You Can Use Disney's Star Wars Park App To Read The Text In Fallen Order

The Play Disney Parks app can be used to translate the language featured in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Fallen Order

The Play Disney Parks app can be used to translate the language featured in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Those weird symbols you see all over the place in Fallen Order? They’re not just for show: they’re a real language in the Star Wars universe called Aurebesh. It’s not exactly a 1 for 1 replacement of the English language, but each of those symbols translates to a letter or sound in English. Throw ‘em together in the right order and it’s easy to translate one language to the other, provided you know what each symbol means.

Of you could just use the translator function that’s built into the Play Disney Parks app. The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge portion of the app has a Star Wars toolkit specifically designed to help park-goers make their way in Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars-themed portion of Disneyland Resort.

The toolkit comes with four helpful functions: translate, scan, hack, tune. The latter three functions are all designed to be used within Galaxy’s Edge park-wide augmented reality game where you side with either the Resistance, the First Order, or go it alone as a smuggler. The translator, however, is useful not just in the park to decipher messages, but also anywhere that uses Aurebesh.

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Although it was intended for a Disney park, this app is actually fun to have in Fallen Order to see what’s in boxes. Reddit user lumpofcole used it to translate one box to read “NERF FUR,” which is a type of domesticated farm animal. Think of it as the Star Wars version of cows.

As for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge game, it seems like it takes a lot from both Pokémon GO and Ingress, where players are tasked with setting up surveillance points at various locations in the park. More points mean more credits which can be used on more equipment for your Star Wars Avatar.

Since Star Wars is now wholly owned by Disney (and has been for some time), expect more of this sort of thing as the company integrates the franchise across its many mediums.

Source: Reddit, StarWars.com

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