clancy moniker attached to them, that it’s understandable that some fans would lose track of the various additions to the series.

Following the success of Wildalands, Breakpoint promises to be a more open and versatile experience. The Ghost Recon games are some of the lesser known Clancy titles, but have some of the most authentic tactical gameplay you can ask for.

9 Project Sakura Wars

Perhaps a name not very familiar to most, the Sakura Wars games are huge in Japan. Though not all available to fans in the West, the games that have been brought over have gained a decent following. With the announcement of a new game in the series earlier this year – with the immediate intention of coming West as well – fans were pretty excited. But there hasn’t been much news since.

The new game promises to mix Tactical RPG elements along with dating sim and visual novel ones. If it can balance some of those aspects as well as the Persona series has, then audiences all over should enjoy this under the radar title.

8 Shenmue III

Already an unlikely sequel, Shenmue III’s announcement was enough to get a lot of fans buzzing. At the time, it was one of the most anticipated upcoming titles out there. While hardcore fans are still eagerly awaiting its release, delays have swept the game under the rug a little.

Shenmue III has already been delayed twice. Save a third – and highly unlikely – delay, the game is all set to come out a little later this year. It will be the first title in the series since 2001.

7 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

A surprise announcement, Link’s Awakening on the Switch is something many fans may have not seen coming, but are eagerly anticipating. But aside from its announcement, fans haven’t heard much of anything about the game.

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A complete remake of the 1993 Game Boy game, the Switch version of Link’s Awakening resembles Wind Waker in its style and presentation. This is going to be one of the sleeper hits of 2019 once it drops.

6 Psychonauts 2

Though it may be a title some of you aren’t familiar with, plenty of gamers are eagerly awaiting the release of Psychonauts 2. Having made his name with works like Grim Fandango, Brütal Legend, and the original Psychonauts, Tim Shafer has become one of the most notable game designers in the industry.

Psychonauts 2 was first announced in 2015, and it seems that in the time since then, the game has fallen through the cracks of public perception. With a 2019 release planned, it won’t be much longer until gamer’s ge5t to experience it firsthand.

5 Wolfenstein: Youngblood

With the Wolfenstein franchise being revitalized in recent years, you would expect there to be more buzz surrounding its recent spin-off, Youngblood. But the game is one of the forgotten upcoming titles of this year.

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The game was announced at last year’s E3. And while most games shown during the conference seem to attract a lot of press, Youngblood has been a bit of an anomaly. It’s set for a release at the end of July, though no one would be surprised if you didn’t even know it came out this year.

4 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Spearheaded by series producer Koji Igarashi, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is something Castlevania fans have been eagerly licking heir kips in anticipation for. Following delays, the game is set to release later this month.

Bloodstained is appealing not only due to its Castlevania roots, but its phenomenal art style as well. The game is set to come out on every major console, and after a ton of changes and issues, looks like it’ll finally be playable soon.

3 Luigi's Mansion 3

Whenever a first party Switch game is announced, it feels as though fans automatically mark the release date on their character. Though it was announced back in September, the third installment in the Luigi’s Mansion series looks to be one of the most improbably forgotten games on this list.

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But fans have head next to nothing following its announcement. Nintendo is no doubt cooking something up for after the upcoming Pokémon direct. But until then fans will continue to get no news.

2 Digimon Survive

First announced last July with only a name and the above title image, Digimon Survive piqued the interest of fans instantaneously. Marketed as a survival TRPG, Survive seemed like an interesting concept many fans desperately wanted to know more about.

But almost a year later and there’s been no significant new information, despite a planned 2019 release date. Fans will have to hope for either an E3 or TGS update if there’s any hope of the game coming out by the end of the year.

1 Code Vein

Chances are you’ve seen Bandai Namco’s Code Vein featured somewhere online, and just never really committed the game to memory. The game has been in development for a while, so naturally, most may not remember much about it.

First announced in 2017, the game was initially set for a release the following year. Another delay pushed it back into 2019, and with no significant news since then, most are just hoping the game comes out by the end of the decade.

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