Updated Nintendo Switch With Improved Battery Life Is Now Available (But Don’t Confuse It With The Original)

Nintendo has just released an updated Switch console with extended battery life.

Nintendo has just released an updated Switch console, which, while largely similar to the previous model and not unique enough to warrant a change of name or branding, nonetheless features an upgraded CPU with a notably longer battery life, practically double that of the previous version. The new Switch systems are currently on store shelves, but have yet to outright replace their now-outdated predecessors, so identifying the updated system will take a little bit of know-how.


First, look for the new box design, which is predominately red and shows the right Joy-Con partially unslotted from the Grip controller base. On the old box art, the console is in front of a neutral white background, and shows a hand grabbing the tablet screen. While this should be enough to find the new Switch in stores, some online retailers are currently selling the new Switch model using the old box as the product image, which means that knowing a couple other tricks might be necessary.

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As reported by Polygon, a key factor in distinguishing each version is by the model number, which for the new Switch begins with HAD. Look for HADSKABAA on the box or in the description of the red-and-blue Joy-Con variant, and HADSKAAAA to identify the version with the gray Joy-Cons.

While older Switch models' serial numbers begin with HAC, the serial number for the new Switch may also be listed as HAC-001(-01), which is only slightly different from the HAC-001 serial number utilized by old models. If you encounter this, a serial number beginning with XKW is an additional indicator of the updated Switch.

GameStop and Best Buy are currently both carrying the new model, but when patronizing those and other retailers, make sure to look for one of these identifiers to ensure that you're getting the version with the longer battery life, which can last for between 4.5 and 9 hours, an upgrade from the 2.5 to 6.5 hour battery life of the old version. Additionally, GameStop is currently offering a $225 trade-in value for the previous Switch model, which retails for an unaltered $299.99.

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