• Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of North America has stated that there currently are no plans to release a more powerful, upgraded Nintendo Switch console 1 / 9

  • Instead, the focus appears to be on the newly announced Switch Lite, which will be priced lower than the original console 2 / 9

  • Perhaps the release of one and not the other is a business strategy 3 / 9

  • Announcing both would likely eat into each other's sales, and also decrease sales of the current console 4 / 9

  • In this way it makes sense to announce the Switch Lite for this year and have the holiday season to pump up sales 5 / 9

  • A Pro or upgraded version would likely sell well the following year, perhaps before the release or in direct competition with Sony and Microsoft’s next console 6 / 9

  • We wonder though, what could an upgraded version offer? Perhaps a stronger processor for faster load times, and an improved battery 7 / 9

  • Still, this is speculation for now, and time will tell what, if anything, an upgraded Switch looks like compared to the original. 8 / 9

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