Turns Out, You Do Need To Update Games On Stadia

A Google Stadia user had NBA 2K20 try to update, which raises some questions about how the service is handling updates.

Updates are the bane of gamers' existence. We get precious little time to play, and yet we often find ourselves starting a game only to be told it needs an update. Then we have to waste time staring at a bar, rooting for it to go faster so we can actually play. Eliminating updates is one of the biggest draws of Google Stadia. Since Stadia games exist in Google servers somewhere, they're always connected. They're always on their current version, and customers never have to wait for big downloads. Unfortunately for one Reddit user, an update managed to sneak onto Stadia after all.

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Eurogamer found a post by Reddit user 121910, who claimed that an update appeared in their Stadia version of NBA 2K20. 121910 shared pictures to prove that NBA 2K20 did indeed undergo an update when they started it.

via: Eurogamer

The update took less than two minutes, but it still prompted confusion. Why are users being burdened with an update when everything was supposed to be taken care of on Google's end? Also, where does the update data even go? The whole point of the cloud is that you don't need a Stadia box or space on your PC hard drive for the games. They exist in the aether, and now so does a NBA 2K20 update, apparently.

Someone from Google commented on 121910's post to say that the "update" is a bug. Google is now aware of the bug and is working with NBA 2K20's developer to have a solution ready after Thanksgiving weekend.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer did some digging to discover the cause of the bug. They asked Digital Foundry boss Rich Leadbetter, who guessed that "the game code on the server is likely out of date, and that there's a mechanism in-place within the game to add updates."

The future of gaming is streaming. At least that's what some of TheGamer's writers think. And at the end of the day, this NBA 2K20 situation is little more than a funny anecdote. The old code should be easy to fix, and even the person who pointed it out was more laughing than rating at Google. 121910 goes on to tell Eurogamer that they haven't had any other issues with the service. So we're still on the way to the future. The road is just a little bumpy.

Sources: Eurogamer, Reddit

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